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Published: Thursday, June 9 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Lehi, UT

I don't think anyone really knows how the Utes will do in the Pac-12. I'm cautiously optimistic, although I wouldn't be surprised if they struggle a bit next year. In any case it should be a lot of fun. Go Utes!

South Jordan, UT

the new mexico bowl this is great and something to lookforward to yahooo

Ann Arbor, MI

Also, Vegas odds have the Utes winning the South Division AND tied for second over all in the PAC12.

Yes...it sound like doormates to me

Syracuse, UT

Athlon has BYU ranked 34th in the country, seems to me, BYU is a little more respected.

Highland, UT

So the odds of utah appearing in either the vegas bowl or the new mexico bowl are very high this year, provided they actually make it to a bowl game. Oh the irony. LOL!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

It's an exciting time to be a Ute. Yes, there is some uncertainty, but that's also part of the excitement. We finally get to do what we've been saying we can do and want to do. It will take a year or two for the analysts to figure out where we belong in the PAC-12. I'm not expecting us to win the Southern division, but I expect us to do well.

Bothell, WA

Athlon is generous to the Utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Athlon's #48 is followed by the sentimet that if the rb and db units play well the Ute's will be in the Pac 12 south title hunt. Way to go out on a limb athlon! Is the sun going to come up in the east and set in the west too?

Costa Mesa, CA

Also, Vegas odds have the Utes winning the South Division AND tied for second over all in the PAC12.

Yes...it sound like doormates to me
2nd overall in the PAC? HAHAHA

Corona, CA

BYU fans don't you get tired of running your pre season hype smack? YOu always end up in Las Vegas or whatever.

Somewhere in, Utah

Unlike my fellow cougars, I think the Utes will be in the top half of the league most years. USC is the dominant team in their division but with them ineligible for post-season, Utah has a realistic chance at the Pac-12 title game. I wish them luck.

Ann Arbor, MI

Vegas odds:

To Win The Pac-12:
Oregon +175
Stanford +250
Utah +250
Arizona State +650
Oregon State +650
Arizona +800
Washington +1000
California +1500
UCLA +1500
Colorado +1800
Washington State +7500

To Win the Pac-12 South:
Utah Utes +175
Arizona St. Sun Devils +200
Arizona Wildcats +250
UCLA Bruins +650
Colorado Buffaloes +800

Salt Lake City, UT

It is more than amusing to hear you mock the Utes bowl tie ins when you consider BYU will play in the Bell Hellicopter Bowl or is the Fighting Hunger Bowl? I cannot remember? Even if you win, you lose.

Syracuse, UT

I can't wait to watch Utah in the New Mexico bowl in upcoming seasons, its going to be great to get to watch them on ESPN for maybe the 2nd time all season.

Highland, UT


Obviously the irony escapes you. Have fun in Albuquerque.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

I am cautiously optimistic about Utah. I am very anxious to see how the offense comes out to start the season. So happy that I do not have to watch New Mexico, Wyoming or UNLV on a weekly basis.

Salt Lake City, UT

I do not think you understand the definition of irony? In the MWC the #1 goes to vegas bowl unless you go undefeated. In the pac 12 it is the #5 / #6 team that goes to vegas but you have the posibility of playing in the rose, alamo, holiday or sun if you finish higher. Irony? more like an incredible opportunity!

Highland, UT


Oh no I understand it perfectly. When utah is playing in either the vegas or new mexico bowls this year, if they even make it to a bowl, the irony of it will perhaps not be beyond your comprehension. Considering that utah's chances of a bcs bowl are slim to none they will more than likely appear in one of those bowls. Since BYU is not in the MWC neither the vegas bowl or the new mexico even applies to them.

Of course the irony is utah "fans" like yourself telling us how going to the pac10 was going to get you out of playing in the vegas bowl, the new mexico bowl or playing on versus but now all 3 are your reality.

It is a beautiful bit of irony. LOL!

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

I'm not putting too much weight in what Athlon predicts. In fact, I'm not giving their prediction a second thought. I looked at last year's preaseason top 25 and it wasn't very accurate (and previous years haven't been that accurate either).

That being said, with changes in conference (opponents), personnel, coaching, and schemes I think Utah will finish this year at either 7-5 or 6-6. Any wins above 7 will be a resounding success. Arizona State will win the South, not Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

As an independent, BYU depends on their opponents having good seasons. If they beat Utah, but the Utes finish last in the Pac 12, then it doesn't look like much of a win. If they beat Texas, but Texas finishes the season 7-5, then it doesn't look like much of a win.
They'll still play it up though "Sure Ole Miss finished last in the SEC, but we beat an SEC team. The SEC! You know, like Alabama! We are Alabama-good!" The national polls won't buy it.

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