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Published: Sunday, May 29 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, Utah

There are alot of A's and B's here for a team that lost....

Bob Jones

An "A" for Espindola? You've got to be kidding. Nobody loves playing 1 v 11 more than Espindola. How many times does he have to turn over the ball against a double team before he realizes it isn't going to work?

I will give him an "A" for hustle but frankly, he's not any better than Robbie Findley.

Salt Lake City, UT

I disagree. Espindola on a normal night is a lot better than Findley. He played aweful last night and turned it over a lot. He almost gave up a goal. I would give him a C.

Also I agree with RSLutah. there should be more C's D's and F's.

Bountiful, UT

Horrible grades. These would have been good grades for the Sounders--who by the way won the game. We didn't. Espindola, the entire defensive line, most of the midfielders should have been Cs or lower. No one deserved an A. No one deserves an A unless there is a win. And I am sick of Espindola. He is a complete ball hog. He never passes. His ego is huge and like Carlos Ruiz in Philadelphia, the more he plays the more RSL's scoring opportunities will sink into the ground. Ruiz didn't play for Phili on Saturday, they scored 6 goals. When you take a ballhog out of the game, it provides more opportunities for everyone else.


Espindola, deserves a better rap than what he is getting here. His style of play might not be the most popular, when he is on the field RSL is a different team, a better team. His style of play makes life easier for other RSL'rs. When he is "dancing" with the ball it gives other players an opportunity to push forward, he created several dangerous plays for RSL. Put it this way, with Espindola out for Houston and Dallas, Real Salt Lake mustered just 7 shots on goal. VS Seattle? 14. Numbers don't lie, while Fabian drives me nuts half he time, the other half he is creating shots for RSL. He deserves mor credit than most people gives him. Kreis wouldn't play Espindola if he wasn't productive for Real, numbers don't lie.

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