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Published: Wednesday, May 18 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Bloomington, IN

There's no way he falls to 20. If the Jazz don't take him at 12 the Suns will at 13. Worst case scenario: getting picked 13th. Not bad for someone who is "unathletic", "can't play defense", and, oh yeah... can still drop 47 on the Utes in his sleep.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


He'll be in a Euro league within 2 years. Mark it down.

Salt Lake City, UT

Even though I am a Utah fan, I dont care if he played at byu or not as long as he is very productive for the Jazz. If he plays for the Jazz I hope he is a very good asset for the team and that he helps the Jazz do good.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Jimmer is fun to watch play. Not so much fun to watch sit.

I hope he is good enough to get on the floor in the NBA.

If not...

"We always had last winter".

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I would love to see Jimmer in a Mavs uniform but that may not happen as we already have JJ Barea on the team. The closest player in the NBA that looks and plays like Jimmer is JJ Barea. If you saw the game last night with the Mavs and the Thunder, you saw JJ tear up the Thunder. Yes, JJ comes off the bench but the Mavs have the best bench in the NBA and JJ gets great play time. Between Dirk and JJ, they tore up a very good Thunder team.

I believe that if you want to see something close to what Jimmer will look like in the NBA, watch JJ Barea last night or in the up coming games. He totally turns games around.

Two Cents
Springville, Utah

If he plays defense at the combine, he's top 10.

Go, Jimmer, go!

Orem, Utah

Talking about Barea, he's a poor-man's Jimmer--not as strong, as big, as good with a crossover, as long-ranged in treys, etc. Yet, look how well he plays on a team with OTHER SCORERS.

Kind of like the Jazz. Other scorers. Something Jimmer's never experienced, but would love it, because he's just as happy getting assists as scoring. He only scored so much in college because he could and his teammates couldn't.

If you watched all of BYU's games, you will have seen many, many lost assists because his teammates couldn't finish.

The Combine is going to be fun to follow, especially with Jimmer going up against the several PGs everyone thinks should go higher than him. He'll surprise a lot of people.

That'll make it hard for the Jazz, if their pick positions don't change, to pass him up at the third pick. He won't be around for the 12th.

Ann Arbor, MI

fastforward three years....euro league.

Iowa City, IA

I agree with WahtsInItForMe, I don't think he'll be around at the 12, and the Jazz won't be taking him at the 3. If he is around at the 12, and the jazz took a big at 3, then I'd say they'd be dummies for not taking him then. He'd go to the Suns and become Jezz Hornecek, Jazz Killer, Part II.

This kid has skills. Let him provie it at the combine. Kemba? I'd pass...

Kearns, UT

If Jimmer's around at #12, which I believe he will be, the Jazz should consider him. If the Burks kid from Colorado, a very good scorer who is bigger and more athletic than Jimmer, is gone, I have no problem with the Jazz picking him. They clearly need outside shooting. Jimmer will never be a starter, but he can be a good combo-guard off the bench. He cannot play defense, that's not really debatable, but playing against other bench players that need is less important. He can be instant offense off the bench, can help stretch the floor. And he'll sell a few tickets the first year or two.

If you're expecting more than that from him, you're nuts. And if you're expecting the Jazz to look at him prior to #12, you're more nuts.

Houston, TX

Jimmer was a lockdown defender when he first came to campus. But because he was the only player on the team who could create shots for himself and for others he could not afford to take fouls. It is that simple. The coaches told him to not play defense. If Mike Lloyd is still on the team it's a whole different strategy. But what is Jimmer supposed to do without a backup PG or any help on offense? The kid can D up no problem!

Mesa, AZ

Chris B

You'll be wrong again for the next two years?

By the way, what does mark it down mean? Mark it where. Are we keeping score? If we were, you aren't doing to well.

Mark it down? Are NBA scouts calling you to see what you think? He will go where he goes. There are a million variables and a lot of time. None of them involve you.

You can't even make a reasonable guess, let alone a prediction.

Magna, UT


You're just saying Jimmer can't play defense and he won't start in the NBA because you are a Ute homer and you can't bear to let go of your BUY prejudice. Am I correct in my assessment?

Saint George, UT

WhatsInItForMe has it right on. Jimmer is the best point guard in the draft. Check out all the year end stats of all five top PGs and Jimmer is even in assists, steals and rebounds and still out scored all others by 10 points per game while getting double and triple teamed. No even close.

Springville, UT

I expect the Jimmer to have a career similar to that of Monsiuer Ainge. If he does, that will be a major success.

In the past year Jimmer has done more than most. He has been awarded POY, led a team to the sweet 16, taken out a known terrorist, rapped on his brother's hit single, and been the spokesperson for hair gel.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

"CBSSports.com's most recent mock draft has Fredette going at No. 7 to Sacramento"

As a long-time Kings fan, let me say this:

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Don't worry about what Yahoo sports predicts. Wasn't that the only publication that gave their player of the year nod to someone else? That was credible. Yahoo is the only one that would be foolish enough to mark down anything suggested by a varmint.

Jimmer didn't play much defense this past season because he didn't have to. BYU's zone was set up to give him a rest. Worked out just fine.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

I will probably end up regretting saying this being the Ute fan that I am.

If the Jazz don't take Jimmer at #3 they are crazy. I think he is the real deal and he is exactly what the Jazz need right NOW to get them back among the elite NBA teams.

Of course I am sure the Jazz will pick some European player that will end up working at the Hagen-Daz plant 2 years from now.

Don't blow it Jazz!

Palo Alto, CA

wedgie and chrisy

fastforward, backward, sideways, anyway you like...

in three years, Jimmer will be a multi-millionaire and set for life financially, not to mention, fulfilling his life-long dream of playing in the NBA,

and you two will still be creating whine from your sour grapes on every BYU article, one still curled in his little hole near blackswamp lake in Michigan and the other still sleeping on her mother's couch in the basement.

Good luck Jimmer. Wherever you go, you'll always have fans who will have fond memories of Jimmermania.

Eagle Mountain, UT

"He'll be in a Euro league within 2 years. Mark it down"

If he isn't will you go? Please!

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