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Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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forreal people
Cottonwood Heights, UT


If we did not enjoy arguing with eachother, we would not be on this board arguing with eachother. If you don't enjoy what your reading, knock it off.

Thanks for pointing out to us that our arguments are over-the-top and filled with spin. I don't think we notice that about eachother.

This stuff puts a smile on my face. I'm intitled to my fun.

che loco
Springville, UT

@ where's stock,

Are you sure they include the women's sports into the APR calculations? If you go to the website (linked in this article) it shows the ncaa football teams' rankings with their corresponding coach next to them. If the APR were for the entire athletic program then why would Bronco (whose name is next to the Y's score) be responsible for the entire athletic's program?

From what I understand, every team in every sport has their APR calculated individually. They also do an athletic program score, but that's not what clowntown was talking about (which I was correcting him on).

Park City, UT


"Since BYU is so good right now in June, and they really didn't loose to Utah back in November, and Utah stunk it up so bad winning against BYU in November, BYU is clearly going to destroy Utah in September on the magnitude that only ute fans are used to enjoying:"

it wouldn't be too surprising; in fact, it could even be on the magnitude that only BYU fans are used to:


by the way, those are the scores of the next three BYU/Utah games following Utah's last 1-point upset of BYU

but, wait there's more


but, my all-time favorite was


a dagger that was more painful for Utah fans than that 56-6 beat down -- the largest margin of victory in the history of the BYU-Utah series

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@che loco
Well actually to be forthright and outright honest... I just took the round about joking way of saying who cares??? BYU coed jokes are old hat I know. So if it's that personal to you then I apologize...Honest!!!

Holladay, UT

"but, my all-time favorite was


Utebusters, wasn't that the game that byu won after losing to Utah four years in a row before that?


by the way, those are the scores of the next three BYU/Utah games following Utah's last 1-point upset of BYU"

Utebusters, that's pretty lame when you have to talk smack on what you think the next three scores will be in the series.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Actually forreal people I think it's great that both Utah and BYU left the MWC for greener $$$ pastures. It will do wonders for both Universities down the road and I'm an advocate for keeping the rivalry. I just don't see Utah right now causing any giant Tsunami's in Football...and especially nothing as big as the one BYU caused in 1984. (LOL)

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Hey forreal...uteys keep bringing up the overall w/l stats but most of those old games were played on your cow pasture not ours... and in those 20 or so early games the home team ...(Utah)...always got to pick which side they defended and did not rotate sides during the game like they do now. So we always had to run uphill while you guys got to run downhill. When we finally got a pasture of our own we made sure it was level...thus the term level playing field...(LOL) We pretty much dominated since...but... admittedly you have had a few good years

Like I said... better hope there's enough of Wynn left after USC wears him down in his own backfield. What Utah or BYU did or didn't do last year really doesn't matter...only bragging rights were at stake...

Park City, UT


"Utebusters, that's pretty lame when you have to talk smack on what you think the next three scores will be in the series"

Not at all

1978 Utah 23 BYU 22
1979 BYU 27 Utah 0
1980 BYU 56 Utah 6
1981 BYU 56 Utah 28

by the way, 1978 was Utah's ONLY win over BYU from 1972 until 1988

2010 Utah 17 BYU 16

will 2011 be like 1979? will history repeat itself? we'll have to wait and see, but consider this

in 1985, defending national champion BYU was upset at UTEP 16-23

next two games
BYU 59 Wyoming 0
BYU 44 Utah St 0

in 2008, BYU beat Washington 28-27, but BYU's win was questioned because of that controversial unsportmanlike call on Jake Locker

next two games
BYU 44 Wyoming 0

coincidence? we'll see

but, it's interesting how history has a habit of repeating itself

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Yes bleed go somewhere else to pick your nose... oops...I mean a fight.

Holladay, UT


like I said, it's pretty lame when you talk smack on what you think the scores will be in the future. Utah dominates the series, so by your logic Utah will continue to dominate the series.

Park City, UT

Where's Stockton ???

You're also leaving out the fact that one of those 1890's BY Academy vs Utah "games" that the Utes count in their win total, was a spring scrimmage; otherwise, BYA finished with a 3-2 advantage over Utah

Of course, BYU doesn't even count those games, so it's not an issue.

What do the following, um, "entities" all have in common?

Salt Lake High
LDS College
Diamond Butchers
9th Cavalry
All Hallows
Carlisle Indian School
Hawaii Nat'l Guard
Fort Douglas
Ogden High
12th Infantry
Oregon Short Line
St. Vincent's
Utah Alumni
Fort Warren
Honolulu All-Stars

Answer: "teams" Utah beat, tied, or lost to, and count in Utah's "official" won/loss record, during the halcyon leather helmet days of Utah football

Holladay, UT

Utebusters, I think I'm beginning to understand.

For example:

byu in 2010 lost to Air Force 35-14

next two games
byu 10 Florida St. 31 (I can't remember the exact scores)
byu 16 Utah St. 28 (or something like that)

Yeah, I'm starting to understand the trend you were talking about.

One Nil to the Arsenal!
Gilbert, AZ

@ Sammyg

Actually Bo did get his facts straight. In 1984, BYU never played an opponent that finished the season ranked in the AP top 25. Pitt was ranked #3 coming into that season, not number 1 (Auburn was). Does it really matter anyways? PITT won 3 games all year, and even got beat by Temple at home. I'm not sure where I stand on this National Championship asterisk in 1984. You ran the table, and you were the only team to do that. But you beat a 6-5 Michigan team (barely) in the Holiday Bowl, handing them their 6th loss on the year. Now, I realize they couldn't control who they got to play in their bowl game, but lets me honest....did they really deserve the national championship that year? Ask Barry Switzer, but he's biased. I honestly feel that Utah had better, more respectable seasons in 2004 & especially 2008. They beat 2 top 7 teams (thrashed Alabama in their backyard) & beat two other top 25 teams (Zoobs). If it was the old days (80's) they would have been National Champions.

Just got tickets for U vs Y in Sept. Zoobs, meet Thretton & Harvi.

Park City, UT


By my logic, Utah dominated the series UNTIL 1964

at that point Utah lead the series 2-34-4

Conference Championships
Utah 21

Top 25
Utah 1 (#14 in the Coaches Poll)

Bowl Games
Utah 2

National College Football Hall of Fame Inductees
Utah 1


Also, by my logic, BYU has dominated the series SINCE 1964

Conference Championships
BYU 23
Utah 6

Top 25 Finishes (both polls)
BYU 17
Utah 5

Bowl Games
BYU 29
Utah 14

National Championships
Utah 0

Heisman Trophies
Utah 0

National Individual Awards
BYU 15
Utah 0

National College Football Hall of Fame Inductees
Utah 0

BYU 29
Utah 17


Even during the Bronco/Kyle era

Top 25 Finishes (both polls)
Bronco 4 (including 3 in the Top 15)
Kyle 2 (including 1 in the Top 15)

Conference Championships
Bronco 2
Kyle 1

10+ Win Seasons
Bronco 4
Kyle 3

Bronco 3 (including 3 of the last 5)
Kyle 3

Kyle had one great season in 2008, but overall, Bronco has accomplished more in the final end of season report cards, the final polls.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

forreal people | 10:41 a.m. June 17, 2011
Cottonwood Heights, UT
"All right my fellow College Football fans; its time to give up on the BYU fan base. We can be assured that BYU grads/fans have a Sevier reality/honesty block when it comes to the following truths:"

...That BYU won a NC in 1984?

Dude, who has the block on reality when you argue that something that happened did NOT happen?

Let the written past stand and deal with the future.

(BTW, what is a "Sevier"?)

Park City, UT


Sorry, you're still grasping at straws, but you're starting to understand the concept that there are repeating patterns in history; your example, just isn't one of them.

The trend from last year that should most concern you is that one of the best quarterbacks of his generation started to develop his rhythm the second half of 2010. Utah fans may want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that it was solely attributable to the level of competition, but knowledgeable BYU fans who have been watching great BYU QBs since the 70's could clearly see that there was much more to Jake's remarkable improvement than simply playing weaker teams.

Jake threw almost as many TD passes in the final 6 games of his Freshman season as Wynn threw during his entire Sophomore season.

In a lot of ways, Jake is VERY similar to Jimmer. Utah fans have been very skeptical of both. Jimmer has already silenced the naysayers. Now it's Jake's turn.

Gilbert, AZ

One Nil

"In 1984, BYU never played an opponent that finished the season ranked in the AP top 25."

So what's your explanation as to why all of those poll voters were so smart when it came to not ranking the teams BYU played, but so dumb when it came to ranking BYU #1?

In early December, 1984, the final regular season polls were published with BYU ranked #1 in both the AP and Coaches.

The poll voters had over a month to evaluate BYU's schedule before the final poll was published in early January, 1985.

Do you honestly think that none of the voters bothered to check BYU's record? That none of them knew that BYU hadn't played any ranked opponents?

Or is this all just sour grapes from naysayers who simply can't accept the fact that BYU won a legitimate national championship in 1984 and Utah fell short in 2004/2008?

AP voters used the exact same procedures in 1984/2004/2008.

The AP voters in 1984 felt BYU deserved to win the national championship.

AP voters in 2004/2008 didn't feel Utah deserved to win the national championship.

It's as simple as that.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Do you honestly think that none of the voters bothered to check BYU's record? That none of them knew that BYU hadn't played any ranked opponents?'


What does this the say about the college football season as a whole? If a team can win a *nc with an absolutely aweful SOS/no rannked teams on the schedule? Pretty sad and pretty undeserving.

Back then Pollsters couldn't wrap the head around the notion that a team can be undefeated and still not worthy of a nc. let's all be thankfull for the BCS or what we'd see tody is a scramble for teams to load up on cupcakes with the sole mission to go undefeated.

Holladay, UT


Now I'm really beginning to understand how you argue. When you bring up meaningless stats of 3 game spans from long long ago it means that byu has a trend of winning big after a loss. However, when I bring up a 3 game span that happened just last year to disprove your claim, it is totally irrelevant and meaningless.

Ok, I understand.

Fort Worth, Texas


"Actually that [1984] was the peak; it's been downhill since then."

If you were at all objective, you'd realize how silly that statement is.


Really? In the MWC (in the BCS era):

A) BYU's biggest accomplishment was beating #3 0-0 Oklahoma.

B) Tell me how many non-Edward recruits have all those awards that you named?

C) BYU used to produced players like Steve Young.... now its Utah and TCU producing more NFL players. That's probably why blue-blood Hansen picked Utah over BYU.

D) BYU dominated the WAC they had 4 top 10 teams, but in the MWC the top 10 teams are: TCU 3, Utah 2, and BYU 0 No wonder we see BYU fans posting top 15 accomplishments, the bar has been lowered by BYU fans themselves.

E) Tell me why is BYU 2-22 vs final ranked teams in the MWC? Utah has five wins since 2004 alone. The last final ranked BCS team that BYU beat was in 1996 with two legendary coaches, Edwards and Chow.

Facts seem to suggest that without those two legends:

1. BYU has lesser talent
2. No "big wins"
3. No top 10 teams

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