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Published: Tuesday, June 14 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Omaha, NE

If you are interested in education, by all means go to Harvard or Stanford. Stanford may even punch your ticket to the NBA. If you narrow it down to USU, BYU or Utah, well I would recommend that you chose Utah over the aforementioned. Why? BYU and USU have great coaches and good teams. However, what they lack is venue and exposure on a National level in a conference that is well respected. Sure the Pac-12 has had its lean years, but that is primarily because so many underclassmen enter the NBA early versus other conferences. Utah will be back and you may have the opportunity to say that I was at the nucleus of this program rebuilding and turning into the dominant program it once was. All in all, best of luck in your choice, you really can't go wrong unless you decide to play for SLCC ;)


If he's any good, Utah will give him an offer. The film they have on him is inconclusive so they want to see him play in person more. However, that's not to say that he'll want to go to the U, esp. with his Dad having gone to the Y and the strong loyalty and legacy BYU has and the pull for family and relatives and fans to go there if offered. But playing in High School sized gyms, at best, in the WCC is less than attractive. All 3 Utah schools have strong LDS presence but it's embedded in every aspect of the experience at BYU, which he may want. I don't know. Playing in the Pac-12 would be most attractive, esp. with a new coach. Even middle of the pack (if they can find a way to accomplish that - but reasonable expectation since the conference has plenty of bottom feeders each year) may be attractive enough. Who knows. But that's if Utah offers, which they might not.

Syracuse, UT

Yeah no national exposure for BYU, they only just signed a 8 year deal with ESPN for basketball, I wouldn't go near Utah's program with a 10 foot pole, they are stinkin it up, and that is what the pac 10.2 will be too.

Boise, ID

Jeff Chatman was one of my favorite players. I remember watching him play with his sweet turn around jumpers.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Good luck no matter where you decide to play Jordan. I am very happy to hear that he has definite plans for a mission. It has a much more profound effect on ones life than college. A mission will prepare you for the challenges of college and will help you decide which university will be the best fit for you.

And before the anti-BYU crowd tries to think up something clever; I am not insinuating that all missionaries will be guided to or should all choose BYU while on their missions. Team-mates at other schools are generally very respectful of LDS athletes and even look out for them. A single LDS athlete can be a positive influence on many team-mates.

Farmington, UT

He could play at BYU where the majority of games will be played at the 22,000+ Marriott Center or he could go to Utah where on a good night he can play in front of 5000 at the HC. I love how people seem to be harping on the small gym aspect of most WCC schools. They only play 8 road WCC games all year. Besides, would you rather play in a standing-room only gym of 5000 screaming fans 8 times out of the 30+ game schedule or in a less than half full gym of 5000 apathetic fans 15+ out of a 30+ game schedule? Hmmm...that's a tough call.

Denver, Colorado

I heard that Jordan really likes what is going on up on the hill, but Utah has no shot at Jordan. None. Utah is losing scholarship players to WALK ON at BYU right now.

...Can't wait to see you in Cougar blue, Jordan.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

How is Utah in the mix if Stanford is? That one doesn't make sense.

If he wants schooling and Harvard is there and if he thinks there's not much shot at the NBA then go to Harvard, or Stanford for that matter.

If he wants good upside to be on a respected and visible team then BYU makes a lot of sense. BYU certainly will be top 3 in WCC for a long time, I don't think Utah or Stanford really has the ability to show that kind of future.

For ease of working with a Mission scenario certainly choose BYU.

Lots to think about, but it would seem that his choices would be Harvard, Stanford, BYU. But then we're all speaking from a very limited place...

Pleasant View, Utah

Everyone that reads this comment needs to go and look at Gonzaga's schedule last year. They play a ton of invitationals that put them against the premier teams in the country. For example last year they played, San Diego St., Kansas St., Marquette, Illinois, Washington St., Notre Dame, Baylor, Xavier, Oklahoma St., Wake Forest, Memphis, St. Mary's (2 times regular season) Go and put this season against BYU's season last year. Not many of those games were played in High School gyms lol. The WCC is far different than the mountain west and ya conference play is worse but thats only a fraction of the season. Gonzaga plays for a national ranking, not for the leagues auto bid.

Frisco, TX

I loved watching Jeff play during my time at BYU. I hope we have the opportunity to see Jordan play in Cougar Blue also.

Alpine, UT

"I loved watching Jeff play during my time at BYU. I hope we have the opportunity to see Jordan play in Cougar Blue also."

It's not Cougar blue; BYU stole Aggie blue from USU several years ago.


@TJ - trust me, it won't be "standing room only" without Jimmer there. They will still be good, but in the WCC which isn't saying much. Sure, Gonzaga is solid but no one else is. I'm just saying. don't talk up the marriott center. they also sing pop corn popping at time-outs, that's REALLY lucrative and exciting.

Santa Monica, CA

Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with playing in high school sized gyms. But that should be during the early part of the season or at Alaska or Hawaii Christmas Tourneys. The poor kid has played AAU ball and he's already played in plenty of these places. During the nuts and bolts time of a big season, you don't want to be stepping out on a court where they were just hosting an after school program an hour before and pulling out the bleachers for your big WCC contest. Major college players want major college venues and big cities and savvy fans. The Conference of Champeeeeeeons would offer this, I might suggest.

Syracuse, UT

The colors aren't even the same colors, apparently USU people care color blind.

Farmington, UT


Ahh, poor Aggie fans. We steal your colors and your recruits!

Las Vegas, NV

Just a reminder, ESPN is the greatest sports channel, that is a given. But.....it is a cable channel, not everyone gets it. FOX is available to EVERYONE! That is more exposure, end of story. So why on earth would he choose to play in the Independent 4.1, oops I mean WCC, over a BCS conference?

Boise, Id

Re Maxie, "they also sing pop corn popping at time-outs, that's REALLY lucrative and exciting"

What was exciting was watching Jimmer drop 47 points on your team last year and then having BYU fans sing pop corn poping at the mighty Huntsman center at half time :)

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

He said he wants playing time right away. Sounds like Utah is the place for him.

Farmington, UT

Re: bgl

Your argument hits the skids when you consider that many a Pac-10 team would be quite envious of Gonzaga's success, who plays their home games in a 6000 seat arena. In fact, two Pac-10 teams that reside in the same state consistently lose prized recruits that apparently could care less about "major college venues" and "big cities".

Farmington, UT

Re: bigutefan

How many college basketball and football games are broadcast on the flagship Fox channel? I understand that they are planning to now broadcast a lot more than they ever have but the Fox flagship is not a sports channel and you know that the majority of these Pac-12 sporting events will be broadcast on the more obscure Fox Regional Sports channels. How many times do you think the Utes will be on Fox Channel 13 next year in either football or basketball? Even once? Nice spin but nobodies buying it. Everyone wants to be on ESPN.

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