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Published: Friday, June 3 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Wasilla, AK

Hilarious costumes...well worth the time to check out the link with the story!

Kearns, UT

What the son doesn't realize yet is that his dad has just created a year of memories he will never forget, even if they were embarrassing. Sometimes children can't distinguish memories from love and caring parents.

I think schools and society in general frown on excessive and expressive caring but this son will remember this year for a long time. And if ever in a war the boy will crave for the presence of his goofy father.

It's good though the dad will hang up his theatrics, it must cost a fortune. I wonder what the son will be saying next year about his dad.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

would be interesting to see his grandpa do his part. poor kid but sound like his dad was a fun guy. do well in school for the next several years (including college if you do attend).

Murray, UT

My High School girlfriends' Dad would crow like a rooster every morning from their balcony outside their house. This embarrassed my friend but man did we think it was cool, in a quirky way. Quirky is cool and the Dad in this article has definitely got quirky. Two thumbs way up.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Oh if my parents had shown even a tiny bit of the interest and love this man showed for his son it would have been wonderful. It's a shame that this teenager did not enjoy the moment of love and devotion but I'm sure glad his Dad kept it up and it is true - it will always be in his memory of what his Dad did for a whole year. Hopefullly someday when he grows up and matures the memories will be treasured and shared with future children. My hat is off to a father who had the gumption to daily express his love. If more would do that we wouldn't have these angry and lonely kids out on the streets at night causing trouble. They would be home with their families basking in their love.

Smithfield, UT

I think it's great that someone could endure thinking up that many costumes. That had to be hard -- and expensive! Indeed, as others have said, what gerat memories -- for both of them! The son will miss seeing him this year, even if he doesn't want to admit it!

Carlsbad, CA

Does this man have a job? he might want to go on the road with the act, if the kid doesn't throw him under the bus before.

Washington, DC

This is absolutely hilarious! Love it!

Gillette, WY


Pepperell, MA

AWESOME! Way to go, Dad!

Santa Monica, CA

Sounds a little bit more about the dad than it does about the son. As a teacher, I've seen parents go to great lengths and against the respectful wishes of their kids, to inject themselves into the school process. One mother used to drive her hummer up, park in the handicapped space, find her little gent and bring him his In and Out Burgers every day for lunch.

I have a hard time believing all of the people who think the guy is the bees knees and that he should be commended for this. His son, who sounds like a great kid, obviously is embarrassed by the guys actions and would rather he didn't do it. Where's the respect for what his son is going through? Worse--perhaps this man has serious problems. Do we not remember the quirky---Captain Nemo?

Saratoga Springs, UT

I am acquainted with Dale and can attest that he is a pretty remarkable guy. After losing his leg in a motorcycle accident, rather than attempting to hide his loss under a pair of long pants, he actually advertised the fact by wearing a pirate costume to our company's Halloween party, complete with peg leg.

Pretty amazing.

Farmington, Utah

That's awesome! I appreciate a good story that has someone with a good sense of humor.

Salt Lake City, UT

I love this story. I can appreciate the dad's efforts and hope his son will someday. I understand where both are coming from and hope they'll meet in the middle and embrace each other someday.
I disagree with bgl. I'm a parent who understands how much you can love a child, whether others approve or not.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Yes the Dad has creativity but if his son was truly embarrassed by it then it should have stopped. Purposely embarrassing your children in front of their peers is a form of emotional child abuse. If the son asked him to stop and he didn't... then shame on the Dad!

If the son was able to laugh about it with his friends and family.. I'm okay with it. I'd love to hear more about what the son really felt about it.

Manti, UT

Kool... I wish I had a bus route past my house!

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

Well working with youth for the past 20 years, I am really conflicted with this story.

First the cost of this charade must have been fairly expensive, could that money have been spent on other things? Maybe who knows, family vacation? Colledge fund?

This kid must be a great kid from a great family and dad seems to really care and wants to help his son. I have seen to many kids that get embaresed by their parents and then take the wrong path, becuase they don't want to be with thier family. So of course they go out and find a conterfit one.

Great funny story, but I am not sure if parents truly know what they do to their children sometimes and how childern respond to things like this some don't do well.

A thin line........

Mary E Petty
Sandy, UT

This boy is the stewardship of his parents. We cannot second-guess what motivated the father to persist; but me thinks that many a child could do with such attention in this world of mess-up parental priorities. One day the son will come to himself and see what his father really did.

Florissant, MO

Lighten up people!!!

1. Cost, can you not tell these are thrift store costumes? And from the look at the home, I don't think that spending a little money on a costume is going to hurt his budget, maybe he opted not to eat out all the time.

2. They interviewed the son and he was not resentful, yes at first he was embarrassed, but tell me, what teenager is not embarrassed by their parents? A parent could be acting, dressing and being very normal, and a teen would figure out how to be embarrassed.

3. This guy needs to write a book with all the photo's, it would pay for his children's college education.

4. Life it hard and this father has taught his son how to laugh at life and be willing to laugh at yourself, so you people who are all uptight, learn to smile and laugh and find the fun in life, there are plenty of things that will hurt, but this young man has a great treasure that he will never forget.

Dale, I think you are awesome, you showed your son that you loved him in a special way.

VA Saint
Chester, VA

@MoJules - I couldn't have said it better myself! I am a teacher and I love this father for showing he cares, with quite a bit of flair. You go, Dad!

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