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Published: Thursday, May 26 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

I think BYU hoops will be better than this but it is a reasonable projection based on Davies' uncertainty and the brand new backcourt.

Bloomington, IN

This headline is misleading since the article it cites only puts the Cougars at #4 based on Davies not playing (which he almost certainly will be). I expect, as the Mercury News article states, that BYU will be duking it out for first place in a much improved WCC. Not bad for a "rebuilding" year. Go Cougs!

South Jordan, UT

With or without Davies, BYU is easily going to take the WCC to the woodshed. It's not even a question up in the air. But of course a writer from San Jose is going to give his own school the benefit of the doubt. I think people over estimate Davies contribution too. Yeah he's a really good baller but I think we're going to miss Kyle Collinsworth more.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Can't wait for Haws' return.

BYU will contend for the title since Davies will have resolved his issues and will be back with the team. If that were not possible he'd have transferred by now...

San Diego, CA

Charles Abouo has the potential to be a monster player as a starter, especially on defense. DeMarcus Harrison and Matt Carlino will surprise a lot of people and provide more offense than expected. If Davies is back and if Chris Collingsworth is fully healthy, BYU and Gonzaga will be fighting it out for league title. However, Gonzaga will be more motivated and has a lot more to prove after the humilation of getting pounded by BYU in the NCAA Tournament.

Ann Arbor, MI

fourth seems a bit optomistic.

Aurora, CO

hedgehog: I agree that fourth is very optimistic for the Utes in the PAC 12, but why do you bring that up when we're discussing BYU?

Kearns, UT

What on Earth is the WCC?

Bloomington, IN

RE: Willary

It's one of the many conferences that had multiple teams pound on the Utes last season. Next season they will have one more team to beat up on the lowly runnin' Utes.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


"What on Earth is the WCC?"

It's the conference with teams U can't beat.

Lyman, WY

HH you know BYU will do better than 4th. The putes on the other hand will finish about 9th in the very overrated PAC 12.

Provo, UT

Wilner didn't even have BYU ranked most of the season last year. The guy has little clue what he is actually talking about.

Kearns, UT


So you're saying there's a conference out there called the WCC? You'll have to give a little more info.

And yeah, Utah's basketball team is awful. I'd say if measuring the success of your team or conference on beating Utah in basketball last year is all you're got, that's sad.

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

With a front court of Abouo, Carlino, Harrison, and Winder, we'll be just fine. Then we have post men in Hartsock, C. Collinsworth, and Davies. That put two of these guys on the bench, where we'll also have Stephen Rodgers- who has proved he can step up- even against Gonzaga. I'd say we're a shoe-in for WCC title #1.

Murray, UT


With or without Davies, we'll be either 1st or 2nd, write it down. Too many good recruits coming in.

Utah's team (if you can call those 12 guys an actual team), will on the other hand, be lucky and I do mean lucky to win 6 or 7 conference games. My actual over & under is right at 5. By the way hedgehogger who's leaving next from the ute team, oh! that would be their coach next year when he goes 10-20. Have fun with your wins from teams like Denver College, Walla Walla and St. Mary's Women's Team.

Syracuse, UT

Bring on the Runn'n uties. I am so excited to see how many of them run off to some other school between now and 6 months from now. It will be fun to see how many recruits they will loose due to their train wreck. Look for the football team to follow suit within the next two years when they can't beat the winning percentage of the bball team.

Look for the Y to win the WCC for the forseeable future.

West Jordan, UT

Did anyone read the part about jimmer? "Fredette's issue is defense. He doesn't play any. It's not just that he's garden variety bad; he's historically bad, according to a lot of scouts."
I can't wait to see what happens in the future with Jimmer. I am sure he will make the best of anything that is given to him.

Murray, UT


"It's one of the many conferences that had multiple teams pound on....."

You mean that conference that Gonzaga belongs to that obliterated BYU in baseball this year? That conference?

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I am fine to be picked #4 - did they forget that Kyle Collinsworth won't be around for two years? We will see. It is a long way to go and football hasn't even started yet. They will second guess later.

Iowa City, IA

Who cares?! It's exciting to be part of a conference that embraces religious thought rather than fears it.

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