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Published: Tuesday, June 21 2011 5:30 a.m. MDT

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Miami Area, Fl

The LDS position is that

Unless one accepts the LDS religion as the true one, he/she will not have the same opportunities in the afterlife as the LDS.

Do you really not understand why others do not warmly welcome the LDS?

The LDS imply (or outright claim) religious superiority over ALL OTHER religions and then cry foul when others push back.

Now, some of you can spin the teachings to make them "softer", but the implication is there and it is a fair characterization.

Glendale, AZ

I don't know why his speech should offend anyone. I personally thought it was a nice one. Lots of religions out there have wonderful and beautiful aspects to them. The church does teach us this is the case. Maybe they are having an issue with this speech because members say of the church that it is the only true church out there and then they hear a member say something like this in a speech.

It is true all religions do point to God and have some very good principles to live by. It is hard to explain how we believe this is true in one speech let alone one comment.

Hever City, UT

I'll take the argument a step further and suggest that a candidate's faith or lack thereof should not be a factor at all. A simple look at the recent crop of adulterers - Ensign, Vitter, Lee, Edwards - all who wore their faith like a merit badge, is enough to tell us that professed faith is an unreliable metric at best.

In my life, its those people who use their faith as credibility that have proven to be the least honest and trustworthy. The three most honest people I've ever known was a rancher in Croydon Utah - a devout Mormon who never used his faith as a measure of his integrity. A Jewish business woman in Ogden and a logistics expert in Oklahoma - neither of whom had any belief in a deity. I can see no relationship between faith and integrity/capability.

I'd like to believe that Romney was telling the truth and I liked the sentiment. Unfortunately, he has a history of telling his crowd what he thinks they want to hear. My guess is that is was written by a good speech writer and that he was trying to water down his faith. That is a equally disturbing.

Logan, UT

I'll try to explain, then, in the basic missionary style.
Latter-day Saints believe that God always calls prophets to establish his organization and reveal his word and will for a particular era of time. This happened through the operations of Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Moses, down to Jesus Christ. When Christ was here, He established a church with 12 apostles, He being the head. He gave them the authority to act in God's name to baptize, give the gift of the Holy Ghost-- the baptism of fire-- and the ability to perform miracles when necessary and receive revelation for Christ's organization. That authority is called the priesthood.
After the resurrection of Christ and His departure from the earth, His apostles and other ordained ministers like Stephen went into the world they knew to preach the gospel. They were rejected and killed, and thus the authority died with them, as it had done generations before.
However, as the world became enlightened in all aspects, the Lord once again called a prophet in the little-educated Joseph Smith to established His word in the modern day, in preparation for the second coming of Christ.

Logan, UT

And with that said, it's important to know the Latter-day Saint doctrine is that everyone will have the opportunity to hear the fullness of the Lord's teachings and have equal opportunity to receive them, whether here on earth or after they pass. For this reason, Latter-day Saints, in faith, perform ordinances such as baptism in the temples on behalf of those who have passed on so they can receive the ordinances that they can no longer do for themselves. Thus, when they rise again from the dead with a whole, perfected body, they will have the full opportunity to know their Creator and obey accordingly.

Glendale, AZ

@Joe Blow--"The LDS position is that Unless one accepts the LDS religion as the true one, he/she will not have the same opportunities in the afterlife as the LDS"

Here's the short answer to the above.

We believe that all people will inherit a degree of glory because they choose to come to earth in the pre-mortal world. As to which degree (or level) of glory is really up to the individual. Yes, the highest level is for those who live and have the ordinances done with the proper authority, but even the lowest degree is much better/beautiful/glorious than where we are living now.

Again this was the short answer and there is more to it, but who can explain it all in comments? However, you can visit the churches website and find out more by asking to chat or meet with a missionary. If people don't get to hear about it here; then they will have an opportunity to learn in the next life. No other church teaches this principle: Baptisms for the dead by proxy. They can reject the baptism or except it. U R Always a free to choose.

Olathe, Kansas


How is that any different from Catholics or Protestants? They all believe that unless you accept Christ according to their terms, you do not have the same opportunities in the afterlife as they do.

At least LDS doctrine provides a way for those who never accepted Christ, through no fault of their own, to have the very same opportunities as everybody else.

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

I've never seen a religion spend so much energy worrying about what the media thinks, yet behave in such a way that demonstrates how little they are willing to earn good press.
To hence: Prop 8 was a media fiasco and the LDS church earned every bit of bad press they got as a result. What did they think was going to happen? 31 or so years prior to the orchestration of prop 8, many were still trying to defend the church's racist policies against black people.
Winning media approval is easy. You start acting like you care about people with different values. You stop trying to incorporate your religion into secular law. You stop punishing young adults for having wedding ceremonies that include all their loved ones (by not making them wait a year for a sealing afterward) and you, in general, acknowledge that not everybody is going to come around to your belief system either here or in the next life and that's okay.
But continuing on the course that the church is currently on, they are not going to get a lot of positive media approval any time soon. It's simple choice and consequence.



while most of your statments are true to a point, I think you fail to understand the LDS church and the teachings.

Most Christian Churches teach that there is one heaven and one hell. You are either going to one or the other. If you not a follower of Christ then you will go to hell. Now compare this with the LDS church. Yes, we do believe in a hell but the we believe that only few will go to this hell (the same hell that most christians believe in that many will go).

To recieve the highest reward (kingdom)we must be worthy, for Justice must be meant. However those who have failed or wandered off will still be in his heaven (lower kingdoms) for also his mercy must be meant.

If anything the LDS church teaches the most pure form of love and forgivness that is the cornerstone of Jesus Christ messege when he came and died and atoned for our sins.

Glendale, AZ

@moniker lewinsky-What you don't understand is that this church is run by Jesus Christ himself or maybe you do know this, not sure since you did not say.

Christ was even unpopular in his time. This "advertising" is not to gain popularity. I think you misunderstood the church's intentions. It is to give people the opportunity to learn more if they want to. As for acknowledging that not everyone will come around in this life or the next, we know this, but this does not free us from the responsibility given to us as members or the church, for that matter, to give people the opportunity to listen. They have a God-given right called agency to say "No, I don't want to learn more." Or "Yes, please let me find this out for myself."

Glendale, AZ

@moniker lewinsky--Part 2...I ran out of room.

NO pressure at all. No one is forced to go to the websites of the church, talk to a member or even the missionaries. If they come to your door and ask to speak to you, you can turn them away. God gave us all the power to choose for ourselves. We are not the drones people make us out to be or think we want others to be. We just ask for you to find out from us who we are and what we believe in. This is what this campaign is about. I don't think this is too much to ask.

Phoenix, AZ

The nation and the world has more than enough problems for the time being without an additional problem of having a mormon of questinable and controversial qualities in the white house. The nation needs a president that we can believe in, understand and know who and what he/she is. We need someone we can identify with and trust.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

The Economist piece (and an additional post it links to) are well worth reading.


@sergio-That's an unusual sentiment, "The nation and the world has more than enough problems for the time being without an additional problem of having a mormon of questinable and controversial qualities in the white house." You seem to believe that there are politicians out there with such positive qualities that they would do better than Mitt Romney, or any other politician.

There's a reason Thomas Paine identified Government as "at best, a necessary evil". This nation suffers, not from "having a Mormon in the white house", but having career politicians in the white house. I haven't seen any candidate in the last three decades or so that I would really "identify with and trust". A Mormon career politician is no different.


I'm very critical of government, and feel that we've fallen far from the more ideal (not perfect) government established by our founding fathers. I say that, not from the perspective of a Christian, but as a Freemason who shares the same ideals as several of them.

And lastly, your critical assessment of a man's religion as making him suitable for government is a primary reason the Constitution contains a clause forbidding religious test for office. Thank goodness you didn't write it.

Jeff R.
Sheridan, WY

I wonder what people would think about the church if they knew what they did in the temple.....they world may never know!

Layton, UT


I'm thinking that most religions believe they are "true." If not, why are THEY so concerned about US? If other people don't believe their religion is "true" then why bother? If it "might be true" or it "might not be true"...how does it have the faith to SAVE people?

While the beliefs of Mormons might be strong, isn't that the kind of faith that really saves? If it really is true, it pushes people to go, and to do. Not to sit there twiddling our thumbs waiting to be "saved."

Farmington, UT

@Jeff R: Can't imagine what you think is happening in our temples that would shock the world. I think the extreme 'right' shoots themselves in the foot by opposing Mormons in the political arena, as most Mormon politicians are fiscally conservative, morally conservative, and stand for most if not all that the political right stands for. That means they oppose them simply because of the church they attend and not their political ideals. Now who is judging people for all the wrong reasons?


Jeff R,

Contact me and I can hook you up with the missionaries. After you are baptized and take some classes then you too can find all about what happens in the temple. Otherwise please make no comments on something you have no clue on. Have a great day


@moniker lewinskyYou, like many others are simply ignorant as to the LDS Churchs stance on Prop 8. The Church has nothing against the gay community having the same rights as all other citizens. The failing of Prop 8 will simply open the door to make it mandatory for LDS Social Services to offer adoption services to everyone, including gay couples in CA. This will not happen. Just as in other States where same-sex marriages are allowed, most LDS adoption services will cease to exist in CA, which is very sad.

Prop 8 might also open the door to gay couples insisting that their wedding ceremonies be performed within the sanctuary of LDS chapels or templeswhich will also not happen. These are the consequence of a failed Prop 8, which was not the will of the people of Ca.

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