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Published: Monday, June 6 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake, Ut

Sounds like they called the penny marshall. Our did they just call Penny Marshall? I guess Jason West was the shlameel and the clinic lady was the shlamazel...

Sugar Land, TX

If Jason has to pay a fine, I will pay .01 towards it.


Shall we take up a collection to pay his court fees? I'm certain we can find that many pennies in our penny banks...

Wrong again
American Fork, UT

The clerk was wrong to get so upset as to call the cops. I would have just taken the bag of coins to my bank or credit union at the end of the work day. They have a machine that separates and counts the coins. Then take the receipt back and post to the customers account. No need to bring the power hungry police in on this or get upset and count pennies.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Fed-up Customer: 1

Stupid Doctor's Receptionist: 0

Hooper, UT

@ Floyd Johnson

Well Floyd, you are assuming quite a bit...best I can tell, no one protested his method of payment until after he left...in fact they provided a receipt, supporting the fact this was indeed acceptable payment. Nor could I tell if there was a sign posted saying the denomintaions accepted...No protest, no prior notification...so while an adept citation...not sure blind application of your citation in this case works...just what I see.

Now on to the spirit of this discussion...sounds like the guy had been trying to bring the issue to the attention of the clinic staff. Sounds like they kinda know they are the only game in town there in Vernal UT, which means I'm not shocked to hear they are not very customer focused.

Seems like Penny Man used a little humor to call attention to an issue. As I read the posts on here...I am begining to wonder if we don't have something more going on at this clinic than simply bad customer service...We shall see.

Gramma of 7
Lehi, Utah

I'm sure glad I don't live in Vernal. This is absolutely over the top. Poor guy. I hope the charges are dropped--can't believe they were made to begin with.


I had to re-read this when I first saw it because I couldn't believe that it a) resulted in a citation and b) made the news. Since it did I will add my two cents. As has been pointed out pennies are legal tender. That it would take a lot of time to count was the point. Having had an occasional issue such as this myself I applaud what he did.
The clinic staff COMPLETELY

Montesano, WA

Well I can understand how the office staff thinks they were rudely treated. Any one showing any sign of superiority is a threat to most medical office staffs. the office staff was laughed at and snickers were heard. Their rudeness was challenged and they had egg on their face. So they had to press charges what else could they do let the next person in line see they can stand up to them.

Provo, UT

Floyd Johnson: Pennies are legal tender, they have to take them.

Vernal, UT

The Vernal Express does have some photos from the Basin Clinic, showing the counter where the guy dumped his pennies. It doesn't look to me like a couple of pennies fell off the counter - more like half of them. I suspect he isn't as innocent as he lets on. It might be interesting to see if the Clinic has any video of the incident. Might be worth going to Court that day.

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