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Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

byu wins national Title in three years. Right it down.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@che loco...not to be undermining My BYU but the missionary info applies just as easily but to a smaller degree to Utah as it does to BYU....what is bigger on the BYU side is actually the woman athletes who don't finish thier degrees because they are marrying the return missionaries they meet at BYU...hence the bigger factor.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Bo Jangles

"Let me clue you boys in on something... Teams that finish the season 3-7 (Pitt) or 6-6 (Michigan) are not considered ranked opponents by anyone's standards."


But, let me clue you in on something... Upstart programs that have no track record coming into a great season have NO CHANCE at winning a national championship...

regardless of how many Top 25 teams they beat in that one great season.

Utah 2004
1999 - unranked
2000 - unranked
2001 - unranked
2002 - unranked
2003 - #21/#21

Utah 2008
2003 - #21/#21
2004 - #4/#5
2005 - unranked
2006 - unranked
2007 - unranked

The reason Utah only finished #6 in the Final BCS polls in 2004 and 2008, despite undefeated regular seasons, is the same reason BYU only finished #9 in the final regular season polls after an undefeated regular season in 1979 -- no previous track record.



You're getting lost in the weeds.

No poll voter goes back and scrutinizes wins/losses from previous seasons, but they do remember how teams did overall, that is, the final grades in the final polls.

BYU 1984
1979 #13/#12
1980 #12/#12
1981 #13/#11
1982 unranked
1983 #7/#7

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Utah 95

Sorry...that sort of angle was tried before coming out of the Univ. of Utah with the announcement that they had created cold fusion...I still can't get my old 92 Plymouth Acclaim up to warp speed and it's still BYU 1 National Championship and Utah 2 rollover tricks and a couple of bones to go chew on in the corner.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Actually that [1984] was the peak; it's been downhill since then."

If you were at all objective, you'd realize how silly that statement is.

BYU Since 1984:

Conference Championships: 12
Top 25 Finishes: 11, including #5, #10, #12, #15 and #15 final finishes
10+ Win Seasons: 9
Overall: 221-109-2(67%)
National Individual Award Winners: 8
-Heisman - 1
-Outland - 2
-Davey O'Brien - 2
-Sammy Baugh - 2
-Doak Walker - 1

Plus, a big home win over #1-ranked, defending national champion Miami back when the Hurricane were the biggest, baddest team in major college football.

Plus, a big win in the Cotton Bowl in what would have been a BCS bowl IF the BCS had existed in 1998.

Frankly, BYU has accomplished more, SINCE 1984, than Utah has accomplished in their entire history:

AP Top 25 Finishes Since 1984
BYU 11

AP Top 25 Finishes Lifetime
Utah 5

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Bo Jangles
Bo you're forgetting something very major... BYU was ranked a solid #3 going into the Post season's bowls... Oklahoma was picked to win the National Championship but lost in a very ho hum non thriller to a team that wasn't considered the right choice to be playing them in the first place. BYU didn't just back into a National Championship they were poised to be the National Championships if no.1 & 2 fell flat on thier faces which they managed to do extremely well. That's why the ball isn't round.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Funny how I remember that it was BYU who picked themselves up from a bad start in 2010 and Utah who crashed and burned big time at the end. Hate to admit that our coaching staff not only gave you the game by gambling on a 4th and inches early in the 3rd qtr instead of taking the chip shot field goal but they literally changed the momentum of the game as well... otherwise the better and much younger team on the field would not have lost that game. We'll see this fall where the real winners are ....But I expect to see a very shell shocked Wynn coming off of a not so surprising loss to USC in front of 92,516 seated spectators in Memorial Colliseum.

Orem, UT

Where's Stockton

Actually, BYU was ranked #1 in both final regular season polls and the college football sports media spent an entire month heavily scrutinizing BYU and the other legitimate contenders - Oklahoma, Washington and Nebraska. Florida was a non-factor because the Gators were banned from playing in a bowl.

As much as the naysayers like to pretend that Michigan was a terrible team, the Wolverines were ranked as high as #3 during the season, after beating defending national champion Miami, and Michigan would have been playing in the Rose Bowl, instead of the Holiday Bowl, if they'd beaten their arch-rival Ohio State in their final regular season game.

Michigan was a legitimate national championship contender until a rash of injuries in late September/early October lead to several losses. By the time the Wolverines played BYU in the Holiday, almost all of their injured players were back and healthy and the Wolverines fully expected to knock off the #1-ranked team.

All five major selecting organizations chose BYU as their 1984 National Champion.

Naysayers who simply look at SOS and bowl opponents are clueless about the true history of the 1984 college football season.

forreal people
Cottonwood Heights, UT

All right my fellow College Football fans; its time to give up on the BYU fan base. We can be assured that BYU grads/fans have a Sevier reality/honesty block when it comes to the following truths:

-BYUs great win records in the early 80s were against a conference that was not remotely as competitive as the MWC. With BCS teams like Utah and TCU in the MWC what happened to BYUs dominance? Nonexistent.
-BYUs SOS in 1984 would have kept them outside the BCS top five, mathematical fact! Computer Polls are 1/3 of the formula.
-BYU faced/beat ZERO ranked opponents in 1984. BSU,Utah,orTCU would have been laughed out of the BCS conversation, had they not had Huge marquee wins over highly ranked opponents in the regular season.
-BYU was only great if they had a schedule that makes them great. Undefeated only if they play all losing teams (0.41% in 1984)
-The most ranked teams byu ever beat in a season was two in 1996, and they lost to a third ranked team that they faced that year. Utah beat 2 top 10 and 4 top 24 in 2008.

forreal people
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@Where's Stockton,

Dude, BYU coaches did not "gamble" on 4th and inches in the third quarter instead of taking the chip shot. They tried to pick up a first down - that's called play calling, Utah's defense simpley had the better atheletes than BYU's offence. You only had INCHES to go. But considering it was the 70th ranked offense in the nation vs the 23 ranked defense in the nation, the out come of the game was predictable, Utah one, as expected by everyone in the nation.

Gambling is trying to kick a field goal for the win in the 4th quarter, once again over dominating athletic mismatches - BLOCK.

BYU Points for 2010: 70th (unranked)
BYU Points against 2010: 32nd (unranked)
Utah Points for 2010: 23rd (Ranked)
Utah Points against 2010: 24th (Ranked)

The outcome is predictable every time: The unquestionable undesputed BETTER teams wins against vastly a vastly inferior opponant at home.

Did you forget that BYU was one of the worst teams in the nation last year???

7-6, one contriversial win against a winning team, a shamefull bowl matchup.


10-3, Ranked, losing to a top five and top 10 team. Bowl game RANKED match up.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@True Blue

Sorry both AP and UPI the then still prevailing polls had BYU at No.3 going into the Bowl ...not at no. 1 otherwise there wouldn't have been reason for a controversy.

For real people...early in the 3rd quater it's a gamble... you take the sure thing...not doing so is like making a fieldgoal and then taking the points off the board because of a penalty in your favor...it's considered going against the grain or going against lady luck if you prefer to call it that. To have the right call would have been to have called for the field goal...even if they had missed at such an easy range it would have still been the right call. If Mark Wilson or Jim McMahon had been the quarterback and not a freshman in Heaps...maybe even I would have gambled.

Park City, UT

forreal people

Sorry, but you don't have a clue what you're talking about. The WAC had some very good teams, besides BYU, Utah just wasn't one of them.

Bottom line is none of your BYU-hating, Utah-loving revisionist spinning is going to change history.

The exact same polls that voted BYU #1 in 1984, voted Utah #4/#5 in 2004 and #2/#4 in 2008.

It's hillarious how Utah fans constantly beat their BcS drum, but when it comes to citing Utah's final rankings, they completely ignore the OFFICIAL BcS poll, the Coaches poll, in favor of the AP poll, which is not even associated with the BcS.

If you were really honest about your BcS accomplishments, you'd be using the Final Coaches Poll as your measure of success.

BYU 1984 - #1
BYU 1996 - #5
Utah 2004 - #5
Utah 2008 - #4

It's laughable how Utah fans cite wins over ranked opponents as a proof of accomplishment, but then discount BYU's final rankings.

Utah fans expect us to believe that poll voters are really smart when they rank Utah's opponents, but really dumb when they rank BYU?

The final polls are the final word.

Deal with it!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@forreal people
Like I said... we'll see this fall...I don't see where a much older seasoned Utah team had anymore overall success against a much younger less experienced BYU team... especially by the way Utah pancaked and burst in flames as bad as they did at the end of the season. A 1 point difference in a game that was dominated everywhere but the final score by these much younger less experienced BYU players isn't much to go on. Granted their tailfeathers got burnt on takoff but they managed to land safely intact...More than I can say for the Utes. The smoke is sill on the horizon. These will still be those same kids but you can believe they will be a lot different and vastly improved over what Utah barely got past last November.

Pleasant View, Utah

BYU and Utah are good programs. It's hilarious to hear the things said. I really think that Utah had better odds of going to the BCS in the Mountain West. Now they have a tougher schedule and great teams like USC and Oregon to fight with. Ya they can lose a game or two but they now have a Pac championship road block. Remember when Arizona and Arizona St. dominated the WAC and made the jump to the Pac? Neither of them have played in a BCS game to date. I'm guessing if they stayed with the WAC and then followed to the MWC they would have already played in the BCS.

forreal people
Cottonwood Heights, UT


So 1 point differences don't count to a BYU fan? Last second WINS don't count? Well you better take the last 3 wins the Y had against the Ute's off the record books then, as those don't count either according to your.

That would leave only two legitimate wins in the series this decade:

Utah 2-0
52-21 utah
48-24 utah


You didn't think that one through did you.

Or maybe you did, It's just that the Rules of NCAA football just don't apply to BYU.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

I couldn't have said it better....actually I have...almost per batum...I think the two Arizona Schools have one Rose Bowl between them. Litterly the Original PAC with it's 8 teams became and remained all these years later the PAC-8.2. Now with Utah and Colorado they're just the new PAC-8.4. What gets me is that uteys think that they are on the inside looking out. They've been given two meaningless bones and put back in thier pens far from anywhere meaningful and still haven't been invited to the main table with the big boys...and yet they're content to have the wool pulled over thier eyes. It's actually quite mindboggling. What are they going to do when and not if... both Whittingham and Chow leave...probably sooner than later???

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@forreal people...
Dude... what matters is coming up in Sept...10th and 17th to be exact. Enjoy your 1 win over Montana State... and better hope that Wynn survives Memorial Colliseum and also hope there's enough of a Ute team to even keep up a one point disadvantage this next meeting. The BYU pass attack is back. This is going to be a much different BYU team than the one you squeeked by last November.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wow, I thought this was an article about Jordan Wynn being on the cover of some irrelevant magazine?

You Tweedledee's and Tweedledum's deserve each other. A hundred years from now you all will still be gnawing at each others ankles with myopic stats and spin trying to prove who's team has been the best over some moving window of time.

forreal people
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Brilliant!! it sounds like you would have advised the U of U to turn down the PAC-12 invite, because it's meaningless.

That's some pretty valuable "wool" that got pulled over the eyes of those fool's up on the Hill, right?.

To throw arguments out there about Utah not being included in the Pac-12, even though the Ute's got invited to the Pac-12, is just as stupid as your arguemnt that: even though the Ute's beat won the 2010 BYU-Utah game, Utah really lost, and Utah is really the real loseres of the deal.


Your so smart.

I guess maybe after

forreal people
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ Stockton,

Ohhhhh, I get it. It's not that past that matters. It's not the present that matters, it's the future. Hard to follow, but I think i get it now.

Since BYU is so good right now in June, and they really didn't loose to Utah back in November, and Utah stunk it up so bad winning against byu in November, BYU is clearly going to destroy Utah in September on the magnitude that only ute fans are used to enjoying:

Like I said,it's a little hard to follow, but I think i get it now.

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