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Published: Friday, May 20 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Frisco, TX

Whoever picks him will have a winner!

Orem, Utah

Walker and Irving might regret their non-participation in the combine if Jimmer shows well enough to move ahead of them in the draft.

I like what the SDSU players had to say about matching up with Jimmer vs Kemba. No contest! Jimmer's the tougher one to guard.

Right from the "horse's" mouth!!!

I'm amazed at how confused the "experts" are in their mock drafts about Jimmer. None yet think he's a single-digit draftee. That might work in the Jazz favor, except the Bucks have the 10th pick ahead of the Jazz 12th. Bummer.

Those who say Jimmer isn't an NBA PG didn't pay much attention to D-Will's game. HE is primarily a shooter and penetrator (like Jimmer), getting assists where he could. He didn't play like Stockton, where leading the team by getting assists first worked. Jimmer would. He's adaptable.

I see Jimmer being more Stockton-like, but with the added threat of being consistent with long-range jumpers, which will help his ability to get past the defender and set up his teammates. He didn't have that kind of team in college. Wicked crossover!

Orem, Utah

Chris O'Brien shows he doesn't know basketball, it seems.

How many PGs can guard other top PGs? VERY FEW! So, saying Jimmer can't be a PG if he can't guard other top NBA PGs is silly. Most NBA PGs can't guard each other effectively.

Didn't anyone notice what Corbin was doing with the Jazz defense near season's end? Very much TEAM-HELP oriented--not so much one-on-one defense. Hayward did a magnificent job on Kobe one-on-one, but it wasn't all just him. His team helped in ways that left Kobe with no alternatives at times.

Jimmer's defense, whatever it turns out to be, will fit just fine in Corbin's Jazz defensive scheme.

Springville, UT

I don't know when he'll get picked, but anything lower tahn 10 and I'd be disappointed. My wife is knitting me a quilt with Jimmer's name and number on it. She's going to leave the last corner until the end so she can knit the logo of the team that picks him and when they pick him.

Did you read the article, naysayers? He has impressed the scouts. If Chad Ford writes its as good as true, given that he is the only legitmate authority out there.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

I love the naysayers...

Setting up POY Fredette to exceed expectations.

Also, the kid is not a Prima Dona.

A steal at 12.

Sandy, UT

I've heard he could very well fall out of the first round into the second. His defense is too much of a concern, and he won't get all the calls like he did in college, meanings his free throw percentage doesn't mean much.

I'm guessing early second round, sit bench for 2 years, and go live the dream of starting for a Euro team.

Mesa, AZ

the draft is all about timing and positioning and a lot happens in those short minutes between drafts.

Saying where he goes is like predicting how he will do. There are too many factors and unknown variables.

If he gets with the right system, he'll be a star. If not, who knows.

For his sake, I hope he goes somewhere he fits, and they will let him succeed.

Saratoga Springs, UT

All the negativity seems eerily familiar. If anyone recalls, no major program wanted him out of high school except BYU. He ended up first in the nation in scoring with numerous POY awards. I think the negativity may actually help him as it takes all the pressure off, just like when he started in college. No expected anything of him then...and they obviously don't now.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

The Jazz ought to take the plunge and select Fredette at #3. The players they have taken high in the draft other than Darryl from Louisville have left the team, as in Deron, and they sold the human highlight film, Wilkins. The fact of the matter is there are no point guards in the league that can guard their counterpart, one on one. Take a look. Phoenix, Sacramento and New York shouldn't have a shot a Jimmer. PLEASE! Jimmer has character traits that very few NBA players have. The Jazz need him. Come on Jazz braintrust get with the program.

The Rabbit (in Spanish)
Salt Lake City, UT

It is hard to understand how the consensus National Player of the Year. The BEST player in all of college basketball, could possibly be considered to be NOT one of the top NBA draft picks. Would the Heisman trophy winner ever NOT be considered in the top 10? It is a valid comparison.

I know, I know. He supposedly can't play defense. Quick, name the last 3 defensive players of the year in the NBA. I bet you can't but I bet you could name many, many players you watch who could score!

Murray, UT

@ Ken er, Chris B. er, Hedgehog;

Most of the NBA'ers don't play defense (you ever actually watch a NBA game) plus it's been out forever that when BYU lost Chris Collinsworth, that Coach Rose told him to back off defense, he didn't want Jimmer fouling out as the teams only true scoring option. Even if he is a poor defender, you can teach that. You cannot teach someone to make 25-30 footers, you eother have the ability or not. With Jimmer's wicked cross-over and ability to make it to the fould line and a 90% FT shooter, he's a shoo-in for at least a lottery pick prbly a 12 or 13 pick but even Minn is looking seriously at him at no.10

Oh and by the way, he will play in the NBA, and won't be delivering Pizza's like you.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope Jimmer's game translates to the NBA. I hated him when he was torching my Utes, but I believe he will be a solid pick above 10, regardless of draft strength. He can help any team by being a strong shooter coming off the bench.

Petaluma, CA

I would pick him on my NBA team. I dont care whether he can cover my grandmother. I would want to run a play for him with 4 seconds to go. And we shall see this week how he does in the camp games, on defense. He may be able to cover the other tryout guys.

Salt Lake City, UT

To: The Rabbit

I'm pretty sure the DPY honors have gone to Dwight Howard the past 3 years. Could be wrong though.

Mesa, AZ


On what basis do you make your prediction? Do you have a crystal ball?

No. I thought so.

You have no idea where he will get picked, what he will do, and where he will be in three years.

So, in fairness, I will make an equally silly prediction. . .

He will make the winning shot, from 40 feet away, in game 7 of the 2015 NBA finals after busting is head open on a drive in the 3rd quarter where he was fouled by Derrick Williams (who was thrown out of the game)who was just sick and tired of him scoring on him his entire life.

See I can do it too. Doesn't make it so.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"I'm guessing early second round, sit bench for 2 years, and go live the dream of starting for a Euro team."

Ken - you can just keep guessing.

The 49 big ones he laid on utah is still burning under your skin, isn't it. My only regret about that game is Rose pulled him with over 5 minutes to play. He could have easily scored 55.

Ann Arbor, MI

Some people have a hard time setting aside their biases and being objective. BYU coaches may have told Jimmer to hold off on defense, but the following is still true - he has not *shown* that he can play defense at the college level, much less the NBA. This is a huge potential liability and represents a gamble that some NBA team is going to make.

People who say he is a pure shooting guard are also wrong. He has the ability to create space and penetrate as well. He also seems to have a strong work ethic, which can't hurt.

At worst, he is a role player who can hit a three when needed. At best, I seem him having an Andre Miller type of career.

Oh, and props to the earlier commenter who admitted that his wife is knitting him a Jimmer blanket. I guess this is OK to admit in anonymous circles, but I wouldn't make it known to friends and associates.

Layton, UT

Rabbit--6 out of the last 20 Heisman Trophy winners weren't even drafted in the first round (let alone the top ten picks) so, no, it's not a valid comparison.

Las Vegas, NV

This draft class is being ranked as the worst class in over a decade. So with that in mind, and all the top talent skipping the combine, I am sure the ncaa ball hog of the year was impressive. But compared to what? Being picked #20 in the worst draft class in a decade is not saying much. The only person who should be concerned is Kevin Kruger, who may have competition now for NBA D-league player of the year.

Eagle Mountain, UT

ken, tom in ca, bigutefan.
Who kicked your trikes in the ditch? You have been wrong about Jimmer for years. I am guessing you will be again. Are you still angry about the bombs he dropped on your team? Normally I would just chalk up your comments to being jealous and obsessed Yners. I will have to add that you have solidified your place in the not-to-bright category with your posts on this article.

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