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Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Spanish Fork, UT

It is very telling that this poll was run right after the dnews and others blitzkrieg of misleading information this past.
Polls are a simple snapshot in time. One way to skew a poll is to flood the media market with your opinion and then immediately run the poll.
This is a simple dishonest tactic that can create large skews in the polling. If the dnews and other outlets were in the business of journalistic integrity they would've given equal time to all sides of the issue. Since they are in the business of supporting those that support hb116, it should be obvious to everyone, regardless of your stance, that this did not happen. Again, regardless of your stance, this should scare each and every one of us that media outlets are being used as propaganda machines.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

I doubt the delegates are fooled by yet another bogus pro-immigration "survey".

The bigger question is: why does the DN favor illegal alien trespassers over ACTUAL Utah citizens?

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

Forget HB116. Repeal the caucus system.

terra nova
Park City, UT

I too am a state delegate and WILL NOT vote to repeal HB116. It is not perfect but it manages to find a somewhat rational middle-ground on the issue of immigration. It is better than anything else proposed yet.

I cannot support the embarrassingly mean-spirited, thoughtless, cruel, heartless and xenophobic policies promulgated by elected officials like Mr. Wimmer and Mr. Sandstrom.

Salt Lake City, UT

"61 percent of Utahns" -- based on 406 persons! Ha! Are you kidding?

And who were these 406? How "random" were they? Any profiling of Spanish surnames, perhaps, or profiling of neighborhood demographics, Dan Jones? Any profiling of businesses? How about agriculture-types? Were such effectively targeted, Dan Jones? Just asking.

I do know this: illegal aliens who lie about their identities and regularly perjure themselves on employment forms, etc. are not to be trusted to answer the phone to Dan Jones and tell the truth about their true immigration status (which of course would disqualify them). Given the large number of illegal aliens in Utah, there actually is a good chance that a number of the respondents were in fact themselves illegal aliens.

And it is a demonstrated fact that a great many LEGAL Latinos in this state are in favor of illegal immigration and are opposed to enforcement of immigration law.

And of course we know that certain businesses, and certain types of businesses, often employ illegals and of course want them to stay.

This poll is bogus and shameful.

California girl
Bluffdale, UT

As a delegate who will attend the convention tomorrow my job is to represent the REPUBLICAN voters in my district. This poll was conducted asking all voters what their opinion was. The convention tomorrow is the REPUBLICAN convention. Why didn't this article report on the results of republicans polled? I will vote for the resolution to repeal HB116 tomorrow. I will represent other republicans not the community at large.

Please think for yourselves and don't let polls like this sway your opinions. Do your own research. This bill was pushed through with little debate. Many of the legislators didn't even read the bill before passing it. It was presented at the last minute and pushed through by the establishment and special interests. It's about exploiting cheap labor guys.

Hyrum, UT

Anyone who has ever taken any type of statistical analysis class or training is well aware that polls can be skewed very easily, primarily by it's wording. Change the wording of a poll just slightly and you will often get a completely different result.
The fact that the Deseret News, the sponser of this particular poll, has proven itself to be highly in favor of HB116, is enough to make the wording, and thus the results highly suspect. Other similarly published polls have shown vastly different results.
My personal poll won't carry alot of weight, but I've personally talked with only one person, out of dozens, who is in favor of HB116. This is another reason I question the validity of this latest poll. It's doubtful they polled a true cross-section of citizens... or if they even made sure they were talking to citizens. There are just too many reasons to question this poll's results, and if it actually represents what the people of Utah really want.

Saint George, UT

DaleC: Not sure why you think Alma 27 is the Lord's immigration policy if you are comparing illegal aliens to the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's. In verse 27, it says the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi were "perfectly honest and upright in ALL things". Illegal aliens are dishonest when they steal social security numbers and take jobs they are not entitled to, so they are not like them, sorry. I like the policy however, provide protection to those who need it, but have them pay for it (verse 24). If America had followed this advice, our national debt would be alot smaller.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

All those in favor may pay for the illegals medical and other welfare that they use. Those oppose may opt out of the tax increase.

Roosevelt, UT

I got polled and it was tremendously skewed so you have to like the hb116. It amde it sound like you were voting against the country if you were against hb116. Bad poll that could not be accurate no matter which side you are on.

Spanish Fork, UT

@terra nova | 10:28 a.m. June 17, 2011

So you have no issue with the fact that the bill enacts institutional racism?

You have no issue with the fact that, if the bill is enacted, it will limit the access of nationalities and races much more deserving of our compassion via legal immigration?

You have no issue with the fact that the only way a waiver can be obtained is through Congress, and that Congress has no desire to grant such a waiver?

You have no problem with the bill creating second class citizens who will legally be able to go after higher paying legal jobs creating a void for the employers of illegals which will then be filled by new illegals coming into the state?

At the repeal HB116 website in the FAQ section you will find a much better, much more humane, and much fairer route to handling illegal immigration in the state of Utah. A route that doesn't reward the criminal behavior of the illegals or their employers.

St. George, Utah

so all of you that are against the guest worker program are going to fill out applications and send them in to the farmers so you can go out there and pick all them fruits and veggies right ? because if you dont I guess all them farms can shut down and you can have all the agricultural operations here outsourced ( like everything else is ) and then we can flatten out all them farms and put in parking lots and make more room for another home improvement store and maybe a coffee shop and another big box store.

SLC, Utah

The poll musta been taken in an Hispanic community.

BYU Alum
Cedar Hills, UT

Here is a list of who voted for HB116. Please vote them out in 2012!
Anderson, Arent, Bird, Biskupski, Brown, D, Brown, M, Butterfield, Christensen, Cosgrove, Dee, Dougall, Draxler
Edwards, Fisher, Janice, Froerer, Hemingway, Hendrickson
Hutchings, Kiser, Litvack, McIff, Menlove, Moss, Noel,
Perry, Peterson, J, Peterson, V, Pitcher, Poulson, Powell,
Richardson, Sagers, Sanpei, Seelig, Vickers, Watkins, Webb
Wheatley, Wiley, Wright, Lockhart, Adams, Bramble, Christensen, Davis, Hillyard, Jenkins, Jones, Knudson
McAdams, Morgan, Niederhauser, Okerlund, Reid, Robles,
Stephenson, H., Stevenson, J.,Valentine, Van Tassell, Waddoups

These people were voted in by the Utah Taxpayers to represent Utah Taxpayers, but they have chosen instead to exploit an invading underclass of people they can pay an unfair wage to with the rest of us picking up the education and medicals costs. Agenda driven polls and news coverage turns my stomach. Of course everyone is for immigration and immigrants. Place "illegal" in front of "immigrant" in the Dan Jones poll and the poll results will be reversed. Repeal HB116 and throw out the politicians who would compromise our Utah culture and society for monetary gain!

SLC, Utah

What the poll also shows is that Utah is being overrun with immigrants, illegal and otherwise.

SLC, Utah

@DaleC: "The Lord already has an immigration policy. It is in Alma chapter 27. The Latinos are here by prophecy."

Not so, according to DNA tests.

"A midst our wealth and prosperous circumstances, can we not extend the hand of fellowship?"

Not when we have 25 million unemployed Americans sitting home and sucking up billions in unemployment benefits from money the government doesn't have... and must borrow from China. If immigrants want work, let them emigrate to China where the work is. Go to any big box store such as Wal-Mart and look at where the merchandise is manufactured. It will knock you out.

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

I like my poll best. I have been calling the Spanish Fork/Payson area state delegates and find them about 3 to 1 in favor of the "Repeal HB116 Resolution." Dan Jones polling has often been used to favor those that pay them. Perhaps you recall the 2008 3rd Congressional District race when Dan Jones polls were saying that the election was too close to call, but then Rep Chaffetz won by 20% of republican primary voters.

Polling the general population, Democrats, Independents, Republican, and lazy non-voters, makes this poll entirely irrelevant.

By the way my wife, and I are both state delegates and plan to vote in favor of the "Repeal HB116 Resolution." HB116 was passed "Obama/Pelosi/Reid" style by the legislature the last week of the session. They passed it so that we could see what was in it, knowing full well that it was unconstitutional.


OF COURSE NEWS MEDIA OUTLET FOR "THE CHURCH' are proponents for illegal alien amnesty. Of course the phone survey was conducted in the middle of the afternoon when illegal aline, out of work, medicaid and medicare recipients are home watching OPRAH.


Ok so here is the problem. I don't oppose this bill in and of itself. The 2500 fine and being able to work is ok by me. It's the FOOD STAMPS, MEDICAL CARE, and every other dang tax we pay. I do support the Christlike thing and the only way I can see this going is on a case by case basis. Here's the problem....who gets to decide who stays and who goes. I think its very dangerous for someone to have the power/burden of making those decisions. And as long as this is America I don't see medical care being withheld or food stamps being denied. The church is going to say of course to love everyone. I don't like this situation because sometimes it can't be simple. I love all men. But I also love those of us in the US struggling to find employment and pay taxes. What a pickle.

payson, utah

You have to look at the questions. It just asked about the guest worker part of HB 116. It said nothing else about the other parts of HB 116. Sorry to say, this poll was asked in a bias way.

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