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Published: Wednesday, May 18 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, Utah

Would love to be in Corbin's shoes. Not so I could help to draft The Jimmer, but because Ty will be like a kid in a candy store. What fun times are ahead for the Jazz coach. I'm envious.

Because this is a pretty weak draft, it's a good thing the Jazz have the 3rd pick. Won't be much of long-term value left by the 6th.

The Jazz 12th pick will be equivalent to most years' second round picks in quality. The Jazz have been lucky some of those years, so maybe the 12th can pan out, too. The third certainly should, or they didn't do their homework.

Orem, Utah

My dream Jazz team for 2011 ("dream" meaning realistic short of a major trade):

C = Big Al.

He plays all facets well enough. Can at least score against other good bigs.

Memo or Fez is the backup.

Wouldn't hurt to find another, though. None worth chancing on in the draft, at least at the 3 spot.

PF = Favors.

Let him continue to grow with starter minutes.

Millsap would be a sweet backup.

SF = AK for now (re-sign him!)

Have Miles and/or Millsap back him up.

Maybe a decent SF is in this year's draft? Not so sure.

SG = Hayward. De facto choice after his late-year showing.

Miles could get more time backing him up. Or Bell.

PG = Jimmer. Who else?

Watson is still the best backup for a Jazz PG.

Harris can just be traded, maybe for a Center. Or, he can stick around as starting PG while Jimmer gets accustomed to the NBA. Mid-season trade in the works?

Bench = The rest are bench warmers or injury replacements, although I can see Evans getting playing time. If he could develop an outside game, he could be the SF the Jazz need.

Golden, CO

Wow, that lineup sounds good enough for 4th in the division. Here is what I would like to see:

C: 1. Big Al, 2. Memo, 3. Fez or Ante Tomic (anyone know if/when he is coming over).

PF: 1. Millsap, 2. Favors

SF: 1. AK (only if we can get him back under 10M, 2. Kawhi Leonard or Chris Singleton (whomever is available in the draft)

SG: 1. CJ Miles 2. Hayward 3. Raja Bell

PG: 1. Devin Harris, 2. Brandon Knight, 3. Earl Watson

I am praying above all else that we do not draft Jimmer. Would be the worst decision. Yes he can shoot but he is such a defensive liability. The Jazz perimeter defense was so bad last year why would we draft a perimeter player that can't play defense.

Tokyo, Japan

talk about dreaming...well...here's mine....

Al Jeff/Memo/Fes
Battier(free agent)/AK47/CJ
Knight/Watson/Barea or Dragic (both free agents)

Trade Devin+12th pick for a lotto next year...so we could have to top 10 drafts on a much deeper draft...battier would take charge developing Hayward's defense...next year...Perry Jones or Harrison Barnes to start at the 3 or if we get lucky...a guy named Sullinger...

Belgrade, Serbia

Wow, interesting Derrick Williams was not invited. heheheh

Heber City, UT

MYvision you are a little mypopic when it comes to Jimmer. He will guard okay. People will be surprised at how well he can guard. He played his role well at BYU, but fellow players say he can guard as well as any of them. You must be a Ute Troll.

one day...
South Jordan, UT

mmmmm....what about this one

C: Big Al - "New Guy" - Memo (he is getting old and slow)

PF: Favors - Millsap

SF: "New Guy" - AK

SG: Hayward - Evans

PG: Brandon Knight - Watson - Harris

TRADE: CJ, Elson, Price, Fez, Bell and Okur if possible

West Jordan, UT

People that dont know much about Jimmer that didnt watch more than a couple games and that want to throw out something negative, will always say... "he's too much of a defensive liability".

OK, people... Jimmer is NOT a defensive "liability". Jimmer is a lot faster and has better lateral movement than a lot of the fans of the team on the hill want to give him credit for. Sure he got burned a few times, DWill got burned all the time. Fact is, the NBA is catered to the offensive player. Basketball in general is catered to the offensive player. Pretty much any top 25 pg can make another top 25 pg look silly at any given time. Its going to happen and Jimmer is going to be fine on D.

The best shooter in the draft with killer instinct (ute fans should know this).

Whether the Jazz draft Jimmer or not, ute fans are going to criticize his every move. I still hope we get him.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Why does an article about top draft picks feature a picture of a late 1st rounder? Myopic coug fans, it is not Utes that discount Jimmer's value to the NBA, it is trained professionals whose careers depend on their judgement calls.

Fortunately I believe that KOC is too savy to succomb to the y and DN constant PR campaign.

Kearns, UT

This Jimmer thing is getting out of control. And with him no longer being a BYU player, the rivalry should be put aside, and fans can start looking at him as an NBA player, not a BYU Cougar.

Jimmer is a combo guard, off the bench. He will not be a long-term starter in the NBA. Doesn't have the size or speed. But he can be a solid contributor off the bench, spot duty starting if needed. He can score the ball. Will it be as easy as it was in college, not by a long shot. But he's got terrific range outside, and is crafty enough to get shots off in the paint.

A guy who can find a nitch can stick around for a long time. A guy like Jason Terry just wasn't suited to start full-time. He's better off the bench, taking advantage of a teams backups most of the game. Jimmer can be that guy.

And this has nothing to do with being a Ute or Cougar. If he's there at #12, and Burks is not, the Jazz should seriously consider him.

Orem, UT

There's no point putting Brandon Knight's picture on the article. The diminutive guard will not be drafted by the Jazz. That's some ESPN analyst's dream in the hope that the Jazz will blow their third pick so a good player will go to someone else. The Jazz will pick either Derrick Williams or Enes Kanter. Jimmer will likely fall to a low first round pick or early second round. The Jazz will not pick him up either.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm a Ute Alum, and the Jimmer crazies are starting to drive me nuts, but here is my objective opinion on Jimmer.

Best case scenario Jimmer is a Steve Kerr type of player, a guy who can come off the bench, space the floor and knock down 3s. In the right situation he could get 20-25 min a night and be a great asset.

Worst case scenario is that he's Adam Morrison or a more hyped up version of Morris Almond. Morrison could light it up from outside and and was crazy crafty around the rim in college too, but like Jimmer his defense was as bad as his offense was great.

Jimmer's shot will translate in the NBA, but his horrid defense will translate too. Jimmer will need to be accounted for when he's on the floor, but he will be a big liability on the defensive end. People who are bad defenders in college will be bad defenders in the NBA too.

I hope the Jazz pass on Jimmer, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if they pick him at 12.

Viva Los Jazz
Garland, UT

I'd love to see Enes Kanter slide to number 3 but either Derrick Williams or Kyrie Irving would be fine. I don't want to overlook Bismack Biyombo and would consider trading down to get him. Jimmer should be available at 12 but could slide late in the first round depending on workouts.
1. Kanter
2. Kyrie Irving
3. Derrick Williams
4. Bismack Biyombo
5. Brandon Knight
12. Jimmer

Roosevelt, UT

All the Jimmer talk, the article is not about him. He will be fine in the league WHOEVER gets him. There is an upside he enjoys many already playing do not.

Kyle Korver only knows you shoot the ball, he cannot dribble, or pass and he makes 5 million per season, and Jimmer can dribble, pass, shoot and he can get to the free throw line. He may not start but he will play.

Seems as there is no suspense left in the Utah draft either Kanter or Williams or if they wanted to add some suspense they could talk trading away the 3rd pick. Kanter is not going to help the Jazz, he has the same build and make up as Koufos who was popular when he arived but spent his playing days on the bench (where he belonged)

Williams is athletic enough to help in a year or two. Trading for a FA big would make better sense than trying to bring along a rookie, but that has not historically been the way of the Jazz.

Orem, Utah

@ myvision7 & @ one day,

No way Knight is better than Jimmer or CJ better than Hayward in those spots.

Otherwise, we're similar.

Harris can't run a team in a way that will make the other players better. He proved that with Dallas, too (his all-star year). Shoot first, ask questions later.

Jimmer doesn't have to score all the time to be happy. It's just his range that makes him a tough threat to guard, which will do wonders for his assists in the NBA on a team with players that can score, and the Jazz have those.

Jimmer will show in the combine that he's more athletic than given credit for.

Salt Lake City, UT

I heard Kanter isn't willing to play against anyone during his team workouts. If that's the case the Jazz need to give him a pass at #3.

The Jazz need competitors not workout all stars.

Nobody in the draft could benefit more from a great team workout against stiff competition than Enes Kanter, if he dominates, he could go #1. This decision tells me one of 2 things: he and his agent are trying to hide serious flaws in his game and or health, or he's not a competitor, he's just in it for the paycheck.

If I'm the Jazz and Kanter refuses to compete I'm thinking he's the next Darko.

A guy who hasn't played competitive basketball in 2 years and refuses to play it now has no business going top 5 in the NBA draft.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I have been a little bit of a critic of the Jazz drafting Fredette but I have come around to thinking if the Jazz pick a big man with the #3 pick that Jimmer would be a good option at 12. He is the best outside shooter in the draft(NBA ready)and the Jazz need that badly. Those who know(draft experts and anlaysts) say that his defense is as good as any projected first round point guard in the draft. This is partially proven by the fact that the people he guarded in college did not average more while playing BYU than their season averages. Their assist to turn over average was not any better against BYU either. If Fredette is on a solid defensive NBA team he will hold his own against most point guards. That is as much as can be said of 75% of starting NBA point guards. He demands a defensive adjustment the second he comes into a game. Teams have to spread their defense to guard him. Kerr and Hodges did this in the NBA for years and neither of them were able to drive or create even close to what Fredette can.

Provo, Ut

I was SO excited to see the Jazz move up to number three! Now they might just get lucky enough to get Jimmer! If the Cavs and the wolves get fooled into taking Erving and Williams, then Jimmer will fall to us! I can't tell you how incredible this is. Even utes will come around to loving the Jimmer once they see him play.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

TJ- This is a rare event. I agree with you.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Our big and real need is inside and perimeter defense. That is why Biyombo would be my pick in the draft as one inside player that defends. He can be had by trading down a few spots or make a deal with a team that is there now and draft for them at #3, and us getting a player from them or a future pick. Next go get Chris Wilcox or Jonas Jerebko who are FA's with Det and both 6'10" and rugged give it all inside players who can be signed for moderate amounts. Next 3 wing players who are FA's that would be great are Thornton from GS 6'7", Marcus Thornton from Sac 6'4", & Shannon Brown from the Lakers 6'3". All 3 are good shooters and can put the ball on the floor, plus defend the perimeter. With the 12 pk again trade for exp, a future pk, or fill a need! Be smart Jazz and don't let biases get in your way like past staffs have.

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