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Published: Thursday, May 26 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Ann Arbor, MI

Ok, can we just lay to rest the silly debate on wether the Utes or ByU will be making more money.

It's not even worth a discussion.

Salt Lake city, UT

gotta hand it to larry scott, he's working real hard to push the pac 12.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

From the CBS article:

"..schools like Utah could earn an additional $8.3-$11.9 million per year from Pac-12 Media Enterprises. That would be on top of the $21 million per year average the new broadcast deal with ESPN and Fox will produce for each member."

Can I just say, WOW! Keep in mind, Utah will also be getting millions more per year in merchandising revenue sharing, bowl revenue sharing, etc.

Welcome to the Conference of Champions. 40 million per year, baby!!

Salt Lake City, UT

RES will be half empty if the PAC 12 moves one of Utah's home games to Sunday.

Cedar City, UT

Yes hedgehog, we can. The Utes will make more money.

Can we also lay to rest the silly debate as to why the Utes were invited to the PAC 12 and not the Cougs? It had nothing to do with athletics, nothing to do money, and very little to do with academics. Sunday play was a patial issue, but the overwhelming reason was religion (i.e. the Bay Area schools would never let the Mormon school into the PAC - especially after Prop 8).

South Jordan, UT

Hahaha!....Silly little hedge! When will Ute fans learn? It's not about how much you make...It's about who and if anyone cares!

Murray, UT


Ever see a Jazz game in Salt Lake on Sunday? When they had them the arena was always full. Once the TV camera even caught LaVelle Edwards taking in a game on Sunday. If the game is scheduled late in the day when church meetings are over with it will be no problem.

Kearns, UT


Not a chance. Everyone says the same thing about Jazz games. Yet you play a playoff game on a Sunday afternoon, and ESA is packed full.

You move ASU @ Utah to a Sunday, full house.

Salt Lake City, UT


If it has to do with religion, why did Washington just hire Michael Young who is a Mormon?

Larry Scott for president.

Riverton, UT

And the cost of tuition just keep going up...

Ann Arbor, MI

"Sunday play was a patial issue, but the overwhelming reason was religion (i.e. the Bay Area schools would never let the Mormon school into the PAC - especially after Prop 8)."


No arguement from me. You reap what you sow.

Gainesville, FL

All the TV money in the PAC-12 should be a big boost to the Utes but money doesn't solve everything. Utah and BYU both did very well this past decade in football on quite meager budgets. Now that Utah will have 10X the money (just a rough estimate) are they going to do 10X better? Are they even going to better at all? Who knows? Will BYU do better with more money? Who knows? Personally, I don't think the extra money Utah gets compared to BYU will make any difference. There's a law of diminishing returns. Yes, that money might be nice but oftentimes extra money in the athletic department goes to support other university programs (that's how it works at many public universities).

More money can help but only up to a point. In any case, this looks like a big boon for the Utes.

Kearns, UT


Whatever makes you feel better about the situation.

Fact is if those "Quest For Perfection" shirts had really told the Cougars future, instead of the Utes, BYU might have been considered.


Great time to be a UTE!!!!

Saint George, UT


You start with:

"...All the TV money in the PAC-12 should be a big boost to the UTES...".

then you go with:

"... money doesn't solve everything...".


"...money might be nice...".

then you end with:

"...this looks like a big boon for the UTES...".

I like your opening and closing thoughts.

Thanks for not playing the victim card.

Salt Lake City, UT


A quest is a journey or effort. Utah had a "quest for perfection" at the beginning of the 2008 season, as did every other team. How shallow is the English program at the U if so many U fans see "quest for perfection" as a destination instead of a desire?

Murray, UT


I have thought a lot about this and I dont believe it is about religious bigotry as you state. The presidents of the universities make the decisions regarding conference membership and I dont believe they are religious bigots. In fact most of them probably have a Mormon on their staff. I believe from the presidents point of view it has more to do with the fact that BYU as a private institution can, at the drop of a hat, build top notch facilities with donor support but more importantly big support from the LDS Church. The state funded PAC 10 schools already compete against two private well heeled universities, Stanford and USC. Lets face it, private schools have a lot to offer in terms of academic standing and well funded athletic facilities. I just think the state funded PAC 10 schools did not want to go head to head with another private school and that is why BYU was not on the invitation list. Many of these schools have had Mormons serve as presidents.

Sherwood, OR

re: Wedgie

"Ok, can we just lay to rest the silly debate on wether the Utes or ByU will be making more money."

Congratulations, you have finally reached the same level as Washington State in both TV money and the "who cares about us" factor.

Kearns, UT


Correction. BYU had a "Quest For Perfection." They printed it on shirts.

Utah kept their mouths shut, took care of business, and obtained a perfect season.

While BYU failed.

BYU's "Quest For Perfection" was intended to end with a destination of a BCS game. Just accept that fact and stop covering for Bronco. He called his shot, and failed.

While Utah finishes it for him.

South Jordan, UT

What kept BYU out of the PAC12 was their academic policies...

The PAC12 universities did not want to be affiliated w/ an academic institution who restricted/monitored/fired professors if they contradicted church policies/teachings.

Obviously there were other issues as well, but IMO, that was issue #1.

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