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Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Petaluma, CA

as long as 9.1% or whatever the "official" number are UN-employed, its crass to hire illegals. Its just mean.
And we all know that the 9.1 is lower than the real number. So we have 20 million citizens out of work, and somehow the people who wrote this bill in question in this thread are trying to act like those millions out of work dont matter. Amazing.

Logan, UT

Poll: Hatch should go. Right wing extremists and tea partiers "Yay! People agree with me, I told ya so!"

Poll: Utahns support HB116 Right wing extremists and tea partiers "Polls are bogus anyways"

It's pretty laughable really. What was also laughable was the literature at the Republican convention against HB116 calling it "Obama style legislation" that was "rammed through" and blaming amnesty loving liberals. This was legislation "rammed through" by YOUR OWN Republicans and right wingers in the legislature, not the powerless Democrats.

Saint George, UT

I'm with people who think poll was skewed.... And by the way I also think...

Yes!!! This call for civility and love of neighbors is wonderful news!
I can't wait to start feeling the increased love by those who have been taking advantage of my country for years.

Preying on the good will of people and hiding out in their country is not civil nor an act of loving your neighbor.

I give generously to the LDS church and many other organizations that help people in need of any race or legal status. I love my neighbors and always, always act with civility and compassion with people of all races.

Having someone protest against me and my fellow citizens, take medical care, educational funds, welfare money, etc. hasn't felt like love nor civility and I'm glad issue has been brought to light. It doesn't feel like love fom my elected officials to have them supporting easier access to my country. I can't wait to vote them out!

Orem, UT

Asking 400+ constitutionally uneducated people what think of H.B.116, especially when the questions were skewed toward Bramble's side of the equation, is hardly anything to hold one's breath about.

Instead, on Saturday, over 2,100 Republican delegates from all over the state of Utah participated in the vote for the Resolution to Repeal H.B.116, and it passed by 833 to 739. We decided the far-reaching consequences of violating the U.S. Constitution far outweighed the horribly flawed legislation known as H.B.116.

They have to start over, and they have to do it right, without permanently setting a precedent that would lead to the crumbling of America. Anyone who knows anything about the law, understands that.


The president of Dan Jones & Associates polling company is the DEMOCRAT senate minority leader of Utah. Should readers be informed?

Spanish Fork, UT

Candace, a nearly evenly divided result from 1600 State delegates, especially when most of the propaganda funded by Kirkham, Morales, etc. was skewed towards Witte's side of the equation is hardly anything to write home about either.

I was there in your county section on Saturday. I'd spent months studying the questions -- just like our legislators had when they voted on these bills (despite all the allegations to the contrary - in slick videos and misleading pamphlets directed at us delegates - our legislators spent many months diving deep into these issues.) I was glad to see the LDS Church join the growing choir of voices in support of HB116 as an important, helpful, and reasonable piece of Utah's solutions for decade old problems. I agree with their statements and the Utah compact.

I'm not uneducated. My public education and private university courses really didn't prepare me very well to consider Constitutional issues (in my opinion) so I've had to continue on my own. I've studied more U.S. history, read Federalist papers, letters, journals, broader history, etc.

With that I feel I can honestly disagree that HB116 is unconstitutional. Rather, it addresses state issues in a better way than before.

Cedar Hills, UT

Numbers are bogus. No way the majority support this. I haven't listened to one radio show where the vast majority didn't want this bill repealed. Put it this way, if I am a state elected representative I am voting to repeal this thing otherwise I will lose my post come 2012.

Mapleton, UT

Read the post by anti-liar, this poll was designed to get the result desired. There is no credibility to Dan Jones/DesNews polls. The demographic is manipulated to get a result to support their agenda. This poll is useless.

Spanish Fork, UT

If the existing laws were enforced we wouldn't need new laws.

C. Darwin
Sandy, UT

This is a skewed poll and the results are not reliable. Please, remove this mis-leading article from the online edition. The citizens have shown the DN the true feelings of legal Utahns..

Kearns, UT

I got called for the poll and when they didn't like my demographic, they ended the call. Jones' methodology on this poll was intended to get the result they wanted. No one I know supports it. This is a sham poll meant to get the desired result. Shame on the D-News and Jones for foisting this nonsense on us.

Kearns, UT

Lies, Propaganda, Lies and Propaganda. The voters will let you know in 2012 if you are right.

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