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Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Uteology | 5:37 p.m. June 17, 2011
Fort Worth, Texas

We would have more talent, big wins and top 10 teams but:

1) We were cheated
2) Everybody hates us and
3) We beat ourselves because we were over confident.

Salt Lake City, Utah



"Actually that [1984] was the peak; it's been downhill since then."

If you were at all objective, you'd realize how silly that statement is.


Really? In the MWC (in the BCS era):

Really Uteology???

You conveniently decide to skip 1985-1998, as if BYU didn't accomplish anything during that time period?

Then you decide to use "big wins" during the BCS era as your ONLY criteria for validating your claim that it's been all "downhill" for BYU since 1984?

Why don't you for once in your life try using just the slightest degree of objectivity in your "detailed analysis" of BYU?

For instance, how do you justify Utah being deserving of playing for the 2004 NC when Utah didn't play any ranked regular season opponents and, in fact, played fewer regular season opponents with winning records than BYU 1984???

Utah fans whine about being stuck playing lousy Pittsburgh in their bowl and use that as their excuse for Utah not winning the 2004 NC, but then mock BYU for being stuck playing lousy Michigan, but still winning a NC.

Sounds more like petty jealousy than a real argument.

One Nil to the Arsenal!
Gilbert, AZ

@ Phoenix

Can't tell you. But anybody that compares the two seasons will tell you that Utah was more deserving. Even you (swallow) have to admit that right? By the way, Washington received 18 first place votes AP votes that year, to BYU's 30 something. Does that tell you anything? How many of the those 18 votes do you think came from top programs? Thats what I thought. Here is an interesting article from The Bleacher Report in July of 2008. The article is by Stephen Black.
It's titled "The 5 Most Undeserving National Champs of the Last 25 years." Who do you think is #1? Why don't you give it a glance.

One Nil to the Arsenal!
Gilbert, AZ

"Give the Cougars credit for going undefeated because there is not much else they did in 1984 to deserve national championship consideration. Several "mid-major" teams since, like Boise State in 2006, Utah in 2004, and Tulane in 1998, have gone undefeated only to miss out on any serious national title consideration.

The Cougars defeated only one bowl team during the regular season (Air Force), and did not play anyone who finished the season ranked in the top 20. BYU's most impressive road win was at Pittsburgh, who finished the season 3-7-1.

Lavell Edwards' squad clinched the national championship by playing in the Holiday Bowl against a 6-5 Michigan team, easily Bo Schembechler's worst squad in his 21 years in Ann Arbor. It is still the only Michigan team to finish without a winning record since 1967.

The AP probably should've awarded their No. 1 ranking to Washington, a team that went 11-1 and won the Orange Bowl over No. 2 Oklahoma. Instead, the Huskies finished second in the final poll behind a BYU team that had not truly been tested all season.

Springville, UT

You know, I could quote the source of my statement of where Pitt was ranked 'at the time' as #1 but it would not make any difference, sufficeth to say that I did not make it up.

I agree that the Utes probably got robbed in 2008, it was a great season but the fact remains... we (as in BYU) got a NC... U don't.

Glad your poster child made a regional edition of a magazine that's sold in Salt Lake... 'Big whoop' as my dear friend Howard S. would say.

Skinny boy better hope his O'line got some game against some bigger opponents.

Palo Alto, CA

One Nil

If you're going quote stats, at least do enough research to quote them accurately:

Final AP Poll 1984
#1 Brigham Young 13-0 (38) 1160
#2 Washington 11-1 (16) 1140
#3 Florida 9-1-1 (6) 1092
#4 Nebraska 10-2 1017
#5 Boston College 10-2 932
#6 Oklahoma 9-2-1 883

BYU finished with more than twice as many #1 votes as #2 Washington

Both #4 Washington and #5 Nebraska were invited to play #1 BYU in the Holiday Bowl. Both turned down their invites to play lower-ranked teams.

BYU moved into the #1 spot in the AP poll on November 20, 1984 with 40 first place votes.

If #4 Washington had accepted their invitation to play #1 BYU in the Holiday Bowl, we wouldn't be having this conversation because this debate would have been settled 27 years ago.

Either BYU would have lost, ending their championship hopes.

Or BYU would have won, ending any arguments about not beating a ranked team.

Regardless, BYU played Washington in early September, 1985, in a game some naysayers said would prove BYU was undeserving of the 1984 NC.

BYU destroyed the Huskies 31-3.

Rigby, Id

when I think about Wynn as our QB I get depressed. I mean really depressed. He is at best a D2 QB. To little and girly for me. To much running away and screaming when the pressure is on.

che loco
Springville, UT

@ where's stock

Don't worry about it. However, it is confusing why you'd jump in on a conversation I was having with clowntown to correct me with incorrect info. But, I'm not offended by it and have no personal stake in it.

I am amused that clowntown hasn't had anything to say since I put him to task about APR calculations.

Ann Arbor, MI

"The Cougars defeated only one bowl team during the regular season (Air Force), and did not play anyone who finished the season ranked in the top 20. BYU's most impressive road win was at Pittsburgh, who finished the season 3-7-1.

Lavell Edwards' squad clinched the national championship by playing in the Holiday Bowl against a 6-5 Michigan team, easily Bo Schembechler's worst squad in his 21 years in Ann Arbor. "

Salt Lake City, UT


"The Cougars defeated only one bowl team during the regular season"

Way to compare apples to oranges hedgehog.

In 1984, there were 19 bowls. It was alot harder to get into a bowl.

In 2004, there were 29 bowls.

In addition to Air Force(8-4), Tulsa(6-5), Hawaii(7-4), and probably even Utah(6-5-1) would have played in a bowl in 2004.

In 1984
Air Force(8-4) beat Virginia Tech 23-7
If the polls had included the Top 25, instead of only the Top 20, in 1984, Air Force would have been ranked in the final polls.

In 2004, Utahs only three regular season opponents with winning records all went to bowls.

Texas A&M(7-5) destroyed by Tennessee 7-38
New Mexico(7-5) lost to Navy 19-34
Wyoming(7-5) beat UCLA 24-21

Yet, despite the Cougars less than stellar 1984 schedule, BYU still won a consensus national championship, proof of the national cachet BYU has.

Utah, with their mediocre schedule and no national cachet, didn't even come close to a national championship in 2004, finishing 5th in the official BCS poll.

Provo, UT

The perfect cover(s) for EPIC fail!

Syracuse, UT


Utah had a 4th team with a regular season winning record, North Carolina (6-5)who also went to a bowl game.

If you want to compare the 84 cougars to the 2004 Utes, lets look at the combined records of their competition:

byu 61-86-2
Utah 61-76

Utah played one less game so to point out the difference, if Utah played a 13th game, the opponent would have to be 0-10-2 to even up the competition.

Skywalker, why would Washington or Nebraska turn down January top tier bowl games with 20 times the revenue to play in a December mid tier Holiday Bowl?

Also, Washington's 1985 team didn't compare to their 1984 team. They finished the year with five losses including a loss to Washington State. You will never know how good byu's 1984 team really was because they didn't play anyone and had to come from behind against Wyoming, Hawaii and Michigan. byu has had better teams that were not undefeated.

Park City, UT


Combined records are meaningless. You evaluate schedules on a team by team basis.

Trying to argue that playing one 11-1 team and one 1-11 team is equivalent to playing two 6-6 teams is something only a statistician would do.

Any fan who knows anything about football could tell you that playing one really good team and one really bad team is not the same as playing two mediocre teams.

"why would Washington or Nebraska turn down January top tier bowl games with 20 times the revenue to play in a December mid tier Holiday Bowl?"

Um, is this a trick question?

To play the #1 team for a chance to win the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

That was Washington's problem. The Huskies thought they could have all three, the money, the more prestigious bowl, AND a chance to win the national championship by beating Oklahoma. Unfortunately for them, BYU was a little more highly respected than the Huskies gave them credit for.

It's interesting that neither Washington nor Nebraska won their conference championships.

btw, Washington also played Michigan in 1984.

Washington beat Michigan 20-11.
BYU beat Michigan 24-17.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


North Carolina finished the season 6-6; maybe that's considered a winning record in Syracuse, but up here in Park City, we consider that a break-even record.

Playing the bowl game card just shows how desperate Utah fans are.

In 1984, there were only 19 bowls.
In 2004, there were 29 bowls.

A second grader could do the math to calculate that TWENTY more teams played in bowls in 2004, than in 1984.

Slice it anyway you like, but bottom line:

Utah 2004 played THREE regular season opponents that finished with winning records:

Texas A&M(7-5), Wyoming(7-5), and New Mexico(7-5)

BYU 1984 played FOUR regular season opponents that finished with winning records:

Tulsa(6-5), Hawaii(7-4), Air Force(8-4), and Utah(6-5-1)

Guaranteed, playing Hawaii, Air Force and Utah on the road was ALOT tougher than playing Wyoming and New Mexico on the road.

That's the funny thing about stats and SOS; they don't give a true picture of reality.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Hedgie...seems like that was Bo's fault not BYU's...and the Holiday bowls for inviting Michigan as well as Barry Schwitzer's fault for his Schooner's falling flat on thier faces and Coach James for his Huskies not looking great and for Nebraska for stumbling also when it counted blah...blah...blah...the bottom line is dude... BYU went undefeated...it was the only one standing... and it got all the votes... there is no glass pedistal...and even dynamyte can't bring the 84 Championship down...so being a pesty fly in the ointment is just that...a pesty fly in the ointment.

Saint George, UT

The last 20 years in football, BYU has 9 top 25 finishes, utah 5. Before you all start saying that is ancient history, lets get more current.

Last 10 years BYU 5 top 25, Utah 5, notice anything? All of utahs finishes have come in the last 10 years, actually the last 7 years, 4, 5, 21, 18 and 23.

BYU during that time 12, 15, 15, 21, 24.

These are the COACHES, not the writers polls, which do you want to believe knows the most about football and teams? Coaches or writers, before you answer remember 1984 was number 1 by both.

Not that the past makes any difference only the future will tell and all of you can predict but playing the game is the only way to decide who was better, not that it really matters. There will be excuses by each, the winner will have done better expcept for..... and the looser would have won except for.....

I enjoy u all, because of the passion you show for your teams. Go to the games and cheer your team on, once the game is over leave it at the field. The players sure do.

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