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Published: Wednesday, June 22 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris Bryant

I'd LOVE a yearly weekend tournamnet at ESA. Bring in Weber, Utah, BYU, USU, UVU, SUU, Dixie and Westminster. I think you could do a three day tournament with that and have some fun. Thursday, Friday, Saturday?

It would be grueling, but it owuld be fun for the fans. Obviously, it wouldn't guarantee a BYU-Utah game each year, but that might not be such a bad thing with the way the fans behave.....

Salt Lake City, UT

"Utah athletic director Chris Hill had some pretty lousy answers for dodging the [Utah State] game, which, all of a sudden, was 'too hard to accommodate'. Things like more league games than what the Utes had in the Mountain West were chief among the excuses. No matter what reasons Utah wants to throw out there, the primary one this century-long tiff on the court isn't happening next season is because it's no longer a priority for Utah... Having gone to a new conference, Utah is now looking like the kid who shed 15 pounds in senior year of high school, got a new 'do and is running with the popular crew. They're suddenly too involved with themselves and new friends to pay much attention to one of their oldest pals. Sad, really... This one's all on you, Utes." --CBS Sports

West Jordan, UT

I think it would be a fun tournament to have, and I think it would be a real shot-in-the arm for some of those lesser-known programs. It would give them a chance to get some publicity for their programs and help with local recruiting.

Orem, UT

A Thursday/Friday/Saturday, round-robin, four-team tournament -- BYU, Utah, Utah State, Weber State -- at ESA in early December would be a great start to the season.

If USU, UVU, SUU, Dixie and Westminster want to do a parallel four-team tournament at the ESA, that's fine, but nobody's going to get excited to see BYU or Utah play Dixie.

Salt Lake City, UT

Three consecutive days of games? Other than conference tournaments, no coach in the world would choose to participate. Dixie and Westminster are not even in the same classification. Maybe the big four over three days, but not what Chris Bryant is proposing.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

For those too lazy to read the link:

Utah: Jordan Wynn, now a junior, started as a true freshman, is 11-4 as a starter and four times has passed for over 300 yards. Two issues hold Wynn and Utah back here: 1. Wynn is coming back from shoulder surgery, which is always worrisome for quarterbacks; 2. Neither of Wynn's backups, Tyler Shreve and Griff Robles, looked good this spring with Wynn on the sidelines.

In fairness, with those kind of questions, middle of the pac is a safe guess, and if the first issue is resolved, the second issue won't matter much. And finally, Whit has proven the ability to field a complete team that can make a recovering quarterback look pretty good.

Good luck in the PAC! I hope you can recover from your early set-back at LES to run the table and play for the championship.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@Y Grad / Y Dad more wishful thinking on your part, Utes by 5 over TDS.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Y Grad / Y Dad | 10:16 a.m. June 22, 2011
Richland, WA

Detailed analysis on a team that you care so little about.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Pretty lame excuses by Hill since conference games begin in January. USU's program is so far above Utah's Hill is just avoiding a guaranteed loss. Too late for his football team though, which is already locked into a guaranteed loss on September 17th.

Beverly Hills, CA

Seed 1-8 BYU, Utah, Utah st. Weber St. SUU, UVU, Dixie St., Westminster. You add Dixie and Westminster to make 8 and you bring in a Cinderella element and it's all of Utah's college teams.

The top 4 get a home game at the start of the week. The 4 winners advance to the semis held on Friday at ESA or the top seeds home floor. The championship is Saturday with a 3rd/4th place game also.

How you finish determines next years seeds. You could even have a losers bracket for a 5th/6th place so all of the teams are guaranteed a least 2 games and 3 at most.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

1984 for life

I care greatly for the Ute football program! Like anything else, I want little brother to succeed and represent the family well. It will be more impressive to defeat a team that goes on to great things. And most reasonable Ute fans would agree whole heartedly, with of course the roles being reversed.

Seriously, what's not to like? Utah has proven itself to be a football contender on a regular basis under the capable leadership of Coach Whitt, one more in a long line of BYU products done good.

See you in September!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Nice to again see some respect for Wynn from an independent source. Yes, there are question marks, but not to the extent many BYU fans would like everyone to believe.

I'd love to see the basketball tournament happen between the instate schools.

Bronco Loco
Henderson, NV

Guess, Utah feels they're too good now to play little old Utah State. Chris Hill and Utah need to remember where they came from and humble down a little bit.

South Jordan, UT

This was laughable when I read it last week and is even more funny after reading about it again. Utah doesn't want to get embarrassed again and again by losing to little USU in basketball. That is the only reason they didn't schedule USU.

As for Utah being in "Good Shape" with Wynnie at QB is even funnier. For all you homers that didn't realize how bad he was last year, are going to finally understand this year how bad he really is. Utah had a lot of talent surrounding him these last few years and that's why you thought he was supposedly good, well you don't have that luxury this year and by week 3 you will be hoping you have someone on the bench that can do something, but you don't. So then what?

Good luck Utes, you will need it more than you know!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I don't know why most of the comments on this story (that is about J. Wynn), has anything to do with Utah chickening out in facing to USU in Basketball...

But since we're on that topic, Dr. Hill is steering his lackluster basketball program away from bad loss on their home floor, to minimize the number of additional losses they'll incur in the PAC10.2 (perhaps 12-15 in conference).

Bets are that BYU will be next, after winning 9 of the last 10 in b-ball, and after the drubbing that my cougs will administer to Mr. Wynn this coming season (and next), they'll drop playing Football w/ their bigger more watched brothers (on primetime ESPN-TV), to avoid embarrasment on National TV to their Superior rivals.

But since this longtime rivalry with BYU will be shifting onto Colorado for the foreseeable future, they can join the Buffalos in the basement of the PAC10.2 on both the hardwoods and gridiron to console each other in their newly found insignificance together.

Go Cougs, Go Aggies, let us help send our Ute brothers onto a forgettable future.

South Jordan, UT

USU, BYU and others would do the same if they could trade us places. Any takers?

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Mormon Ute,

"Nice to again see some respect for Wynn from an independent source. Yes, there are question marks, but not to the extent many BYU fans would like everyone to believe."

Did you notice in the article that Ted Miller listed 6 teams Qb's ahead of Utah and Wynn?

Great Shape: Standford, Oregon, USC, Arizona, Washington State.
Good Shape: Oregon State, Utah, Arizona State, Colorado.

So basically Wynn is sitting at about #6 in the PAC. Which is probably fair since all of the schools listed below him are still unclear on a starter at QB.

Jordan Wynn is a mediocre QB. Its easy to win 11 games as a starter when you are surrounded with a lot of talent and experience beating up on the lower MTN West teams. But even so, Sophmore Wynn left South Bend scoreless against 4-5 Notre Dame. I know I dont need to bring up the TCU game.

In 2011 Wynn will have to break in new RB's, new WR's and 2 new Linemen, while recovering from shoulder surgery, while learning and running a new offense, while making the transition to the PAC-12.

Good Luck.

Taylorsville, UT

"I don't know why most of the comments on this story (that is about J. Wynn), has anything to do with Utah chickening out in facing to USU in Basketball..."

Possibly because they read the entire Red Roundup instead of just the headline.

Omaha, NE

AggieLuva, you're really a AggieHATER. Can you say anything positive about anything? How about you break from tradition and actually be a sportsmanlike fan up there in the country...and form a rivalry with a school who will care.

The Elimination tournament is a great idea. Every Utah team has a shot to beat any other Utah team on neutral ground. That way, certain fans can stop their whining about nobody wanting to play them.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Thanks for setting me straight FYI...Oh, by the way, I usually just read the header, not much more worth reading anyway...Thanks for pointing this out to me...my bad.

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