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Published: Friday, May 27 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

Please, no. No more proressive republicans like McCain running for president. Besides Romeny is more qualified than any other candidate to fix the economy of Bush/Obama.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Huntsman made up his mind to run for president years ago. I just wish he would seek the demo nomination as he is not much of a republican.

Provo, UT

A presidential candidate wearing a denim jacket.

He has my vote!

Ogden, UT

If he views being 'mormon' as his 'heritage' not his faith then he didn't answer the question ... or perhaps he did and he's the decendant of mormons.

I personally don't like any hint of a 'religion test' for political office. I do believe that his values should be open for discussion as they affect the basis for his decisions which are very much part of the political discussion.

Salem, UT

I say he runs but nor really because he feels he can win the nomination in 2012- he runs because it positions him for '16- Has worked for many presidential hopefulls- get your name out there build a base in Iowa and NH and even SC and then build on that for 4 years later- backfires if your party wins that year a little but given his name recognition and other factors it is his best shot if he is serious about the presdiency

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Let's see, from the other article I just read about Huntsman, he's got the "model family." So, of course they're going to make the model decision to run if, for no other reason, then to divert any leeway Mit has going for him. The two are long-time nemesis, more on Hunstman's end than Romney's. Huntsman needs to get over the personal grudge he's held against Mit since the SL Winter Olympics snub. Also, I like how Romney can readily define his church membership & religion. Good, bad or indifferent, you know where Mit stands about his LDS faith. Hunstman ......?

Salt Lake City, Ut

KM - Romney is not progressive?? Health care, abortion, gay rights, cap and trade? Look at his record/past statements not his temple recommend.

Westland, MI

Who is he talking to in the photo - Elder Dallin H. Oaks?

Layton, UT

Junior will not run for 2012. He doesn't have the name recognition other than being a "sort-of" Ambassador to China for a very short period of time.
If he cannot handle the tepid heat when asked about his religious beliefs, he can't handle much of anything else either. He's a political liability to any party at present. He needs to mature (grow up)politically instead of trying to be "slick".

We the People
Sandy, UT

This decision is easy...if you want to lose, then run.

San Diego, CA

He says the decision whether to run is not easy? A look at opinion polls (only 2-3% backing Huntsman) should make the decision not to run very easy.

Logan, UT


"he runs because it positions him for '16- Has worked for many presidential hopefulls"

False. Niether Obama, Bush, or Clinton didn't follow this path. In fact, the last person that really worked for was Reagan. And, ha ha, Huntsman is NO Reagan.

I am surprised that Huntsman is seriously considering jumping into this. He is the lightest of the lightweights. I don't mean that to be rude. It just true. There is no reason to waste the money.

Draper, UT

Huntsman is the real deal: Intelligent, savvy, photogenic, not to mention slick. But I seriously doubt he'll run in 2012, if ever. Diplomacy is his thing and he wants to be Secretary of State (even if he serves in a Romney administration). He may continue to make noise for the next few weeks gathering a little more support and money. And all the while he'll be handicapping the real candidates to decide the front runner who will give him what he really wants in exchange for his support. Or so I believe.

Park City, UT

For those that think Huntsman is too far left to be a Republican I have some news. Today's Republican party would be too extreme right to accept Reagan. Like Reagan said about the Democrat party: "I never left the party, the party left me.

The GOP has been corrupted and will continue to be a sideshow until they swing back towards center where true Republicans reside.

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

Jon Huntsman is the best hope we have to get our American mojo back.

West Jordan, UT

stay out of the race. You can not beat Obama. Support Romney. Mit in 2012

Salt Lake City, UT

Don't forget. In 1991 George HW Bush had a 90% approval rating, there was little chance for any Democrat to have a snowball's chance to win. So the strategy of the Democratic party was to trot out this kid named Clinton who had HUGE charisma (as does Huntsman), get name recognition and then beat Quayle when he tried to run in 1996.

Well, in the meantime, the economy tanked, Ross Perot jumped in and we wound up with Bill Clinton as President. I'm pretty neutral when it comes to political parties but I do know that my 401k LOVED the Clinton years regardless of his morals.

Is Huntsman thinking the same thing? Probably. Could Huntsman win this year. It's the economy, stupid. If it tanks he could win Would I mind Jon, Jr. as President? No. He's a moderate that can appeal to both sides of the aisle. Will he win? Probably not with the Rush & Tea Partiers if the nation which will probably give the seat back to Obama.


I'm new to Utah, but the more I read about Jon Huntsman the more I LOVE him. What I don't LOVE is reading comments all over the web by members of the LDS church questioning his Mormonism. What ever happened to David O. McKay's big tent religion? I don't think Huntsman is being wishy-washy about being Mormon at all. It's just clear his sense of spirituality is nuanced and complex.

I see a lot of Christianity in Huntsman's desire to find the good in other cultures, religions, and people. I love that President Holland said in an interview with PBS that we should be claiming even those who like the Book of Mormon but don't believe in it's divinity. There are a broad spectrum of beliefs within the church, people.

I don't know what Huntsman thinks about every doctrinal issue, but I don't care. As a Mormon, human being, and person that's sick of partisan politics, I would be proud to call Jon Huntsman my brother and President.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear ExDixieIte: What your 40lK loved was the years that the Republicans took over in Congress and dragged Clinton kicking and screaming toward a balanced budget. Clinton always seems to get credit for the prosperity in the ninties when it was really Reagan's good work along with the new Republican Congress that took over in the '94 election.

Look, Jon Huntsman doesn't have a snowball's chance of winning--at least not in 2012 and probably never. He DOES have a grudge against Mitt because Mitt was chosen over him to be the head of the 2002 Olympics. That's petty and immature.

I hope he'll decide not to run.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I think Jon ought to give it a go and run. He has as good a chance to win as Romney does, perhaps better. As far as money goes, Jon has all he needs right now.

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