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Published: Monday, June 20 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Mr. Fenix,

The only year any national media remember for BYU is 1984 and mostly because they were mad at the way it was handled and delivered. The 1996 team may have been better but nobody in the national media remembers it. Same for the 2009 team. Just like nobody will remember last year unless you went undefeated. There were many teams better than BYU in 1984 but the system had no choice. We will never know if Utah was better in 2004 and 2008 than the teams ahead of them but to say the 1996 team did something better than Utah in 2004 and 2008 is crazy talk.

Fenix needs to go back to Wonderland and keep thinking of other scenarios. Head to head is the only measuring stick.

Chris Bryant

sources are now confirming that Boylen has been offered and has accepted the job as assistant coach with the Lakers. Congrats coach!

Orem, UT


"to say the [BYU] 1996 team did something better than Utah in 2004... is crazy talk"

BYU 1996 won 14 games, compared to 12 for Utah 2004.

BYU 1996 14-1 #5/#5
beat Texas A&M(6-6)- Pigskin Classic
lost at #16/#15 Washington(9-3)
beat New Mexico(6-5)
won at Utah State(6-5)
beat Rice(7-4)
won at Utah(8-4)
beat #22/#22 Wyoming(10-2) - WAC championship
beat #17/#17 Kansas St(9-3) - Cotton Bowl

Utah 2004 12-0 #4/#5
beat Texas A&M(7-5)
won at New Mexico(7-5)
beat No Carolina(6-6)
won at Wyoming(7-5)
beat #25/unranked Pittsburgh(8-4) - Fiesta Bowl

BYU beat TWO Top 25 teams (both polls); SEVEN teams with winning records; THREE teams with as good or better records than anyone Utah played. BYUs only loss was to a Top 15 team on the road.

Utah 2004 didnt beat a Top 25 team (both polls) and only beat FOUR teams with winning records.

BYU 1996 accomplished significantly more than Utah 2004.

#5/#5 versus #4/#5 is a virtual tie in final ranking

Orem, UT

It may work out for Boylen. Some coaches make great assistant coaches, but lousy head coaches. Being a head coach requires a much different skill set than is required of an assistant coach.

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Please True Blue stop using facts. I would much rather celebrate in ignorance.

Arlington, VA

BYU 1984 won the national championship, but BYU 1996 may have been BYU's best team, and BYU 1983 was a very close second.

Palo Alto, CA

If the BCS had existed in 1996, with the exact same rules that existed in 2004, BYU would have been a lock to play in a BCS bowl.

Wiley Old School

Phoenix and True Blue,

Try as you might, it's tough to argue that a team with a loss accomplished more than an undefeated team, especially one who trounced its opponent in a BCS bowl. (Ironically, your arguments sound very familiar to those used by BCS apologists.) To the extent that your argument has any merit though, it certainly applies even more to BYU's 1984 team than it does to Utah's 2004 team. And it's funny how you both conveniently omit Utah's 2008 team who defeated several ranked teams AND remained undefeated. Perhaps you are suggesting that the 2008 Utes are the highest achieving football team in the Beehive state's history.

There's absolutely no way a non-AQ team with a defeat would have been invited to a BCS bowl in 2004. Even with the bar lowered in subsequent years, only undefeated non-AQ teams have received invites. Just like BYU's current situation, as a non-AQ team, one loss means you're out of the BCS race. And as an independent, that means the rest of the season after that first loss is merely a series of exhibition games (including the weak bowl game if eligible).

South Jordan, UT

To trueblew.

Nobody in the national media remembers anything about any of the BYU teams except for 1984. They know that some good qb's came out of BYU and they know Lavell and Norm. Nobody gives a sniff about 1996 or 2009. Going undefeated was the only was a non AQ got any recognition. Nobody remembers Boise State went 12-1 last year but they remember TCU beating a great team in Pasadena or Utah beating Alabama. It launched both into BCS conferences. 1984 was your year as a non AQ. If BYU doesn't go undefeated, they will never go to a BCS game and their seasons won't be remembered outside of the KBYU realm. The BYU fans will remember their good teams but that's it. The same goes for my Utes. Outside of Uteville, nobody nationally cares until we win a big game. That's how it works. Lose a game and you're done unless you are in a conference that has an automatic qualifier. It's reality.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Oh my, the kittens are once again showing their mile wide jealous streak by once again being drawn to anything Ute like a moth to a flame. Pretty funny stuff they are say too like a one loss team is better than an undefeated time and other Y fan myths. As I remember that 1 loss team almost lost to Kansas State. Too bad for you nobody else buys your myths and your team still finds itself uninvited. Consider this, if BYU had done what Utah has done in the last 10 years they would likely have received a BCS invite. Rise to the challenge and do what do what your big brother has already done twice in the last 10 years and maybe one day your team will be called out of the minors. Until then Y jealousy on Utah stories is just baseless hot air by the jealous and insecure. I agree with the writer in CO that the Utah vs. Colorado rivalry will take the place of BYU vs. Utah. Utah doesnt anything left to prove as they are up on the Y by 21 games. Go Utes, Go PAC 12

Corona, CA

Nothing like reading comments from you guys. YOu have made the rivalry a joke with your finger pointing. And to all you Laker haters, you have no World Champion banners . . ZERO ZIP.



There are LOTS of "Laker haters" throughout the world. MANY of them follow teams with World champion banners.

Salt Lake City, UT

Make that 25 year old, married, balding and with 2.5 children.

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