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Published: Wednesday, June 15 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Health care?

Sugar City, ID

That can't be. Their healthcare systems are socialistic.

slc, ut

Health care? Many counties in the southern USA are losing years, do they have accsess to health care? Just for fun, do they vote "D" Or "R" it would be fun to know.

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

Obesity. Take a look around. We are an extremely obese population.

Los Angeles, CA

We are simply fat pigs with overpriced health care. End of story.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Studies like this omit consideration of racial demographics for political correctness. The USA is a very "diverse" population and becoming more so each year. This trend has a negative impact on many things including the longevity index registered in this article. Immigrants, legal or not, from third world countries often bring with them health problems and habits that impact the normal life span. Compare Mexican food verses Japanese food to get a "flavor" of what I mention. One is full of grease, the other has much more seafood and less fried food. Some cultures are uncomfortable with modern medical care and prefer to use unlicensed individuals in their community for medical care. All these factors and more impact how long the average American lives.

Calgary, Alberta

I was shocked at the amount of obesity I saw in central florida a couple of years ago. Im not talking overweight, I mean huge. These people could drastically reduse the need for health care, diabetes, heart disease, joint replacement, etc. The health of the people, the massive costs of their health care, medical payouts frome insurance cos, quality of life, could be revolutionaized with one word....diet. but..that takes personal responsibility and, well, you know.....

Bountiful, UT

So we are about the longest lived in the nation, but falling behind the rest of the world.

Wonder if this is because other nations have a better work, life balance. More vacation, shorter work hours.

Sugar City, ID

They have been voting "R" since "D" started supporting civil rights.

Bountiful, ut

I'm getting old. I dont know how long I'll live, and certainly don't care how long it will be when compared to folks in other countries. What I care about is the quality of life I'll enjoy in however many days I have left. Longevity produced by better health care purely for the sake of more days does not equate to more happiness. I hope I can be happy when I'm old.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

By my calculation, 15 of the top twenty states for life expectancy are "blue" states, 4 are "red" states and one is classified as purple.
Maybe more liberal states are evil in the eyes of conservatives, but they sure do live longer.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

In some countries a newborn that lives 2 days or so is not counted as a live birth. This can affect the statistics. Overweight people think there is something besides exercise to lose weight, there is not. They need to walk 4-5 miles a day. Diets always fail anyway 90% of the time for long term results. They should also go to a gym 3 times a week. It's your life.

E. Matscheko
St. George, UT

The "Word of Wisdom" may have something to do with it!

Sugar City, ID

It's hard for a young mother of 4 to be happy when she could not get medical attention because of no insurance and no money until a tumor in her brain grew to bigger than a golf ball.

Tooele, UT

Re: "For a woman living in Tooele, she'd be better off living in Uruguay or Albania . . . ."

I asked my wife -- she's not moving.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Lies, blasted lies and statistics. Lifestyle is the difference. Drink, smoke, take drugs, both legal and illegal, risky sex lives, overuse of the medical system and drugs, gluttony on processed junk food, not too hard to figure all this out. The foothills are healthier? Imagine that.

Mr. John

So I have a question for those that keep commenting about obesity and exercise. Are you trying to say that the reason people in places like Glendale and Tooele live on average 5 years less then those on the east bench is simply because they are fat and lazy? The high right of obesity in our country may account for part of why our life expectancy is lower then other countries and make it easy to write it off as to many fat people but how do you account for the vast differences within our own communities?

Mr. John

oops rate not right sorry

Vancouver, BC

I hate to generalize too much, but:

You're obese
You eat too much fast & processed food
You don't exercise enough.

In Canada, we're not far behind on those 3 areas.

Getting healthcare to the bottom 30 million that have none would help in the U.S. American care may be technically "better" and more modern than most countries, but it's not accessible to all. It's socialized in Canada, but at least everyone gets a decent level of care. The PREVENTATIVE measures will do far more than spending more on medicine - you already spend more per capita than any country.

Good to see Utah being ranked relatively high - I presume that's predominatly tied to Word of Wisdom basics.

county mom
Monroe, UT

The numbers do not take into consideration how many of the people in south and central Utah were exposed to radiation. How can you possibly do any kind of survey and add up the years that we live without looking at this? Many of us have family members who have lived and died with cancer and other radiation related internal damage. Our family had lived into their late 90s for many generations. Then the government exposed most of us to radiation and noone has made it past 89. No cancer in either side of my family before. Then most are all dying of cancer. Most of us are active members of the LDS faith, we keep the word of wisdom.

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