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Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX


Do you honestly think USU will beat the cougs two years in a row? Maybe in twelve years, they may win another. Maybe! They would struggle just to beat the Utes if they played this year. For now, the Aggies rank second to the cougs for state honeors.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Dude the game decider last year against Uah was not the blocked punt at the end of the game it was the early 3rd qtr Coaching error on an unnecessary gamble to go for the first down on a 4th and inches and not take the easy chip shot FG that would have put BYU up by 9 points and forced Utah to have to score on two possessions to take the lead... The coaching staff lost the game not the players.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@brave little robin
No bursted bubbles here... having watched Utah roll over twice then sent off to the corner with thier table scraps without even a whimper...shows me how little self respect uteys have. And you're the one not knowing anything about what the BCS is all about. Busting the BCS even twice is nothing in comparison to actually being the impetus for the creation of the BCS in the first place. The 1984 Holiday Bowl and the National Championship that went with it will always be a bigger busting of the big boys club than any also ran games where they knowingly cheated Utah of a rightful title shot. The Irony is in the fact that you people even know that you got cheated but aren't willing to admit that you were...and are so capitulatory that you're willing to rollover and accept anything offered...even to the point of licking thier hand. Now that's downright undignified as well as demeaning.

Mendenhall and Doman's efforts to improve this young team will pay off in the long run. Specifically going after this special team player shows me that attention to detail is being applied and implemented. Rise and Shout!!!

West Jordan, UT

No honor code = no BCS games for Ohio State and USC.

Most schools have some sort of honor code, though not to the extent of BYU's. You'll find that having an honor code typically means less discipline problems, harder workers, and less distractions off the field. I would take a team that lives by an honor code and plays in the Las Vegas bowl, than the Ohio State train wreck right now.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

When the long snapper doesn't hike the ball the way he should then it hurts the team.

Salt Lake City, UT

You must be joking. THIS is news? A long snapper. Sad to see the Deseret News is no longer a media outlet and has become the marketing department for the BYU athletic program ... just another recruiting tool for the Cougars. The NCAA really ought to look into this...seems to be an unfair advantage for a college athletic program to have an daily newspaper promoting that program. The amount of coverage for the Cougs is blatantly disproportionate and grossly unfair to the other universities in this state. A long snapper...you've gotta be kidding me.

Eagle Mountain, UT

All the comments on how irrelevent long snappers are and that BYU should not have wasted a scholarship on this athlete. I find it hilarious that all the Yners are obsessively commenting on this article. Their jealousy and insecurity are completely exposed with every comment on every BYU article.

Donovan is a good sized lineman / center. At 6'3" and over 250 going into his senior year, he will be a candidate to play center at BYU full time. Last I checked, good offensive linemen are highly valued and are offered scholarships at all universities.

Poop, UT

Soccer Kid. Your theories are flawed. You say that Doman is the OC and therefore only recruits offensive players... Well then why would he have been recruiting Chase Hansen? I thought BYU was stacked at QB and doesn't need him. Can't have your cake and eat it too kid.

Mesa, AZ


Your logic is not sound. It cracks me up that you think that your armchair quarterbacking substitutes for actual experience. It's easy to sit back and critique with nothing on the line. Domain has both played and coached now for several years. You my friend have not.

Chris B,

So what you are saying is the BYU with an Honor Code can't win enough games to ever be considered for a BCS game? So what you are saying is that if BYU goes undefeated anytime in the next, oh say, two to three years, the BCS will all get together and deny BYU the chance because they have high standards?

This may be true, but it just goes to show you that the BCS is the dumbest program on record and should be broken up.

It also shows us how pathetic people are who like the BCS.

On another note, why do people with no standards always find fault with people who do?

Salt Lake City, UT


"You must be joking. THIS is news?"

You must be joking; if it's not news, then why are you reading and commenting on the article?

The DNews, owned by the LDS church, like BYU, has always been the Cougars' defacto statewide "local" newspaper. Of course the coverage for the Cougs is "blatantly disproportionate"; BYU is the most newsworthy team and has significantly more fans than any other team in the state.

If you want "local" coverage of the Utes, see the SLTrib.

If you want "local" coverage of the Wildcats, see the OgdenStandard.

And if you want "local" coverage of the Aggies, see the LoganHerald.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Chris B
Honor code means no BCS games...Sorry but that definitely isn' the end of the story. The BCS is internally imploding well on it's own. Let's begin with Ohio State's gangster story in Maurice Clarret...Busted!!! USC and Reggie Bush... Busted!!! And Ohio State again with Terrele Pryor and four of his teammates...Busted!!! Then we have the Sugar Bowl Bust...what a joke that was... a lousey million dollar penalty and slap on the hand instead of a kick in the pants to the ousted CEO. We'll see what happens next when this whole issue with Pryor and company really gets the hot coals treatment over the personal request of Sugar Bowl CEO Hoolihan to both OSU's President Gee (a Ute Alunus btw ) and to the NCAA... not to jeopardize their 2011 game with Arkansas by not allowing Pryor and his four accomplices to play. That's going to be a very relevent issue on the horizon. Then we've got the most recent incident with an Oregon corner back racing about the Oregon countryside on a suspended license in a rental car signed for by a University employee...and... dont't even turn the Cam Newton page yet either.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Who says you can't have 3 potential Kentucky Derby winners in your stalls and still be looking for a 4th...in Chases case he's two sided so more options...it's not rocket science. Better hope that you hang onto him...I'll bet his parents and uncles will probably still work on him while he's on his mission. It wouldn't be the first time that a Ute recruit had a change of mind.


Woah, BYU is TOTALLY winning the recruiting battle. this is unbelievable I am SO EXCITED for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP which is just a few months away. Watch out world, it's going to be pandamonium in provo after our first game!! Woot woot!!

Mcallen, TX

One of the Denny brothers play deep snapper for the Dolphins. They must consider it an important position or why not train one of the bench sitters. NFL teams aren't allowed as many players on their roster as college, so why waste one on a deep snapper? Can't beleive some are snapping at this topic.

Highland, UT


Well there are about 4,000,000 BYU fans in this country and about 50,000 utah "fans". That right there will tell you why one gets more coverage than the other. Frankly I think the DNews is very charitable with the amount of coverage they give utah considering its puny and tenouous fanbase. Newspapers are in the business of selling, get this, newspapers, so they need to print news that the majority of the potential readership actually wants to read. Its just smart business not an ncaa violation. LOL!

Providence, UT


Considering Utah beat BYU last year, only lost to TCU, @ND, and Boise St., and return a decent 12 starters, and had a good recruiting class, I don't know why you are so quick to disrespect them.

And considering that USU beat BYU last year, returns 17 starters including by FAR their best player who didn't see a down against the Cougs last year, a team who only lost a QB who can't throw, and a few DB's (the position that is always their strongest), I wouldn't count out USU either.

I root for USU, BYU, and Utah probably in that order so I hope the Cougs do well, but don't get too far ahead of yourself, I mean, "what have you done for me lately?"

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

You must love being somewhere else rather than living here in the present. In case you're wondering or that you were out and about in one of your mind excursions... USC got 25 top 100's committed last go around...that is if you are into counting stars which by your hilareous comment you must be.... anyways...USC's recruiting will always... even under sanctions... put Utah's to shame which right now puts last years 2 H.S. and 2 JUCO 4's to shame. All but 2 were 4 stars...the two others were just measly 5 stars. They actually have 26 4's if you count the additional 4 grayshirts they got the last go around. I think your worries should be directed towards the western coastline rather than worry about how well BYU actually does with some great talent locally. No matter how you count it or when you count it... it still comes out BYU 1 National Championship and Utah 2 rollover tricks and 2 bones to chew on in the corner.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Need to correct an earlier mistake...It's the Fiesta Bowl that was laughingly so called Busted... as everyone already knows. But the Sugar bowl isn't far behind with the Terrele Pryor / Ohio State fiasco that is still uncoverning deeper problems.

Black Shirts
South Jordan, UT

Im hearing a lot of chatter about how bad the Ute's really looked in fall ball. Chow communicates like a first grader and Wynn is basically terrible. When the Ute's get beat by 20, by the Coug's, it going to be a week of celebration watching the Ute nation panic as they realize their beloved football team has become the BASKETBALL team. Whit is overrated and Chow is even more overrated. Its going to blow-up and its going to be fun watching.
As for the Cougs theyll have a great season with only a couple of senior starters. This team has three years together. 

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Black Shirts
Dude I'm as pro BYU as you'll find but I'm also as pro Kyle Whittingham and Pro Norm Chow as you will find also. Both top notch Coaches...One young and one a little older but both at a program that right now has more questions than it has answers. Don't make the mistake of foolishly underestimating either one... especially Norm Chow. His problem is his complexity level of seeing the field from every offensive angle...something he's exceptionally good at... and then the imposing amount of time it takes to teach it. Wynn and company are definitely not going to learn it overnight...I seriously doubt if they will have it rock solid by the end of the season. A Jim McMahon type or a Mark Wilson would definately help the Utes maybe... but Wynn's not of thier caliber so it's going to be iffy despite being in the weaker division and having USC out of the post season picture. Having two new running backs isn't necessarily an answer for the Utes either other than it gives Chow more to work with for encorporating the run to set up the pass. Wynn's sort of a question mark.

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