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Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

"even, the Great... Austin "Magic Happens" Collie."

"the great"? wow! Take away Manning and he is nobody.

What has the great Dennis Pitta done in the NFL? hmmmm


Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID

Blu / Scenic,

Again, BYU didn't play a single ranked opponent in 1984. In fact, they played very few teams with winning records.

Springville, UT


Get your facts straight, Pitt was ranked #1 at the time they played BYU opening up the 1984 season.

They also came into the 1984 season with a previous 11 game winning streak. They defeated Missouri in the Holdiday.

Say what you want but there's a nice shiny trophy down here in Provo that says NC on it. We'll get more mileage out of it than two BCS bowl wins down the road.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


Irrelevance is being invited to the big boys club and then being told to sit at the rickety card table and enjoy your table scraps -- what was it, your conference debut on that good ol' MWC standby, Versus, and your big new rivalry game" on Fox Regional?

A program that was really one of the big boys wouldn't have to beg for an ESPN bone from their friends down south.



Only one undefeated season, but a plethora of very good seasons dating back to the 70's -- 17 of 34 Top 25 finishes in both polls since 1977; 23 conference championships since 1965; BYU fans talk about 1984 only as a highlight, because 200 words is far too few to talk about all of BYU's football accomplishments. Utah fans talk about 2004 and 2008, because that's all they have.

Iowa City, IA

Wynn will have a nice season, if he can stay healthy. I don't see the Utes as winning the Pac-12 south division, but 8-4 would be a solid season and perfectly reasonable. Without Wynn, though, and it could be a long year of transition.

Quotes from sammyg @ 955 PM:
"Get your facts straight, Pitt was ranked #1 at the time they played BYU opening up the 1984 season."

Ah shoot sammy, there you go calling someone out with 'facts.'


Facts straight = Pitt, preseason ranked #3/7, Auburn was 1.
Pitt untimately finished UNRANKED at 3-7-1. As did all of BYU's opponents at the end of 1984 (finish unranked, that is), hence Bo Jangles' comments.

"They also came into the 1984 season with a previous 11 game winning streak. They defeated Missouri in the Holdiday."

I believe Bo Jangles spoke only of the '84 team. As you are well aware, I assume, the opponents BYU played in 1983 don't actually count for the '84 season.

"Say what you want but there's a nice shiny trophy down here in Provo that says NC on it."

That I will agree with because it is actually a fact.

Orem, UT

Bo Jangles

What BYU did in 1984 was beat every team on their schedule and cash in on the national cachet the Cougars had been building since 1977

1979: 11-1, #13/#12, undefeated regular season

1980: 12-1, #12/#11, beat the famed SMU Pony Express

1981: 11-2, #13/#11

1982: 8-4, unranked

1983: 11-1, #7/#7,
finished the season on an 11-game winning streak including two road wins over Top 15 teams

1984: 13-0, #1/#1,
finished the season on a 24-game winning streak including wins over two teams (Pittsburgh and Michigan) who were ranked as high as #3 during the season

Fort Worth, Texas

Premier, storied programs get media & TV coverage and this fall U guys get what?


Something that BYU has been dreaming for 30 years...

"In the early years, I think BYU felt that they had outgrown the conference and their people were talking about how BYU would go to the Big 12 or the Pac-10." -- Ron McBride

Fort Worth, Texas

@anti BCS

Wrong. We just had a decade where Utah football finally arrived on the national stage while BYU faded. We have a brighter future:

A) Coach wanted by SEC and BYU
B) More NFL players being developed (i.e. better talent)
C) BYU had better recruits but that trend might be changing see 2011 Utah class and blue-blood Chase Hansen
D) 30 million a year

Nope, irrelevance is not being wanted at all like Boise by the MWC, TCU by the Big East, Utah by the PAC-12, and everyone wants Notre Dame but no one seems to want "Notre Dame of the West".

Orem, UT


BYU 1979 to 1984

Conference Championships: 6 of 6

Overall: 55-8(87%)

Conference: 42-3(93%)

Top 12: 5 of 6

Top 7: back-to-back, 1983, 1984

National Championship: 1

AFCA (Kodak) Coach of the Year
LaVell Edwards(1984)

Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year
LaVell Edwards(1979)

Heisman Trophy Candidates:
Marc Wilson(1979) - 3rd
Jim McMahon(1981) - 3rd
Steve Young(1983) - 2nd
Robbie Bosco(1984) - 3rd

Davey O'Brien Award (nation's best quarterback since 1981)
Jim McMahon(1981)
Steve Young(1983)

Sammy Baugh Trophy (nation's best passer)
Marc Wilson (1979)
Jim McMahon (1981)
Steve Young (1983)
Robbie Bosco (1984)


Utah 2004 to 2009

Conference Championships: 2 of 6

Overall: 59-17(77%)

Conference: 35-12(74%)

Top 12: 2 of 6

Top 4: 2004, 2008

National Coach of the Year
Kyle Whittingham(2008)

Heisman Trophy Candidates
none in the top 3

National Individual Award Winners

Even with Utah's two undefeated BCS seasons included, Utah's best doesn't even come close to comparing to BYU's best.

BYU accomplished MUCH more from 1979 to 1984, than Utah has accomplished in their entire football history.

And that was just the beginning of BYU's legacy.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT


I would say it is obvious, based upon all of "your" research and posts, which program is relevant to "Uteology".

Could you be more easy to read? You are transparent, my friend.

che loco
Springville, UT


Read this slowly so your hate doesn't overcome your reason.

APR does not figure LDS missions into their calculations. So the Y gets dinged in APR b/c they have so many missionaries who don't complete their degrees in the 5-year window that determines APR.

A better gauge to determine how well the Cougs are doing academically would be to take a look at the Academic All-Conference teams where the Y is very well represented every year.

Stop the hate. Embrace the love.

Gilbert, AZ


Wrong: Utah had a couple of great years during the decade and got lucky to be in the right place at the right time when the PAC needed a 12th team.

Utah being in the conference had absolutely no bearing on the PAC 12's new television contract except for giving the PAC 12 enough teams to play a championship game.

That much was proven when the Utes were completely ignored by ABC/ESPN when the television schedule for 2011 was announced.

With 10 straight WAC championships, BYU had indeed outgrown the conference and was on the cusp of being invited to the newly expanding Big 12 when the Gov. of Texas intervened to force her alma mater, Baylor, to be invited instead of BYU.

Fort Worth, Texas


"And that was just the beginning of BYU's legacy."

Actually that was the peak; it's been downhill since then.

"BYU accomplished MUCH more from 1979 to 1984, than Utah has accomplished in their entire football history."

As far as individual awards yes Edwards players achieved a lot, as far as on the field no. Which teams in the 1979-1984 WAC were as good as 2004-2010 MWC Utah, TCU, and BYU? On the field they look pretty even to me...

Wins over AP top 20 final ranked teams:
1979-1984 BYU: 3 wins - #20 SMU, #13 AFA, and #17 UCLA
2004-2009 Utah: 3 wins - #6 Bama, #7 TCU, and #18 OSU


Fort Worth, Texas

Part 2:

Again even...

1979 BYU 11-1: @SDSU (8-3), @USU (7-3-1) and @Long Beach State (7-4)
1980 BYU 12-1: @Hawaii (8-3), LBS (8-3) and #20 SMU (8-4)
1981 BYU 11-2: @Hawaii (9-2), WSU (8-3-1) and Wyoming (8-3)
1982 BYU 8-4: SDSU (7-5)
1983 BYU 11-1: #13 @AFA 10-2, BGS (8-3) and #17 @UCLA (7-4-1)
1984 BYU 13-0: @AF (8-4), and Tulsa (6-5) and no other team above .500

2004 Utah 12-0: #25 Pitt (8-4), Texas A&M (7-5) and @WY (7-5)
2005 Utah 7-5: GTech (7-5)
2006 Utah 8-5: Tulsa (8-5)
2007 Utah 9-4: UNM (9-4), @TCU (8-5), and Navy (8-5)
2008 Utah 13-0: #6 Bama (12-2), #7 TCU (11-2), #18 OSU (9-4), #25 BYU (10-3), @AF (8-5)
2009 Utah 10-3: Cal (8-5), AF (8-5), and WY (7-6)

NOTE: BYU had legends (Edwards and Chow) coaching for years while Utah had major coaching changes twice in 2005 and 2009.


C'mon, you guys, this childish bickering has to stop.

Researchers at the Huntsman Cancer Institute could come up with a cure for cancer, and the comments in the Deseret News article about the life-changing discovery would quickly turn into:

We have a national championship, and you don't.
We have two BCS wins, and you don't.
We have a bigger stadium.
We got invited to the Pac-12, and you didn't.
We have a Heisman Trophy winner, Doak Walker winner, and lots more All-Americans than you do.
We've have more NFL players than you do.
Our school is better than yours.
We do better research than you.
You got beat by UNLV.
We have better athletes.
We have way more Top 25 finishes than you.
Coach Whittingham turned you guys down.
You've never been to the Final Four.
BCS conference membership.

To paraphrase what a reader said in a San Jose paper (the DN won't print this otherwise), "Is every thread going to turn into a BYU vs UTah 'something' contest? BYU fans should stick to whatever conference they are in. Not really interested on why they think they are better then Utah."


Springville, UT

Had BYU not defeated Missouri in 1983 Holdiday and had that season of 11 wins going into 1984 I'm sure there would not have been a consensus decision to award the NC.

Had the Utes had a winning 2007 season then maybe 2008 could of, should of been an NC for the Utes but alas it was not to be.

This is the difference between storied programs getting what they get and others getting table scraps.

Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID


Let me clue you boys in on something... Teams that finish the season 3-7 (Pitt) or 6-6 (Michigan) are not considered ranked opponents by anyone's standards. That twisted logic is not shared by others outside your bubble.

You have your NC trophy. Just admit that the 1984 SOS against teams with a .410 winning percentage wouldn't get the job done in today's environment. The best team the Cougars beat in 1984 was Air Force 8-4.

Meridian, ID


In 2010, Utah was ranked as high a #5... does that mean they were worthy of their ranking? No.

Pitt and Michigan were not good teams in 1984 with a combined record of 9-13. Neither of them finished the season ranked. Where do you guys come up with this stuff???

Just admit it, your Cougars played absolutely nobody in 84.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Meso Ute
What's BYU doing???

Right now...just waiting for Sept 17th to see how gun shy Wynn's actually going to be in his own backfield after being sacked and chased like a scared little bunny rabbit all day long in front of 92,516 spectators when USC trounces them the week before. Better get the 2nd and 3rd bakup qb's ready Wynn's going to definitely need them. and by the way....there were 5 other covers just for PAC...Wynn's picture was not a solo.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


Every serious college football fan knows that teams don't come out of no where to win a national championship. Either you're a storied program with years and years of accomplishments behind you, or you're an up-and-coming program that has had very good recent success.

Utah may have had some nice wins during the 2000's, but the big difference between BYU 1984 and Utah 2004/2008, is Utah's overall record for the 5 years preceding 2004 and 2008 pales in comparison to BYU's overall record.

BYU 1984 (1979-1983)
Top 25: 4 of 5, #13/#12, #12/#12, #13/#11, #7/#7, ranked #7/#7 in 1983
Championships: 5 of 5
Overall: 53-9(86%)
Conference: 35-3(92%)

Utah 2004 (1999-2003)
Top 25: 1 of 5, #21/#21, ranked #21/#21 in 2003
Championships: 2 of 5
Overall: 36-26(55%)
Conference: 21-14(60%)

Utah 2008 (2003-2007)
Top 25: 2 of 5, #21/#21, #4/#5, unranked in 2007
Championships: 2 of 5
Overall: 46-16(74%)
Conference: 27-11(71%)

Utah finished #6 in the final BCS rankings in 2004/2008. BYU was ranked #1 in both final regular season polls. HUGE difference.

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