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Published: Monday, May 23 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

September can't come soon enough!

Houston, TX

BYUs national following of supporters and haters is going to increase dramatically.

Orem, Utah

I can't help but think that playing GOOD BCS teams all over the country every year on ESPN and BYUtv will really help recruiting in four ways:

1. Players will know they could get to play near their home sometime during their BYU careers.

2. Prospects near where BYU plays will have that introduction to the school, which they wouldn't otherwise.

3. Players will know ALL of their games will likely be seen nationwide every week, one way or another. And likely replayed on BYUtv, even if live on ESPN.

4. Players will know that they'll play a nice variety of really good BCS football teams during their BYU careers.

This independence thing with ESPN's help is SO COOL!

Getting into BCS bowl games would just be frosting on the cake.

Conference championships are over-hyped, especially in mid-major conferences. Even in BCS conferences both their regular season champs and conference playoff champs are soon forgotten. BCS bowl victories, and mostly national champs are what's remembered.

Washington, UT

The only thing is, this years schedule at home with the likes of Idaho, Idaho State, New Mexico State, San Jose State will kill them in strength of schedule. The Y will win all of those games, but so what? those teams? come on! They may even get revenge on Utah State for USU killing of the Y in Logan last year? But with Gary Anderson, who knows, it might be the first time the Aggies beat the Y in Provo since 1978! OH BH from Riverton by way of Gilbert, flame away with your arrogance!

Let's be reasonable
Belgrade, Serbia

Relatively obscure TV network? Understatement of the year. BYU would still be in the MWC and it would probably already be in the BCS if we had not joined with MTN.

I will say i was actually looking forward to BYU, Utah, TCU, Boise State, Hawaii and the other new kids on the block. The MWC will be in the BCS within 2-3 years. I bet BYU will try to get a BYU rule like Notre Dame has at that time.

Danbury, CT

I'm glad we've finally figured out the importance of winning. It's amazing that Utah, Boise and Hawaii all busted the BCS before BYU. I still think it would have been tough for the PAC to turn us away if we had done what Utah has done twice.

BYU needs to schedule games where it wants to recruit. Recruits won't come if they don't know BYU and see them play. We got Beck and Hall because we played ASU (after a 10 year drought). BYU should play at least one game a year on the East Coast. It helps us get players out here and badly needed media exposure.

Parker, CO

"We're not playing for a conference championship," said sophomore quarterback Jake Heaps. "We're playing for a national championship."

Unfortunately, BYU's schedule will not allow them to play in any national championship game. Even if they wipe everyone off the map these coming years, their schedule is, and will continue to be, weak. Heaps is believing all of the normal "national championship" talk generally associated in the preseason in Utah County. Sorry guys, you just aren't at the table regardless of the ESPN coverage.

Independence takes you completely out of the discussions for a national championship.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Can't wait for the season to begin.. I'll have to start replaying all the old games I have on tape just to get through the summer.


Ephraim, UT


The thing about the 'talk' in Utah County is that BYU has been there and we, the fans, expect to be there again. Ute fans have pipe dreams for that and good memories of going to a high paying bowl game.

Redmond, WA

"I still think it would have been tough for the PAC to turn us away if we had done what Utah has done twice."

Don't kid yourself. The PAC-10 bigotry against religion in general and BYU in particular is far stronger than any desire to have another football team join the conference, no matter how good. This is true for the institution presidents, ADs, and (in general) the student body and active alumni. Less so for the fan base, and afaik not an issue for the coaches.

Springville, UT

I can't wait for the season to start. Granted, the last half of this first season might be considered 'small pickens' but it's how the season starts that is exciting. And in the seasons to come is where this schedule will truly become something to behold.

Rant all U want BYU haters. Your conference schedule will soon pale in comparison to the Cougar's gauntlet of top notch teams.

I know it must be difficult to acknowledge that in spite of your recent success in getting to the PAC that BYU's relevance continues to move on without U.

So get this in your head... BYU is more than just a local university with a local following. BYU is a 'storied program' and the relationship with ESPN more than justifies it. Very few schools could pull off what BYU has done in such a short time. It's no wonder that other schools and the media are watching so closely as to how BYU does. It's time to follow a leader.

... and what channel are you on other than ESPN one time in September?

Houston, TX

BYU's schedule will not prevent them from vying for a national championship. Having a national following makes up for a lot. How do you think name brand teams like TX, OK and Ohio State get preferential treatment? They have the fans.

If there are 2 undefeated name brand teams then an undefeated BYU would have a problem. If there is only one, BYU would have a very good shot. BYU is now in a much better situation than TCU was last year or BSU in other years. The exposure of going undefeated on national TV makes up for a lot. BYU's schedule will get harder as the years go by. But the recruiting will also improve. More talent equals more wins.

The U also has to go undefeated to get any chance at the championship game. They may BACK into the Rose bowl on occasion but they are not going to the championship game unless they go undefeated. The PAC is perceived as weak except for a couple of teams and Utah is not one of them.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"Independence takes you completely out of the discussions for a national championship."

When has Utah EVER been in the national championship discussion. Even in their two BCS busting seasons, Utah never finished higher than 6th in the BCS rankings.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Can't wait for those WAC games at home. I look forward to seeing the Cougars beat them bad in every game, should be fun!!! Also, I can't wait for my sugar high at LVS!!!

Orem, UT

Honor Code

Yes, Honor Code, we're especially looking forward to those WAC games on September 17th and September 30th.

Atlanta, GA

The Utah Utes and WSU Cougars will both be vying for a national championship this year. I say they both have equal chance.

Good luck to ya!

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

Did anyone else see that the Big 12 leadership voted to keep the Big 12 name even though there are only 10 teams in the conference? This is significant because it means that they will likely invite 2 new teams to join the conference.

BYU has proven they can beat Big 12 teams in football (see win vs. OU). They'll prove it again when they beat Texas this year. And now the basketball program is becoming a major player, winning a POY award and going to the Sweet 16.

I'm okay if they stay independent, but I wonder if there is an opt out clause in the ESPN deal. It seems like an invite might come any time now.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Honor Code | 8:50 a.m. May 24, 2011
Denver, Colorado

Also, I can't wait for my sugar high at LVS!!!


I don't get the acronym...

Planning the Las Vegas Bowl again?

Is that the reference to WAC teams?

How did Utah do in the Vegas Bowl against a WAC team last time?

Good luck as U reach for the stars...

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

Poor Honor Code. Nobody writes articles about his Aggies, so he has to bitterly Troll articles about the Utes and Cougars....

Orem, Utah

Great time to be a Cougar fan.
Go Gougars.

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