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Published: Thursday, June 2 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

Does Coach Crisco have some revealing pictures of Doug Gottlieb or something? No way the Utes are competitive. They couldn't even beat teams in the MWC like CSU and New Mexico.

Then Douglas goes on to say that J.J. O'Brien, one of their better players, is not pac 10.2 worthy?

Independence > pac 10.2

Gilbert, AZ

Looks like the Utes finally got another nationally televised game...on VS? Wasn't that they channel they sometimes got to be seen on when they were in the MWC? Doesn't seem like much has changed at all...

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Surprise surprise the first two comments on here are fans of the Mid Major uninvited team to Provo. Way to show your little brotherness; classic.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Wow, great to see that the Cougar fans just can't stay away. First two comments from Cougars.

It's nice to see Utah basketball getting some good press from an independent source.

Also nice to see things shaping up for Alex Smith in San Francisco. I hope this is a solid year for him.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

JJ may not be pac10.2 material but he was the us second best player...so how would you define competitive with no name players, jcs,and uninspiring freshmen?

Syracuse, UT

Hey Broom....

This is a BASKETBALL article, your independence comment didn't make sense since your cougs are now part of the WCC!



Regarding how Utah should recruit against BYU for basketball players, Gottlieb said the Utes should say, "We're in a better conference. We're gonna be more visible, and we're gonna be playing against better competition."

Any of you Cougar fans disagree with those comments?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Glad to see that those who know more than the experts are mewing their opinions. Makes me laugh! The Utes will be better than the dire predictions from Utah country, after all Utah has real basketball tradition, not just a flash in the pan tradition when they happen to have a player they can ride to the NCAA's, but never to the Final Dance, nor even to the Final Four nor even to the Elite Eight! Guess Jimmer wasn't that good! When you have a number 1 draftee in the NBA and do all the previous several times, then and only then can you mew.

Hayden, ID

The best news for the Utes is they don't have to play against Jimmer again! Yes, things are definately looking up for the Utes!

Highland, UT

Hey great point gordo. Get back to us when you have a real football tradition, not just a flash in the pan, and win a National Championship.


Highland, UT


"We're in a better conference. We're gonna be more visible, and we're gonna be playing against better competition."

Well that sounds simple enough. Doesn't seem to be working though so they may have to try something else, like, you know....winning?

Redlands, CA

Hey Broom, the average college FB fan will more likely find a game on Versus than they ever will on BYU TV. No one outside of the LDS church, and I mean no one, even knows this channel exists.

This "national exposure" is great for church members and Y fans that previously couldn't see the games. However, it means absolutely nothing to the average FB fan. I'd start working on the 1 billion Chinese and get them interested in FB.

Las Vegas, NV

It is really funny that y people are on here commenting on Utah basketball. The only national prominence the y has in basketball is for futility. Isn't it the y that holds the record for most first round NCAA tourney losses in a row? They even made Sporting News' top 10 list for sports most dubious records for their 26 NCAA appearances WITHOUT a single final four appearance. Utah has a tremendous NCAA winning record and rank in the top 20 for most wins in the NCAA tournament. On the other hand, little brother has a woeful losing record! Too funny! I guess it is only right that they move down to the WCC, where if it wasn't for Bill Russell and John Stockton, there would be no proof of it's existence.

Here's a serious question though - In the WCC, are the walls in the basketball courts in bounds or out of bounds? Just curious.

Go Utes! Go Crimson!!

Las Vegas, NV


"like, you know....winning?"

What does the y know about winning when it comes to basketball? Little brother holds two records in the NCAA - most first round losses in a row in the tourney, and most tourney appearances without EVER reaching the final four. Sounds like little brother better start to learn about winning before he talks about Big Brother's lack of it.

Go Utes! The future is bright, the future is Crimson! Get Used to it!!

Highland, UT


It's ok, the 6-10 games that will be shown on ESPN will be plenty of exposure. The BYUtv games are mostly for the existing fans and if anyone else watches them, my guess is the other teams fans will at least watch them, then that is a bonus. The point is they are available for anyone that wants to watch them.

One thing very interesting about this is that no other school has gone to these measures to provide their fanbase with a means to see all of their schools games. To think that a school has gone to this large of an expense to project their school to its fans and the world is really incredible.

Basicly BYU fans will now see every football and basketball game their team plays. Most of them will be on ESPN and those that aren't will be on BYUtv. No other school has that level of exposure, period.

As fans we are all quite satisfied with it.

Las Vegas, NV

@Ducky: By real football tradition, do you mean a dominant win record against our biggest rival? Two BCS wins? A move Upward to the Conference of Champions? More (and higher profile) players in the NFL than our little brothers? Not quite the flash in the pan you are trying to make us out to be, is it? If you really want to LOL, just think about the "mythical" nc your team has, it makes the rest of the country LOL too!

Go Utes!! Go Crimson!!

Sandy, UT

@Rock of the Marne

Hey Utes

You've just been invited to the Pac 10 little 2!

What are you going to do next?

We're going to FOX NET or VERSUS or KUTV or KJZZ.

Hey BYU, you just went Indpendent in Football, what are you going to do next?

We're going to National TV, EVERY GAME, 6 ESPN Games announced so far, with 2 more coming.

It's great to be Big Brother.

Brand, Cache and Legacy trumps Wazzuland Hot Air, all day long.

Syracuse, UT


This is about basketball and byu did not go indepentent in basketball, they joined the powerful WCC. Let me help you understand that ESPN will not be televising your basketball games like they will your football games.

duckhunter thinks that MOST of byu football and basketball games will be shown on ESPN! "Basicly BYU fans will now see every football and basketball game their team plays. Most of them will be on ESPN and those that aren't will be on BYUtv. No other school has that level of exposure, period." So that would mean that over 50% of the combined number of football games + basketball games would be televised by ESPN! I can't quit laughing! Thank you so much for the humor. Little brother's are always good at making big brother laugh, thanks!

South Jordan, UT

@ Broom Hockey Chump

I beleive the Utes beat New Mexico twice this year, but thank you for your comments that are both innacurate and irrelevant. Sort of like how it should feel to be a cougar fan. Innacurate in all of your pre-season predictions of success and irrelevant in the future.

@ DNEWS - Can we put a filter on the cougar troll comments on Utah articles? Other than some occasional pure comedy, they add no real value.

I would like to invite fans of our new rivals from Colorado to chime in on the subject.

Seattle, WA


This is the 3rd article where you have ran your WCC smack. Well the WCC smacked the Utes this year with a 3-0 record.

you bring up woeful losing records: utah has 4 of those in the last 6 years.

Are the 15,000 empty red chairs in the HC in bounds or out of bounds?
Just curious.

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