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Published: Monday, June 20 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Syracuse, UT

I want to know why Colorado is so fascinated with BYU, there are always articles coming out of that state about Utah and BYU and how much they dislike us.

Alpine, UT

I hope Boylen gets the Lakers job because that will probably lead to the Lakers being weaker.

Kearns, UT

Colorado fans find BYU fans interesting. They see a fanbase whose team hasn't done anything significant on the national stage in 30+ years, yet can't stop mentioning something that happened in the 80's.

You see, Colorado had the same level of success, more recently than BYU, yet their fans don't bring it up.

BYU fans are an interesting case study to Buffalo fans.

Chris Bryant

Boylen is a great assistant ocach. If he gets the job, he will do well.

Provo, UT

Good for him. I hope he gets it. Boylen is passionate and would do well

willard, ut

I hope he get's the job because I'll hate the Faker's even more. Good luck Kobe and company; you guys are has been's!

Gilbert, AZ


Any fan who thinks that going 14-1, finishing #5 in both polls, and beating a ranked Big 12 team in the Cotton Bowl is "insignificant" doesn't have a clue.

What BYU did in 1996 is easily the equivalent and in many ways more significant than what Utah did in 2004 -- BYU 1996 beat three opponents that finished the season ranked in both polls; Utah 2004 didn't beat a single opponent that finished the season ranked in both polls.

BYU 1996 #5/#5 versus Utah 2004 #4/#5

BYU 2009 wasn't too far behind, 11-2, #12/#12

The naysayers need to take off their crimson-colored glasses once in awhile and come back to reality.

btw, Colorado will never replace BYU as Utah's most bitter and hated rival. The large segment of BYU hating Utah fans will ensure that the Buffaloes will never be anything more than a travel partner for the Utes.

Alpine, UT

Can we get more frequent updates on Jim Fassel, McBride, Crowton, Roger Reid, Brent Guy, etc? I'd much rather read about former coaches than the current news about Utah's sports teams.


Please quit reporting (or linking as it were) on stories about former coaches who, in most cases, are FORMER coaches of the state's sports programs for a reason.

Arlington, VA

The Colorado writer calling BYU jealous of Utah is simply projecting his inner jealous Ute; afterall, the Buffs shared their championship, and that, only after that famous 5th-down play that should have eliminated the Buffs from the championship race.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Hondo... And when was the last time the Jazz won a Championship?

Las Vegas, NV

Good luck Boylen. I hope you do well. Some coaches are meant to be head coaches, some are meant to be assistants.

Great article about the U and the Buffs! "Jealous independents" - classic!! This should bring the kittens out in droves! Whatever gets them through the night!!

It is great to be a Ute! Onward and Upward!!

Brigham City, UT

Thanks for the link to the good CU story. And the "swipe" is all truth. - "Utah will face Brigham Young University on Sept. 17, in Provo. Now that the Utes have joined a BCS conference, playing a jealous independent with 25-year-old players isn`t the same as the bitter Holy War days when the programs were fighting for conference championships and national respect."

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone should relax on the BYU/Utah back and forth. Nothing to see here.

This is about some sportswriters in Colorado having something against ALL things Utah, whether it is the Utes, the Cougars, or the Jazz. If you remember, Woody Page has never had anything nice to say about the Jazz.

South Jordan, UT

It's time to move on on both sides. BYU has their thing going on by themselves and Utah has their big thing they share with 11 others. Move on! BYU likes Independence and Utah likes being in the Pac 12. Both will do well and have their struggles.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Who cares what a Colorado sports writer says? Both Utah and BYU are above his standards and his level of understanding.

Kearns, UT


Sorry, but 14-1, 10-2 is not, and will never be, equivalent to 13-0.

Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl are both MILES ahead of anything BYU has done since 1984.

Utah never printed t-shirts proclaiming "Quest to almost win all of our games and beating a yearly overrated K-State team."

On the other hand, we all know Bronco still wears his "Quest to accomplish what our big brother already has" t-shirt around campus.

Bountiful, UT

Lol! I love it! Being a Ute fan and a Laker hater I hope Boylen carries his losing record over to the Lakers. The Lakers desreve to lose and the Utes deserve to have the winning tradition they were once known for.
Go Utes and boo to the Lakers!

Smithfield, UT

Wow. You don't even have to be a marginal collegiate coach to coach in the NBA.

Eagle Mountain, UT

willary; lay down on the couch and tell us all about your BYU obsession. I think we will find that it is jealousy based and that you are not beyond help. BYU bashing is nothing new. They have beaten down so many other teams and have had so many good seasons that people are tired of it and lash out any way they can. Remember this BYU fans. The little doggies can run along the side of big brothers blue bus but the bus doesn't stop and most of the people don't even see the doggies.

Las Vegas, NV

"Jealous independents" - very accurate description. Just look at the kittens flocking, once again, to Red Roundup! Just sit back and accept the irrelevance Holmoe has got you into!

Go Utes! The future is bright, the future is Crimson - get Used to it!!

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