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Published: Tuesday, May 31 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Now that we're in a BCS league I don't see Whittingham showing too much interest in other programs, although he will be pursued by top notch programs.

Any word if bronco is a candidate? Didn't think so.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Coach Witt's name is going to come up for other jobs, but I think he is committed to guiding the Utes to success in the PAC-12.

The article claiming Urban Meyer is not the right man for the Ohio State job is interesting and makes some good points. I believe Meyer is done coaching, unless he has figured out a release for the stress. If he comes back without that, the stress literally will kill him or he will be retiring again after a season or two when his health problems return.

Gilbert, AZ

Lifelong Ute

"Now that we're in a BCS league I don't see Whittingham showing too much interest in other programs,..."

Who are you kidding?

Ohio State is one of the top 5 coaching jobs in all of college sports. The only reason Kyle wouldn't consider the Ohio State job is because he'll never be considered for the Ohio State job.


Congratulations to the Utes on winning another pre-season national championship!

Syracuse, UT

@Lifelong Ute

No Bronco is not mentioned because OSU cannot and will not have a "clean" program.

South Jordan, UT


BCS? Then why does anything BYU come up in your thoughts? Gotta laugh at these Ute fans. Put them in a BCS league, but still stuck with the little brother mentality.
Whittingham is always a candidate for openings because everyone knows Utah is a stepping stone community college. It's only a matter of time before he leaves for bigger and better opportunities.

As for Bronco and BYU? Well, when your coaching one of the premiere programs in college Football, going anywhere else would be a big step down.

Highland, UT

I doubt he'll even be a consideration for the OSU job. Some unsubstantiated speculation by a site like the "block u" is hardly credible. Nice of them to try and start rumors to make them seem relevent but LOL and even more LOL at lifelong ute for thinking a ute homer website like "block u" starting rumors is anything more than it is.

Brigham City, UT

I do not see Ohio State as a good option for Whit or Meyer. As far as current college head coaches, outside of Saban... I would take Boise's Petersen

Lehi, UT

Rarely do any of these rumors pan out. It's all just fodder so that sports reporters don't have to do as much real reporting, and so that guys on ESPN have something to debate about for 10 minutes to fill up their hour time slot!

Beverly Hills, CA

"phoenix | 12:41 p.m. May 31, 2011
Gilbert, AZ
Lifelong Ute

Ohio State is one of the top 5 coaching jobs in all of college sports. "

Wake up and smell the postum, the Ohio State job is going to be horrible once the NCAA gets done with them.

Fort Worth, Texas


Congratulations to the Utes on winning another pre-season national championship!


Did you type that while waring your "Quest" t-shirt or watching your home videos of the Provo airport celebration for a 1-0 team?

Don't think KW will move on but I do think UM will be interested in the job and if the NFL doesn't call might see him in Ohio next year.

As far as the #22 ranking means nothing, this team has several question marks so lets wait until after USC.

Palo Alto, CA

Lifelong Ute

It would be interesting to watch the sheer panic on the hill if Kyle actually did become a serious candidate for the Ohio State job.

Shades of Rick Majerus leaving the U.

At least Utah's basketball program wouldn't have to feel like such an outcast anymore.

Salt Lake city, UT

i think whittingham gets a solid look, especially if utah meets or exceeds expectations this year in their first pac 12 season. remember, he did turn down double his salary at tennessee, was on the short list at miami, and did receive interest from florida's AD after urban left. whittingham's roots in the western half of the country are too deep though to pack up and jump ship to the midwest.

bronco is a great coach but, like whittingham, his roots are too deep in the byu program, plus i don't think he fits the ohio state mold. he'd be perfect for the job if ohio state wanted a clean up guy though, but i don't think there's much prospect in OSU going after bronco.

Alpine, UT


"the Ohio State job is going to be horrible once the NCAA gets done with them"

Yes, the NCAA is so mad at [Ohio State], it will probably slap another two years' probation on Cleveland State.

- Jerry Tarkanian

Gilbert, AZ


No, I typed it while wearing the "Utah-TCU Biggest Game in Utah History" t-shirt I picked up for a nickle in the oil rags bin at a local thrift shop.

Columbus, OH

Sorry, I live in Columbus and attend Ohio State...Whittingham is not anywhere on the radar. Meyer is the top prospect because he's still young, he's available, and he had deep roots to Ohio and Ohio State. Others on the list, in descending order: Bob Stoops-OU (won't happen), Bo Pelini-NU. After that, an additional pool with Gary Patterson-TCU, Chris Petersen-BSU, Mark Stoops-FSU. Of course, the interim coach, Luke Fickell, also has a good shot at proving himself this year.

By the way, Petersen isn't thrown in there for good measure, as you indicate. Unlike Whittingham, he will actually receive some consideration for the job.

Ann Arbor, MI

Although I don't think Kwhitt would be interest in the OSU job it does bring up the questions; Why is Kwhitt always thought of as a viable candidate for elite BCS games and not bronco?

From what i've read on these posts, bronco is the far superior innovative coach including the much published cutting edge nutritional program.

How can these elite BCS program continue to pass on bronco as if he doesn't exist?

forreal people
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Kyle turned down the Tennessee job to stay at Utah. And before you start talking about top 5 coaching jobs, I would advise you to make that statement while considering pay. You might be surprised where Tennessee ends up, top 10 hands down. So no, Kyle is not interested. Urban was, he took the Florida job. Kyle was not, he turned down the Tennessee job. And Bronco? What a joke. He wont be considered because he is not a high profile coach. Whittingham is viewed as a top candidate for many coaching jobs every time they open. Too bad that the stepping stone community college had the highest paid and highest profile coach in the MWC.

Jealous BYU fans need to give the U and Kyle some credit on this topic. Not only did Kyle turn down the Tennessee job when he was somebody, he turned down the BYU job when he was nobody.

Chris Peterson, Kyle Whittingham, will always be considered for big jobs. Get over it BYU fan. We have a head to head to settle this argument. Kyle turned down the Y for a much, much, better job.

Escondido, CA

Thank you, "duckhunter", for your insight as to the reliability of this rumor. Your perspective certainly puts a different light on the subject.

And to "mussing around", your name is obviously inspired by the tremendous Ute student section. Yet you say "Utah's basketball program wouldn't have to feel like such an outcast anymore." Those are interesting comments aimed at a program that has 9 Sweet Sixteen appearances, 4 Final Four appearances, and an NCAA National Championship. Your comments would be especially interesting if you are a supporter of the team in Provo with 1 Sweet Sixteen appearance, 0 Final Four appearances, and 0 National Championships.

Salt Lake City, UT

MWC championships the last 10 years:

BYU: 142
Utah: 45

Enjoy the Pac 12 because Cougar fans are going to LOVE watching the train wreck.

Park City, UT


"How can these elite BCS program continue to pass on Bronco as if he doesn't exist?"

Because these elite programs know that Bronco would run a clean program.

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