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Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Karchaj, A.V.

@ phoenix

How many of those nationally prominent awards since Lavell and Chow left?
History is something that BYU has going for them. As each year passes, that history becomes further and further removed from the present reality. BYU had their time in the sun. The more important question is this; What are they doing now?

Palo Alto, CA


"Exposure." "Relevance." "Exposure. Exposure. Exposure."

Congratulations. Wynn will get a lot of exposure appearing on the cover of Athlon magazine...

in Salt Lake City.

Lehi, UT


"Even in Utah's greatest decade ever, the Utes are still having a hard time keeping pace with the Cougars."

That't the most hilarious thing I've read today. In the last decade Utah has far surpassed BYU in accomplishments, $$$, and national relevance. BYU's glory days are a distant memory soon to be forgotten by all but the most pathetic, diehard Cougar fans.

Provo, UT

It's funny that Ute fans made fun of Heaps because a magazine misspelled his name, yet they can't even spell the name of their own QB correctly.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

forreal people

"Utah beat more two more ranked teams in 2008 than BYU ever beat in a season."

Yes, and BYU one more team with a winning record in 1984 than Utah did in 2004.

If you throw out the extra game BYU played against 1-10 Utah State, the overall win/loss records for BYU's 1984 and Utah's 2004 regular season opponents are almost identical.

BYU 1984 - 54-69-3
Utah 2004 - 53-72-0

BYU won two more road games against Top 15 opponents in their 24-game winning streak that culminated in winning the national championship than Utah has ever won in a single season.

Baltimore, MD


"BYU's glory days are a distant memory..."

Last Five Years
AP Top 25 Finishes
Utah 2

Top 15 Finishes
Utah 1

Conference Championships
Utah 1

10+ Win Seasons
Utah 3

Utah 2

Cedar Hills, UT

@Truth Machine

"no BYU losses during the 2000's were more pathetic" Really?

3 - 29 FSU

45 - 72! Hawaii

3-24 to UNLV (At home!)

21 - 52 Utah

24 - 48 Utah

28 - 54 (At home to a less than stellar FSU team)
7 - 38 (At home to a very good TCU team)

Those Utah losses don't look all that bad do they? That was fun.

Go Utes!

Arlington, VA

"How many of those nationally prominent awards since Lavell and Chow left?"

The more relevant question for Utah fans is how many nationally prominent awards has Utah had, EVER?

Heisman - nope
Doak Walker - nope
Outland - nope
Davey O'Brien - nope
Sammy Baugh - nope

Any award is more relevant than no award.

Alpine, UT


You didn't just bring up Glass Staley's award, did you? That's comical.

"BYU has won
3 of the last 5
26 of the last 39"

If you start bringing up history, instead of recent results, which is what everyone else in this thread is talking about, let's pull out the head-to-head record:

Utah 54 wins and BYU a paltry 34

But, back on topic...

"Everybody would prefer a couple of BCS wins, to none."

And Utah has 2 to BYU's none, brah. Utah has been more relevant and successful on a national stage in the 2000's. Wins in games that matter and higher rankings. It's a fact!

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Fahrvergnugen | 3:42 p.m. June 16, 2011
Provo, UT

I believe my Utah fan friends make fun of Heaps because dude held a press conference and hired a publicist before he ever played a game.

Arlington, VA


"Exposure." "Relevance." "Exposure. Exposure. Exposure."

It's nice that Wynn will get a little exposure appearing on the cover of Athlon magazines sold in Salt Lake, but frankly, I'd rather have the exposure Jake Heaps will be getting playing in seven or eight nationally televised games on ESPN.

Utesville, CA

Since 2004:

BCS games:
Utah 2

BCS wins:
Utah 2

BCS conference invite:
Utah 1
BYU 0 (unless you count the virtual invite to the Big 12 that BYU fans dream of)

Go Wynn. Take us to the Rose Bowl in Jan 2012!

Provo, UT

@ 1984 for life

I'm sure they did that too. Thank you for bringing up something completely irrelevant to my comment.

Utesville, CA

oh, and since 2004:

Completed Quests for Perfection:

Utah 2 (has no Quest t-shirts though)
BYU 0 (lots of Quest t-shirts)

forreal people
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ truth and phoeonix-


How is utah getting beat by a undefeted #2 TCU team at home by 40 points more pathetic than BYU getting beat by a #6 not-undefeted TCU team at home by 31 points?

Bringing up TCU is not a good argument. Utah faced the WAY better tcu team.

Not to mention utah has beat tcu more than byu has in the MWC.

Stupid argument.

Arguing game by game is a slipery slope for a byu fan. It's the reason BYU has not gone to a bcs bowl - they don't win big games, utah does.

In byu's best season in the MWC (2009) they only beat 2 ranked teams, utah and OSU (23&25),(tying thier all time record, 2 ranked wins in a season 1996) - and lost two blow outs at HOME against one unranked and one ranked opponant. That is not a "great" season. Not even close, no bcs bowl, not worthy.

In utah's best season in the MWC (2008) they beat 4 ranked teams two of them were top 7 teams. Byu has never beaten four ranked in a year or two top 10 in a year.

BYU falls short. Not Great.

In Stitches
Provo, Utah


Cougars don't use more buzz words than Utes, just different ones: have fun in your self-appointed "Conference of Champions."

By the way, I read the article and it did not have a single thing to do with BYU or their buzz words. THAT is why I wrote that YOU are the one who is caught up in them. If not, why even mention them in this article?! (You will notice that many of your Ute friends also chose to focus their comments on BYU rather than the topic at hand).

Meanwhile, I just came on here to congratulate Wynn and wish him luck....

Provo, UT

Good for Wynn, I think the Utes are going to have a fine season and hold their own in the Pac-12. And Hedgehog, are you REALLY complaining about trolls? Really?!

Provo, UT

@ SoCalUtahFan

It was a virtual invite to the BIG EAST not the Big 12. Get your virtual facts right! ;) I'll say it again, Utah's going to be just fine in the Pac-12, I expect that will have their fair share of success. I'm excited to see how BYU does in independence too.

Portland, OR

3-24 to UNLV (At home!)

You forgot that they byU also lost at home to UNLV in 2004......

Looks like UNLV dominated byU in 2002-2004. No surprise though.

2002 9-52 at Air Force, ouch....
2004 10-42 at USC, not a good showing...
23-49 at Notre Dame....not pretty
7-32 at TCU

In a two year span byU lost to TCU by a score of 14-70 and neither year TCU went to a BCS game.

I forgot who went 7-6 last year?

Chase Hansen....double ouch

31 Million a year for Utah or 4 million a year for byU; which is better?

Look at any recruiting site from last year after Utah went to the Pac-12 and byU went indy.......utah in the top 30 and byU in the 50's

6 of 9; and the three wins byU had took a "miracle" to win, Utah just crushes byU. See 2004 and 2008.

Just some thoughts while read how byU fans think they have it better, what a joke you are.....how is the bubble in Utah county?

forreal people
Cottonwood Heights, UT


I can't wait to see that "bubble" POP! on September 17th 2011. It will be BYU's second loss in a row, making them 1-2 to start the season on their easiest SOS in decades.


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