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Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Draper, UT

@Chrissy B
"Not going to happen. Ever."

Quite a prediction. Now that you're in over your heads in the Pac10+2 you can get a lot of mileage out of that prediction. It's better than your Magic 8 ball.
Q. Playing in the Pac 12 will Utah ever play in another BCS bowl game?
A. "Not going to happen. Ever."

Q. Playing in the Pac12 will Utah ever finish higher than 6th place?
A. "Not going to happen. Ever."

Q. Playing in the Pac 12 will Utah ever finish a season ranked in the top 25?
A. "Not going to happen. Ever."

Q. Playing in the Pac 12 will Utah ever play for a National Championship?
A. "Not going to happen. Ever."

Q. Playing in the Pac 12 will Utah ever win 10+ games again?
A. "Not going to happen. Ever."

Q. Playing in the Pac 12 will Utah ever have a Heisman Trophy winner?
A. "Not going to happen. Ever."

Q. Will dumb Ute fans like Chris B ever regret Utah's joining the Pac 12?
A. "Absolutely will happen. Sooner than later. Mark it down."

Corona, CA

Re: Execut

No you wouldn't!

Frisco, TX

BYU's chance of getting a BCS bid has increased with their move to independence. In the MWC, a perfect record was required to get a BCS bid.

I'm betting that BYU would now get an at-large bid if they had one loss, to a Top 10 team, especially if that loss were on the road. If BYU finishes in the Top 8, they will get an at-large bid. Heaps will lead BYU to a BCS bowl before he goes onto the NFL.

If the BCS remains in tact, some provision needs to be made for AQ Conferences. If the AQ Conference champion is not ranked in the Top 20, they should not get an invite. There is no way UConn deserved a bid last year. What an embarassment for the BCS.

Bountiful, UT

@Where's Stockton???
Kyle is a great DC and a good MWC HC, but now that he no longer has any of Urban Meyer's recruits left on the team we're starting to see that he can't get the elite athletes necessary to be even remotely competitive.

We got through the Cupcake portion of the schedule well enough but when we were matched up against ranked teams we were embarrassing. The combined score in losses to TCU, ND & BSU was 13-101. We should've lost even to BYU at home if it weren't for some bad play calling by their coaches and major blown call by the refs. We struggled against a Cougar team that was starting practically all freshman.

The program peaked in '08 and since all of Urban's guys left for the NFL we've been in slow decline. I'm not sure KW could even stay competitive in the MWC anymore (1 title in 6 yrs?!).

Chow's not any better. When was the last time he was any good? Its been years. We're in major league trouble and I am already regretting our short-sighted move to Slaughterville.

Draper, UT


It's worse than you can know. Wynn is struggling to regain anything close to his prior form and ability (which wasn't great). He can't even throw further than 40 yds (my 10 yr can do that).

A football field is 50 yds wide and as it stands now he'll be hardpressed to make any out throws and unable to make any deep throws. He'll make Brian Johnson's wobbly arm seem like Jamarcus Russell. Compounding this problem is they have a bunch of mediocre high school QB's on the roster backing him up.

Since they no longer have any NFL worthy talent on defense their first season in the Pac10.2 is starting to look like Custer's Last Stand.


This kid is an all American at his position, so it's a good pickup.

Now, he is no Jake Heaps, but Utah couldn't get a 5 star QB to come to their school even if they paid him as much as Ohio State pays their QB's!

Go Cougars!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Sorry Hedgie I think you have me confused with Duck Hunter. I never wrote any of that... Your memory cycle seems to be fading on you. I'll claim anything that is my own... even the rediculous stuff I do write from time to time but let's not be putting words in my mouth that I didn't say. I certainly wouldn't do that to you.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

It took me a few minutes after I wrote my last post to realize that you're not the Hedgie critter from the shores of the Great Black swamp in Ann Arbor. But don't sell Chow down the river ...Remember he guided Carson Palmer and Lienart to Heismans at USC and a couple of National Championships as well under Pete Carrol. If Pete had had more brains than he did ego he would have kept Chow there. Pete let him go because everyone was referring to Chow as the Master and Pete as the Apprentice and that drove him crazy. Pete figured that since Steve Sarkesian had worked so much with Chow over the years since being a Quarterback at BYU under him that Steve was about as close as having Chow anyways so he let Chow go and moved Steve up to the OC position.

I only need to say two words about why Chow didn't do much at UCLA...Rick Knuheisel...the name is synonmous with destroying major college Football Programs...and never turning the reins over to Chow to run the offense was a great mistake. Chow will turn the program around if youlet him...cont.

Corona, CA

Re: Where's Stockton

And they are the Ruins! UCLA has had no good QB play since Cade Mcnown.

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