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Published: Monday, June 20 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

Gays, amnesty etc. The LDS have had bad press lately.

I had friends across the country call me and ask why the were trying to give illegal immigrants mass amnesty in our state. With the majority of Americans against amnesty, it won't help.

kaysville, ut

A very fair article with a nice compare/contrast with Kennedy and the religious perception. Like Kennedy, if Romney is elected, the number of those who would not vote for a Mormon would drop by more than half within the first year of Romney's term.

Sugar City, ID

I spent practically of my life east of the Mississippi and I think you may be surprised how many non Mormons, except for the religious fanatics, will support a Mormon because they are Mormon. My stature has always been elevated when people found out that I was a Mormon. Sonja Johnson caused some negative influence among professional women but not women in general.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

What a great opportunity for Mr. Romney and Mr. Huntsman to show the world how good "Mormons" live. If they truly live their religion, they have nothing to fear. If they loose because they live their religion, they will have still won. They will have proven that they place God before public adulation. Not many politicians would do that.

In the last race, it became clear that some politicians would say anything and do anything to get an advantage. Both Mr. Romney and Mr. Huntsman are better than that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Those numbers have been pretty steady for decades though there is one reversal over the past 4 years. Back in 2007 the gallup poll found conservatives less willing to vote for democrats than liberals. This time democrats are less willing (27% won't vote for a mormon) than independents or republicans (20% each). That reversal is probably the prop 8 effect.

The atheist numbers are just atrocious in the poll with 49-49 for those willing-unwilling to vote for an atheist.

Salt Lake City, UT

"it became clear that some politicians would say anything and do anything to get an advantage. Both Mr. Romney and Mr. Huntsman are better than that. "

Trained dolphins don't flip as much as Romney.

Montesano, WA

I live out side of the Inter Mountain west were Going to church in a 1 hour trip one way. Most people in my community support Mitt for the shear fact unemployment is at 22 percent here. They don't care if he is Mormon or not they want a president that will lead!

Moses Lake, WA

Sadly I believe that it is still the two ton gorilla in the room.

Beverly Hills, CA

Anyone who has lived outside of Utah, particularly in the South knows that Mormons are accepted like a kid eating broccoli by the Southern GOP Evangelicals. Anyone who says differently is kidding themselves. Watch as Romney and Huntsman get mired in sludge in the South, just like Romney did last time, he did terribly.

Tooele, UT

Even with the the Twilight books, David Archuleta, Mitt Romney and Jimmer, the majority of people in this country still view Mormons and outside the norm and that likely isn't going to change for a long time, if ever.

Now, to my fellow Latter-day Saints, when people bash us or ridicule us we can either feel sorry for ourselves are pick ourselves up and live the best life we possibly can. It's up to you.

By the way, no matter who the GOP candidate is, I predict Obama still gets re-elected pretty handily. Even with the economy still supttering he still got two advantages none of the GOP candidates have.

1 - Obama is the incumbent

2 - The news media continues to salivate all over Obama

Beverly Hills, CA

If you want to see some nice bigotry wrapped up in xenophobia with a side of racism, sign up for the GOP. As a former GOP supporter I still get emails that contain what I have mentioned. It's the same old same old, protect American for "real" Americans. The thing is, if you are LDS, you need to take a look back as I did and realize that any party where they dislike Muslims, Jews and ethnic minorities, they will dislike Mormons too. But so many LDS Republicans want so badly to be in a club where they think they are accepted.

Just wait till Bachman and Palin turn up the crazy in order to derail precious Mitty. They never let the facts stand in their way and it will be no different on how they exploit the religion card. I wait in eager anticipation as fellow LDS people I know will freak out in an attempt to contemplate how Palin and Bachman, who they love can hurt the poor Mitty. Heads will spin and ugly religious bigotry will come out.

Sugar City, ID

You can blame the media all you want but is the Republican message that ain't selling. How many Republican candidates does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: they can't because no one wants the original Thomas Edison light bulb.
Their message of don't tax or regulate the "job creating" top 2% is at least 100 years old and it is still bunk. The economy is the number one issue alright but the Republicans are fooling themselves to think they are on the higher ground. Our wealth is too concentrated. We need a robust consuming middle class for economic activity and we need to come up with plans to promote that. The argument that tax cuts to the rich pays for itself is so blatantly absurd that it is funny in a sick, morbid way.

Salt Lake City, UT

Easy to say "it's religious". Maybe it's political. Who do we have as Mormon political role models? Who might we use as a gage for measuring Romney/Huntsman? Hmmmm. Let's see... oh yes!
Harry Reid, whose name is synonymous with "Nancy Pelosi" on Fox News.
Orrin Hatch, a target of The Tea Party, but not for religious reasons.

Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

I travel a lot for work and interact with a lot of non-LDS in which we have very open religious conversations. Once they feel like they can be honest with me it is almost unanimous that they respect what we DO and find very strange what we BELIEVE. That is often the case even among the very religious. I'm just not sure how we are going to get around some of the things that are in black and white in our teachings, history and doctrine. Most people in this country know far more about our beliefs than is put out in our PR statements or on LDS.org. And many just have a hard time wrapping their heads around a potential President who actually embraces those beliefs.

Sugar City, ID

I disagree with you. I lived my professional life in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky and Mormons are respected and admired by the general public. Check out the story of the young Mormon kid elected as president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Nashville. The sponsoring SBA removed him from office for being a non Christian. Read how he was supported overwhelmingly by his peers and the general public. The Mormons are respected throughout the South because of associations with Mormon neighbors. A Mormon candidate with a sensible platform will not be rejected because of religion but they will be rejected for being extremist on either side. I cannot speak for the upper 5% because I did not know any of them. They were in different circles.

John Adams
Miami, FL

The last time Mitt ran for president, a survey showed that many evangelicals were drawn to his values but repelled by his Mormon faith. Can anyone see the inconsistency in that statement? Isnt that like saying, I like apples, but I am repulsed by apple trees?

More times than I care to count, Ive read or heard how people really admire Mormons for their family values, yet their teachings are abhorrent. Mormons are held in high regard because of their work ethic, but the Prophet Joseph Smith was a scoundrel. Mormons are respected for their moral points of view on chastity, honesty, abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, yet their doctrines are of the devil. Mormons are appreciated for their humanitarian contributions and the goods and services provided in the wake of natural catastrophes around the world; nevertheless, they arent considered Christians. Where has there ever been a greater contradiction of thought?

Iowa City, IA

The negative view of the LDS people is more of a commenatary of our nation than the LDS Church.

Salt Lake City, UT

HB116, Prop 8 the LDS church has been active, and gotten noticed.
Everyone probably knows I don't agree with the LDS church on many things, this is not news itself.
I do want to point out that I have made some very good Mormon friends and their faith has never affected how I view them. The person, not the minoirty.

While I think the LDS church has done a good job on handling bad publicity and capatalizing on good, I think this reflects the Republican party more than the LDS church.

Being so devisive and 'your not conservative, enough' has led the Republican party to shrink. Becoming more elitist and having a 'RINO test' only seeks to EXCLUDE members, rather than invite them.

Again, my views on the Republican party are known. I do not support them. As, they do not support me.

Looking at this article and some of the Republican reactions to the two LDS canidates Romney and Hutnsman (I think Huntsman should run in 2016) though...

can you blame me?

Nice, CA

I see so bashing on Republicans, well I got news for everyone; both parties are wrong and corrupt. Each side has some good things but mostly both sides are corrupt. They take and take and take, they vote for what is best for them and not us. When they talk cuts they cut from areas that cannot afford the cuts, they never cut from themselves, they have the bet pay and benefits and they are talking about cutting form military pay and benefits and they do more good for this nation then the government and the government gets the best and dose the most harm. What we need is real, hardworking, honest people in our government and I just do not see it. You complain of Mitt's flip flop well what person in government don't flip flop on issue to suit their needs. I do not know if Mitt is right or not, I do know he has a good plan to fix our economy. Mitt is bad on immigration thou and that is not good, he wants to reward illegals for breaking our laws.

Glendale, AZ

It will take a miracle to get a Mormon in the White House. There are still too many out there bent on distorting, misquoting or just not understanding what the church teaches. Just look at the message boards/comment sections of articles. People think we are crazy or dumb for believing what we do...this is from atheists and other Christian churches.

I don't know why they just do not run under the Independent Party if what JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt says is true (not sure if it is or not)? If the GOP can't agree on a person who will be a good one to run against Obama, then they are dooming our country to have 4 years with him.

As for Mitt flip-flopping (which has become such a ridiculous word), don't ALL politicians do this at one time or another for reasons only they and God really know?

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