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Published: Wednesday, May 25 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

He is a perfect Euro league type player. No defense. Good shot. Very spastic with the ball, leading to lots of turnovers and fast breaks going the other way.

In his 2 years in the NBA he'll have an average line of 6 minutes, 2.2 points per game, 1 assist, 2 turnovers.

Syracuse, UT

Never good when you have a quarteback quandry, look at BYU last season.

More Mature Y Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

I loved every minute of Jimmer's career at BYU butI've never totally understood the Jimmermania when it comes to the NBA. There are very few places that I think Jimmer would be a good fit. New York is about the only place where i see him fitting because D'Antoni doesn't play defense and has little that passes for an organized offense.

Based on what I saw of Jimmer in school he appears to have too many things to his detriment to be a success in the pros. He is definitely a defensive liability. BYU could compensate for this but it will be exposed in the pros. He may be able to score 30 a game but will likely give up 32. Also he's not big enough to play the shooting guard and I don't believe his ball-handling skills are competent enough to play the point in the NBA.

I wish him all the best to succeed but I fear he is Greg Kite-esque. Incredible college player just not suited for the NBA game. Good luck to him wherever he goes, though.

Iowa City, IA

The problem is the scouts look at Jimmer and he doesn't have the stereotypical can-score-on-anyone-at-will-look. However, this kid can play and he has a ton of what most NBA players don't...desire!

He'll be good as gold.

the greater outdoors, UT

for all of you who whine about Jimmer and his defensive skills, please list for us who actually plays/played defense in the NBA?

Ray Allen?
Reggie Miller?
Steve Nash?
Deron Williams?
Nate Robinson?

And many dozens of others.

Seriously, unless you are solely in the lineup for defense, there aren't but 15 guys in the NBA who play good, solid defense.

Anything else to whine about?

Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

Where Jimmer gets drafted really depends on his private team workouts. I think he has the athleticism to guard in the NBA especially within the team defense most teams employ. He is strong enough to consistently get to the rim and the line and his range goes without saying. If he surprises (defensively and atheltically) in those 1-1, 2-2 or 3-3 drills teams set up he could jump several places. I think teams know he can come in and be an offensive spark. But if he shows he has the overall game of an NBA starter it is a whole new ballgame.

Cedar Hills, UT

Chris B.

Dude your hatred towards Jimmer is so over the top. Stick with politics! your knowledge of the game and who has or hasn't got talent shows more and more every time you type.

Oh another ute left the program please spin this one for us all to enjoy!(JJ O'Brien see ya) Hows that pac 12 working out for ya? It seems to me that kids are dying to stay around. LOL

Lehi, UT

I disagree with any analysis that says Jimmer doesn't handle the ball well. In fact, Tim Miles (CSU) said this year that "Jimmer handles the ball like Curly Neal." You know, Curly of the Harlem Globetrotters, who performed dribbling tricks all game long.
Jimmer Fredette has a great handle. He's a very good passer. His weakness is defense.

Bountiful, UT

Jimmer is not destined to be an NBA star, as in college. The lowliest NBA defenders will be 10x's better than the best college defenders Jimmer faced. He is Mark Madsen part II...

Mesa, AZ


You know that your prediction accuracy hasn't been stellar, and you are wrong a whole lot more than you are right, but when you make negative comments about everything BYU, and Jimmer, it leaves us all wondering...

Why do you care so much? Why is it so important that you are right about Jimmer playing in the ero leagues?

Dude, get over it. Jimmer will go where he goes. It is not up to you. He will do what he does, wherever that is.

Let it go...

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B spewing his daily Jimmer hate.

Lets look at the facts and compare Jimmer to 2 other players coming out of college that were ready for "Europe" Andre Miller and Steve Nash.

Minutes per game
All 3 right around 30 min per game

Turnovers per game
Miller 2.7
Nash 2.6
Jimmer 2.5
All 3 had more turnovers as minutes went up and scoring went up. All pretty close. Also note that Nash averages 2.8 Turnovers per game in the NBA and Miller 2.6. Pretty much the same as college. I would expect the same for Fredette.

Assists per game
Miller 5.4
Nash 4.5
Jimmer 3.5

Points per game. Do I really need to go there? Jimmer did not play that much as a Freshman and still averaged 18.7 (22.6 his last 3 years, one w mono)Nash 14.9, Miller 12.1.

I really don't see much difference. If you come back with how good Miller and Nash play D, that proves you don't watch the NBA.

Nash and Miller average 2.8 and 2.6 APG now.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Nash and Miller average 2.8 and 2.6 APG now. "
I meant Turnovers per game.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I just wonder how much of the "controversy" over Jimmer's game is real and how much is pretense.

Maybe Jimmer is such a hot commodity that nobody wants to tip their hand and show how much they really want the guy?

A whole lot of bluffin goin on here!

Surfers Paradise, AU

"LivinLarge | 2:23 p.m. May 25, 2011
Bountiful, UT
Jimmer is not destined to be an NBA star, as in college. The lowliest NBA defenders will be 10x's better than the best college defenders Jimmer faced. He is Mark Madsen part II."

Let's see, the Mavs have JJ Barea, Thunder have Sefelosha, Heat have Mario Chalmers, and the Bulls have CJ Watson. Are you tellimg me that as rookies, all those guys were THAT much better than Jimmer today? Do you really believe that?

Jimmer won't drop 30+ per night, but he does provide some offense some teams desperately need. His defense will be just fine since he'll be getting help from his bigs anyway. I think there are a lot of surprises in store with where he lands.

All he needs to do is be a 10pt/5ast guy to have a long career in this league....and make a lot more $$$ than anyone on these boards.

Cedar Hills, UT

Someone please prove to me Jimmer doesn't play "D". BYU Defense they went with a majority of the time was a 3-2 or even a 1-2-2. His job was just force to a direction base line mostly. Professional said at the combine he had good feet and was not as bad as people keep talking about.

Houston, TX

This is a very problematic draft for Utah. The 2-8 players all have strengths and weaknesses. They all have some risk. KOC is very open about drafting the best player available. That means he has to trade to fill needs.

The Jazz need an SF (especially if AK goes). They can get by with Hayward and CJ but both of them are better at SG. The Jazz may need a PG who fits the offense better. They need outside shooting, defense and bigger bigs.

Williams claims to be an SF but he is really a PF who should be able to play SF (at least some of the time). He is a quicker version of Millsap.

Kantor is a little bigger than Millsap and also can shoot outside. He is about the same size as AJ.

Can/should Kantor replace AJ/Millsap? How much is gained? AJ/Millsap then have to be traded for a SF.

Knight is the most likely PG at 3. How much better is he than Harris? Will he stand up to the abuse of running thru/setting picks. Harris is injury prone. Knight is not built like DWill.


Houston, TX

Jimmer will stand up to the pick punishment but will he be able to turn the corner and finish in the NBA? Can he run the team better than Harris in the long run?

Do you trade down? How many young players do you want? All of the 2-12 players have some risk.

If you do go big with the 3 and not Jimmer with the 12. Who do you pick? Do you go for a SF like Hamilton or do you draft a big that you do not need like Moutie or Morris? The consensus draft has the Jazz picking Kantor and Valanciusas.

The Jazz have a lot of options and they have a the GS pick next year. How many young players do you want?

Where are your greatest needs. Who can you replace to have the greatest impact?

The outside shooting can be addressed at the SF/SG and PG. Hayward appears to be the SG of the future. CJ and Harris are inefficient. CJ may be okay backing up the SG. Kantor and William add outside shooting at PF. Millsap will add range. Okur MAY be back.

Add a Defensive specialist?

Houston, TX

The NBA consensus draft has Jimmer going at 9 to the Bobcats.

I heard an interview today with Bibby. He said when he first came out that everyone said he would not make it in the NBA because he was to small, slow and could not play defense.

He has played 13 seasons. He is the same size as Jimmer.

I think Jimmer will do fine. He will need a year or more to learn to be a PG.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Not only is he an enigma to the NBA, he was a pain in the Utes' butt, too!

West Jordan, Utah

Jimmer worked with the ball in his hands at BYU. He will need to do the same in the NBA. Jimmer is an NBA Point Guard and not a Shooting Guard. He will have NBA scorers around him and can't jack up endless shots from the parking lot anymore. Jimmer was needed at BYU to get a large volume of shots.

As a Point Guard, Jimmer will need to orchestrate chemistry. Basically, he will need to change his BYU approach when running an NBA team. Can he? I think it depends on the team and the role.

I am not saying that Jimmer can't be a scorer and a combo guard type. He could guard the point (if he can), and then switch roles with a bigger guard handling the ball. Here is the problem with that; despite having unquestionable range, Jimmer didn't come off screens and spot up much at BYU. Can Jimmer do this in the NBA? Maybe, but I don't like taking the ball out of his hands too much. Jimmer is a creator. Plus, spotting up means that NBA talent and size will be closing in on him.

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