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Published: Friday, June 10 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

As it should be.

Watch J.J. Barea.

Fred is bigger, just as quick, fearless and relentless.

I started out as a total skeptic, Freshman through first half of Junior year.

I went from skeptic to maybe he is good, 2nd half of Junior year through December of Senior year.

From January to April, my wife heard nothing but "On my goodness" (cleaned up for DN).

Fred is the real deal.

Salt Lake City, UT

Heaven help coach Corbin if the Jazz take Fredette. The crowd will chant "put in Jimmer" until Corbin does, an they'll boo Corbin when he takes Jimmer out.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Sorry yourself Harmon, Fredette is better than advertised. Its fun watching bleacher report eat their own words. If Utah drafts a guard at 3 other than Fredette, and Freddete does what many think he will, the Jazz will look completely foolish. There is a reason why other "elite" guards are avoiding working out with him. Respectfully, you don't know any more than we do Harmon, your guessing just like the rest of us. What is Gregg Miller supposed to say? "We want him" and start hyper start the Jimmer war? c'mom.

Salt Lake City, UT

He's gone by 12.
If the Jazz want him, they'll need to trade up. Period.

San Diego, CA

I have never been a fan of any NBA team, but I will become an instant fan of whatever team drafts Jimmer.

Spanish Fork, UT

Fact: open shots are abundant in the NBA... so much for defense.
Fact: many NBA players don't hit the open shots. 10' shots are not in style.
Fact: out scoring the other guys is still the name of the game and great scorers are rare.
Fact: Jimmer hits open shots with high regularity.

Bottom line: Odds are now on him being a top 10.

Eagle Mountain, UT

My initial thought to seeing Jimmer drafted by the Kings is NOOOOOOOO! After thinking about it might be a place where he can get a significant amount of playing time his rookie year and the Kings will be moving in another year anyway.

"The novelty will wear off" statement by Mr. Miller was regarding to the attendence boost the Jazz would get if Jimmer was on the bench but not playing. If he played and was good the crowds would come to see him play for years. It is a tough decision. I would not take him at #3. The Jazz need a center and Kanter is the best one available. If the Jazz take a guard at #3 it will be one of the other two point guards. If they do take a big with #3 and Jimmer is still there at #12 they should take him. He has as much up-side as anyone who will be left, but I think he will be gone before #12. The Jazz will probably get another tall, skinny, weak european.

Mission Viejo, CA

If you don't draft him, you'll be worried about defending him.

I'd take him at #1. But that's just me.

He'll bomb the Jazz like he did the Utes. Sacramento will make him a superstar.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

My hope would be that Jimmer becomes a big star in Dallas and that the Jazz regret passing him up forever. After all, the Jazz has done so well in making the most of their draft picks.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Moderate | 12:56 p.m. June 10, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

Could you imagine the daily updates on "Jimmer with the Jazz" if the Jazz picked him? His daily routine would be more newsworthy than the success/failure of the team. I wish Jimmer well and hope that he succeeds in the NBA but I don't think Stockton and Malone received this much coverage - and they are now statues.

Riverton, UT

Risk vs reward, I hope Jimmer goes to the Knicks.

Houston, TX

The Jazz are most likely to pick Knight at 3.

Teams may trade up into the top 10 and change the picks. Jimmer may or may not move up into the top 10. If he does then a good player will move down. It is doubtful MIL takes Jimmer at 10.

For the Kings to take Jimmer they have to pass on Vesley, Leonard, Biyombo, Thompson and Burks.

Valanciunas, and the above could easily drop depending on who moves up and on buy outs, work outs etc.

There is also a lot of smoke provided by agents and teams.

The Jazz could go Knight and Jimmer. However, Hayward is going to be better at SG.

The Jazz should take the BPA at 12. There will be talent to choose from at 12. If the Jazz could get Valanciunas, or Vesley at 12 they probably should do it.

Jimmer is NOT going to bust. However, he would probably back up Knight and Hayward at PG/SG if Knight is selected at 3.

I like Kanter at 3. Knight, Valanciunas, Vesley or Williams are okay.

Jimmer is better than most 6-10 picks at 12. He is good for the team/FO

Mapleton, UT

He will go lower than the Fredette fans think, he is a college bb player, but won't be a star in the NBA.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Jazz shouldn't take him. He needs to be somewhere a little less structured. Jimmer should have a successful career but it won't be with the Jazz. Take of the goggles off him playing locally and look at the Jazz system and it is not a good fit for either.

Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

He will always be scored on by the bigger athletic guards in this league. Just like most guards in this league are. But he can be a true scoring threat in the NBA. Particularly, as this article noted, because you can't double and hand check. If JF is guarded in the NBA like he was at BYU he will average 20 foul shots a game. As great as his offensive game was at BYU it is actually even more suited for the NBA. I'm not saying his overall game justifies 30 minutes a game at least not for a few years. But he is ready to put up 20 a game in the NBA tomorrow if given the minutes.

South Jordan, UT

Don't worry Jazz fans! Bozo O'conner wouldn't take Jimmer even if He was available at 12. Jazz are a joke! Jimmer shouldn't even waste his time working out for Jazz. Just skip over them and head straight to Phoenix. I'm hoping Jimmer ends up in Phoenix, New York, Miami, or somehow, someway ends up with the LA Lakers. We all know that the bigger the stage, the bigger Jimmer plays!

Eagle Mountain, UT

History shows that any draft class has maybe 2 stars, a few who eventually become good NBA players and a bunch of utility guys along with more busts than stars and good NBA players combined. I don't think Fredette will be a star either but believe he will eventually become a good NBA player and have a solid career.

Orem, UT

Only two teams, BYU and Siena, recruited Jimmer out of high school even though he was one of the most prolific scorers in New York prep history.

Having seen Danny Ainge play as a freshman, I could tell that Jimmer was going to be a special player from the first time I saw him step on the floor at the Marriott Center. Even as a freshman with limited playing time behind some other pretty good guards, Jimmer exuded that air of confidence that only the greats have - a confidence that surpasses cockiness, which is common place.

I don't have any doubts that Jimmer can carry that confidence and playing ability to the next level, and given the right coach and team, Jimmer could be a star in the NBA.

If Jimmer is available at #12 and the Jazz pass on him, they'll be regretting that decision for years to come.

Providence, UT

Don't get me wrong, I think Fredette can be a very good pro, but in the top 10 picks teams are looking for home-run, franchise guys.

As a PG, the only really superior skill Jimmer has to other top picks is his shooting ability, which for a PG just isn't the most important thing to have. I think he can be a great bench guy, or maybe even a starter for a poor team but c'mon, do you really see Fredette going toe-to-toe and really competing with Rose, Wall, D-Will, CP3, Rondo, or Westbrook?

Salt Lake City, UT

Even as a Ute Alum and BYU hater, I like Jimmer. If he is the best player available at 12 the Jazz should pull the trigger. But I really hope Jimmer ends up somewhere else, I really don't want to sit next to some Jimmer troll at a Jazz game who's acting like a 13 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert.

I don't want to sit next to some Jimmer troll complaining that Jimmer should be getting more min, that Jimmer should be starting, that Jimmer will be a first ballot hall of famer.

I don't know who the Jazz should pick at 3 and 12, hopefully it will be the best players on the board, hopefully they will be guys who can make a difference in a year or 2 and hopefully it's not Jimmer Fredette.

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