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Published: Friday, June 10 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake city, UT

wow awesome snatch! great to have him on board!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"Non-AQ" bites again

Salt Lake City, UT

From what I have read this kid is a great all around player and quality individual, I wish him the very best. Very cool that the Utes landed him over some good teams. I Can't wait to hear the BYU spin on this one.

Bothell, WA

Best of luck to Chase! Hope it works out.

Murray, UT

Best of luck to you. Having not chosen BYU, I am glad you're not coming because we do much better with those who really appreciate what BYU has to offer over other schools. If you can't see that, you are better off somewhere else. It's really hard to get lathered up over a kid not choosing BYU anymore. Not a matter of sour grapes; it's no more than a "who cares" to me. I will be thrilled for those who choose to come and take no interest in those who do not.

Murray, UT

Welcome Chase! The U is excited to have you! Good luck on your Sr season.

Saint George, UT

He has Uncles who have played at both BYU and UTAH.

He has looked at both programs from all angles.

He could still change his mind while on his mission.

If he stays with his commitment, he could end up as a possible "game changer" in the recruiting "wars" between the two schools.

Whether it's BYU or UTAH, he will be a game changer on the field as well.

Salt Lake City, UT

Unlike some are going to be wont to say, this wasn't about BYU v. Utah. This was about a kid that wanted to play QB first and LB second. BYU offered him as a LB/S and Utah offered him as a QB/LB.

Sadly, this kid will make it into camp and...poof...he'll be switched to the defensive side of the ball before he knows what hit him. Position bait and switch is what Utah coaches are famous for.

Chrissy Bee
Atlanta, GA

I love the fact that Ill have a chance to play in the Pac-12. I love the coaches, and I know Ill get a good education there, and I just really felt strongly that Utah was the best place for me and my goals. My number one goal is to play quarterback and BYU is stacked for years to come in that position. However, I could probably start at Utah this year if I were eligible so I know I'll have a great chance there when I return from my mission.

Can't argue with that. Utah certainly needs him more than BYU. Good luck to the kid.

Salt Lake City, ut

Congrats Chase, I am excited for you! Ute fans and I think the state of Utah will be excited to watch you play.

Lawyer Ute

Way to go Utah coaching staff! A great player and a higher character individual. I look forward to seeing you play in a few years.

Sunnyvale, CA

All rivalry crud out of the way, it's nice to see us win an in-state kid like this - especially with the kid's family ties to the TDS. Ooops, did I just throw in the rivalry crud? My bad.

South Weber, UT

Great to have you as in a Utah uniform !
Welcome aboard, good luck on your mission, come back eager to play.
It's good to be a Ute !

Eagle Mountain, UT

Wow! almost 30 minutes and not a single gloating troll. I am sure it won't be long.
Good luck at Utah Mr. Hansen

Chris Bryant

Welcome aboard!

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

Congratulations to the young man. You'll always lose some players you expect to sign and sign some players you didn't think you would.

Hope he has a standout career for the Utes. And though I wish BYU had gotten him, it's common knowledge that the Cougars are well-stocked at both QB and LB for the next several years. If you have to lose someone, let it be a kid whose position is not hurting.

But--and I say this only a little tongue-in-cheek--what if he goes on his mission, and Utah struggles in the PAC-12 and BYU continues to have 10-win seasons. Hmmm ........

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ


South Jordan, UT

Good catch for the Utes! I think He knows BYU has an overload at QB and linebacker. Smart move on his part. Good luck to you!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Obviously going to the PAC 12 made lots of difference in recruiting this young man...so did hiring Coach Chow...able to overcome all those family influences to stay in Utah Valley!

Welcome to the big time Mr. Hansen...welcome to the PAC 12...welcome to the Utah Family...your are officially a Utah Man, Sir!

Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome to the Conference of Champions Chase!

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