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Published: Wednesday, June 15 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

forget that it is Unconstitutional for a minute......lets just examine the sutherland Institute....are they not a RINO Organization? Methinks they are no9thing more than a bunch of Obama Libs dressed up parading as the GOP! They are not and should not be taken serious....why does the DNEWS ask these groups for their obvious opinion?
We are not fools here in Utah.....we know when we see a scam!

Lets hope the delegates overturn hb 116 and send the RINO's a clear message....The conservatives are back and we want our party back.....

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sutherland Institute is just plain wrong on this issue.

They used to be a conservative group, but a few years ago they seem to have flip-flopped and are proving themselves to be an irrelevant and dysfunctional entity.

Salt Lake City, UT

Paul Mero fails to acknowledge that a Utah Guest Worker program like HB116 is not needed. There is already a way for workers to come to the U.S. legallythe EXISTING Federal Guest Worker program with categories for different work types:

- Permanent Labor Certification: A certification issued by the Department of Labor (DOL) allows an employer to hire a foreign worker to work permanently in the United States.

- H-2A Temporary Labor Certification (Seasonal Agricultural): Program for agricultural employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers to bring nonimmigrant foreign workers to the U.S. to perform agricultural labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature.

- H-2B Temporary Labor Certification (Non-agricultural): Program permits employers to hire foreign workers to come temporarily to the U.S. and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peakload or intermittent basis.

For those that say the process/program is broken, an article published in the NY Times, 09 July 2010, shows otherwise. Continued

Salt Lake City, UT

From the NY Times article:
Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted an audit of employees at Gebbers Farms, an apple producer in Brewster, Washington. ICE found evidence that more than 500 of its workers, mostly immigrants from Mexico, were in the country illegally. ICE then advised Gebbers Farms of Social Security and immigration numbers that did not check out with federal databases. The workers were then fired.

John Morton, the head of the immigration agency, said the goal of the audits is to create "a culture of compliance" among employers, so that verifying new hires would be as routine as paying taxes. ICE leaves it up to employers to fire workers whose documents cannot be validated. But an employer who fails to do so risks prosecution.

After completing a federally mandated local labor search, Gebbers Farms applied to the federal guest worker program to import about 1,200 legal temporary workers most from Mexico. The guest workers, who can stay for up to six months, also included about 300 from Jamaica.

Utah employers aren't willing to use the program. HB116 should be replaced with legislation REQUIRING all companies to use E-Verify and the EXISTING Federal Guest Worker program.

Vernal, UT

Doesn't matter how the Sutherland Institute colors it, that law is worthless and is a spit in the face of the 100,000 unemployed Utahns. The Sutherland Institute, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, and the rest of them need to go down in flames at the Republican Convention this weekend.

Provo, UT

I will never again support the Sutherland Institute. Since Gaylord Swim passed away, they have gone downhill fast. There is no substance to their organization anymore.

Mapleton, UT

It is hard to call this a conservative think tank when they back an unconstitutional law. Attempting to influence delegates against the will of the voters is not what is needed. Of course the DesNews is just as bad running all the pro illegal immigration stories.

Sandy, UT

Thanks to the sutherland institute and the aclu America is moral decline. Any organized group that embraces anti- American philosophies is part of our downfall.

Provo, UT

One week he wants Robles bill back, the next week HB 116.

We have a visa/guest worker program already, we have 9% unemployment, this is not needed. Utah will be known as the state that tried to create a sub class of workers for business. This and the other sub-worker class bills need to go.

Lectori Salutem
Beautiful Salt Lake Valley, Utah

Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) has introduced a mandatory E-Verify bill (Legal Workforce Act, HR2164) in the House. This bill requires all American employers to use E-Verify, which immediately and accurately verifies eligibility of 99.5% of legal workers. Social Security no-match letters are also part of this. The Act would be phased in over a couple of years (three for agriculture). The US Chamber of Commerce has endorsed this Act as they don't want a patchwork of state laws. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has also introduced a similar bill in the Senate. I encourage everyone to contact our representatives and ask them to support mandatory E-Verify. Many believe mandatory E-Verify will pass this summer.

The Republican Party's plank, here and nationally, explicitly states the Republican Party does not support legalization for illegal immigrants. Yet, we have HB116, the monstrosity that intends to make illegal, legal. I stand with those who feel betrayed by this insidious bill.

HB116 should be repealed for many reasons, including the national bills mentioned above and the fact that some Republican legislators are violating the tenets of their party's plank.

Spanish Fork, UT

So since this group calls themselves a think tank, here is a question they can mull around. Whats to stop one of these illegals from leaving there slave labor work and going after the higher paying legal job once the State of Utah has granted them amnesty? Then who will fill the illegal slave labor jobs? Could it be more illegals? The bill is a job killer for legal workers and a job creator for illegals.

Why, pray tell, would the sutherland group keep rehashing the same old fuzzy logic in an effort to defend this horribly flawed bill?

Stop insulting our intelligence. You're only embarrassing yourselves in the process.

Salt Lake City, UT

"HB116 would require accountability for their illegality."

The truth is that HB116 would do absolutely nothing to ensure that illegal aliens "account" for themselves and their wrongdoing.

"HB116 would not favor illegal aliens."
Yes it would -- just as illegal aliens currently are favored. In this connection, Mero claims that there is no evidence that offering a higher wage would attract more workers to the jobs "Americans won't do." Ridiculous.

HB116 focuses on dangerous criminals. It would do nothing to help bring these to justice. What's more, HB116 looks the other way at identity theft and other "non-violent" crimes, rationalizing these as justifiable on the part of the illegal alien, and acceptable on the part of Utah citizens.

"HB116 respect families."

t does not. It encourages illegal immigration which frequently results in a father leaving his family behind in their country in order to steal his way into the United States, which breaks up families. It also ignores the plight of U.S. citizen families who suffer tremendously, whose very homes are in jeopardy in many cases, as a result of illegal immigration.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Sutherland Institute is a RINO organization?!! Now there's a totally inaccurate observation. How far to the right must one be think the the Sutherland Institute is RINO?

Milville, UT

"The reality is that this entire debate would be largely irrelevant if American workers would do the sort of work that immigrants do," according to the institute.

Like construction, landscaping, waiter/waitress. ect.
get a clue. Send them home and put our citizens to work doing all these jobs.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

WE dont need guest workers. We need jobs, WE dont need our wages suppressed any longer.

Kaysville, UT

As someone said the other day someone said the Sutherland Institute is really just an arm of the Salt Lake Chamber. Excuse me their greed is really showing.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Illegal trespassers don't obey the law now, why should we think they will if we have a new law implemented?

Ogden, UT

"The reality is that this entire debate would be largely irrelevant if American workers would do the sort of work that immigrants do," according to the institute.

Think employers addicted to cheap labor not to lower prices but increase bottom lines. I am no fan of union induced inflated wages but this addiction to cheap labor needs to halt. Pay a fair price and americans will work.

Santa Clara, UT

The crew that did the stucco on my house in 2000 were all local, legal citizens, and they made pretty good money. Now, I know most of them are unemployed or have moved out of the area. The homes being built now have all illegal labor doing the stucco. This is just one example of what is going on in the trades. I support E-verify. Viva LEGAL immigration.

Jonathan S
Salt Lake City, UT

Guest worker programs import people, not "workers." It seems odd at first that the pro-immigration types who complain of the allegedly "dehumanizing" nature of terms like "illegal alien" are those who give the clinical label of "worker" to those foreigners they wish to import.

But this is no accident on their part. Calling people "workers" implies that they're mere economic units like goods, services, or capital. Such inanimate objects don't generate birthright citizenship-eligible babies, among other externalities unique to humans, but immigration enthusiasts would prefer us to be confused as to this difference between a farm's tractor and its "workers."

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