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Published: Tuesday, June 21 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Evanston, WY

It's very early and he clearly hasn't made up his mind. Sounds like a good kid though. good luck wherever you decide.

Eagle Mountain, UT

You have to think he will grow a little more before college also. It will be interesting to see how well he does the next couple of years.

Karchaj, A.V.

If Stanford offers and a kid has the grades, why wouldn't he go? Hope to see him at Utah though.

Logan, UT

Get after Aggies!!

Kearns, UT

As Duckhunter would point out, the first team to offer was Utah, so clearly BYU is just tagging along taking advantage of the Ute coaches talent evaluation.

Idaho Falls, ID

Why would anyone want to sit the bench for the Y. How many quarterbacks do they need anyways? Ask Riley Nelson. If you want a wife go to the Y. If you want to play go to the U or USU.
Sounds like your parents made a wise choice.

Fort Worth, Texas

"theyre going into the Pac-12, they have Norm Chow there to coach me, and Ive always loved their program.

This looks like a copy and paste from the previous articles of Utah commits.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

williary | 1:02 p.m. June 21, 2011
Kearns, UT

Leave Duckhuner alone. He won't be commenting on this article since he doesn't comment about teams' recruits.

Clear Thinker
Draper, UT

Does Norm Chow plan on coaching as long as Joe Paterno? An interesting perspective from a kid who may not see a snap under Norm for 4 years. It is better to commit to the place you feel most comfortable rather than people, because coaching staffs change and change often.

Lehi, UT

Won't be long before he gets an offer from Washington, Oregon, USC, Florida, Ohio State, LSU and Tennessee. They usually look at kids that have Utah offers and try to steal them. Since he's not LDS BYU is probably a long shot to get this kid. I doubt he rides the pines where ever he ends up. Have a great Junior season.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Bateman is not LDS, but has lived his entire life in Utah"

Weber State has a better chance then Byu for this kid.

forreal people
Cottonwood Heights, UT

BYU fans never fail to make the "it's a smart choice to go to Utah if he wants to play" comment. It's second only to the "BYU didn't want him any way comment (see Harvey Langi)>"

They only pull that card if BYU either lost a recruit to Utah, or lossing the recruit appears likely.

So in other words: To a Y fan, BYU can't lose, ever. They can't ever loos a recruiting battle or a football game. When they loose football games (see Utah vs BYU 2010), the fans say they won and provide endless reasons as to why the won.

Boy does that style of fandom get old. It is evidence that you can always assume a BYU fan is intilectually dishonest, confused, and have a reality/logic block mechanism in their brains.

I'm not sure if it will ever set in that Utah is winning the recruiting battle with it's bitter rival only 30 miles away. Even if all the evidence proves it, and all the football fans thinks so.

Mesa, AZ


So you just discount everything he says about BYU? Way he lying? You can't admit that he is considering BYU, so you just tell everyone that he is not telling the truth when he says he is seriously considering it?

forreal people 1:57 p.m

Nice tirade, but I haven't the foggiest idea what your point is.

Ute fans make the same exact comments you say BYU fans make, just look at hedgie, Chris B and the rest. Boards are not made up of the "biritest tuls in the sched." (By the way, next time use spell check. It's those little red lines under the words you typed that were misspelled.)

So, I think you must be intellectually dishonest, confused, and have a reality/logic block mechanism in your brain.

South Jordan, UT

forreal people @ 1:57
look who is calling the kettle black
and Utah and Utah State fans say he is slow and cant play or he would have gone to the anywhere else. So what is the difference? sounds like a good kid NO matter what good luke to him whereever he goes.

Provo, UT

Re: forreal people. Strange, strange comment. What an unreal world to live in! We win some, we lose some. Some we lose by bad luck and some you lose by bad luck. What's the big deal?

South Jordan, UT

Should have been GOOD LUCK I got interrupted.

Somewhere in, Utah

Seems like "forreal" needs to "get real".

Switch every reference to BYU with Utah (and vice versa)and the comment is equally fitting.

That aside, good luck to this kid, where ever he goes.

Zona Zone
Mesa, AZ

I am very curious how Utah will do in the Pac 12. I think they can compete right away, but if the prove to be non-competitive for the first few years, they could easily end up being another Washington State. But if they can compete, and the door is open for them to do so with USC on probation, they could build some momentum and build the program up as a perennial Top 10 team.

Murray, UT

Norm will not be around when this kid is ready for any college.
Come back in two or three years and then see who's all fired up to take him. Way too early, boys.

Heber City, UT

According to Utah fans, who regularly comment on BYU articles, anyone who is offered a scholarship by BYU must be a second class athlete. Wait, just a minute Utah offered him a scholarship. Wow, I guess they are also looking at second class athletes.

I used the same logic Hedgie and Chris B and forealpeople used.

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