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Published: Wednesday, May 18 2011 1:00 a.m. MDT

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Not a psychologist / psychiatrist, so this is pure speculation. I really am guessing here.

I would say while Bronco is confident (extremely confident) about some things, he has some serious insecurities (dont we all?).

Its funny to say, but I actually think hes a painfully shy person, and much prefers keeping to himself or to close company. I think hes really grown into this person you see now that seemingly talks comfortably to large audiences and handles himself well. But if you watch him up close it's not hard to tell how ill-at-ease he is.

Do you remember how painful his coachs show on KSL with Tom Kirkland was? It was an absolute nightmare! They had to completely revamp that show, and pretty much take most of the coach interaction and interview out of the show. Except for one part: Bronco loves talking about the Xs and Os of the game. In fact, the biggest hit of his new coachs show is the segment where he simply talks about the mechanics of football . . . its easy to see he loves this and is completely in his element here.


As long as I'm speculating, I'll go further...

I think a lot of fans have -- mostly innocently, but some not -- bent Bronco's ear about how to do things with the program and it's highly offended him. I think fan interaction has traumatized him somehow. He brings up the booing a lot. You would have to think it goes way beyond that though, and it almost certainly does.

I have to say, I've been around sports a lot and never seen a coach so gun-shy/fan-shy. Not even close.

Bronco is VERY private. He plays things VERY close to the vest. He doesn't open up at all. He's not warm, cuddly, personable, etc... on purpose it seems.

So let me back-up. Bronco is GREAT one-on-one. Loves individuals. So very kind. He loves his devotionals. His idea actually. He's very generous to others outside the context of football. But put on his coach's hat and make it known "fans" are about? Terror!!!!!!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Sometimes I get the feeling that BYU purposefully leaks out some information about what they might be doing (i.e. going independent, firing coaches, etc.) just to listen in to the comments to get a feel for what people think. Then they make their decision after unofficial viewpoints from the fans. I doubt that is true, but the scenario seems to make sense. Did anybody else get that feeling?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Regarding the Elephant in the Room, when more people in the room start to point at it, I'll take a look.

Fresno, CA


I agree with you in that he has always struck me as kind of shy person. I also thought that's what they meant by "very private."

I also agree with: "So let me back-up. Bronco is GREAT one-on-one. Loves individuals. So very kind. He loves his devotionals. His idea actually. He's very generous to others outside the context of football." It does seem like he is uncomfortable in certain contexts though which I interpret as shyness.

I hope he knows that we fans really appreciate him, his family, players and coaches.

Provo, UT

Since when has being a coach become a fan popularity contest. Sure Lavell Edwards was universally beloved, even by Utah fans, as was (and is) Ron McBride - their personalities lead to that. Was Woody Hayes lovable? Bear Bryant? Urban Meyer? I don't know a lot of people who played under Meyer, but those whom I know that did have a lot of respect for his knowledge of the game and a lot of disdain for his way of interacting with people. Yet somehow the Ute fans were sorry to see him go because he won.

Bronco has been winning, too. I don't care if he has all the cuddliness of a favorite uncle as long as the players are loyal to him and play hard, and as long as he can recruit good players, and as long as he knows the x's and o's and can coach well. In his personal life he can be a total hermit and I don't care. It's his life!

A discussion of the public persona of Bronco Mendenhall is absurd.


Just like the article I suppose...

man of few words
Salt Lake City, UT

KMoku and fresnogirl,

I think I have been wrong about your coach. Thinking back on it, I think you may be right about his just being shy. I've seen him blush and look uncomfortable on a number of occasions. That certainly could explain the behavior I mentioned before.

Sorry Coach for misjudging you.

As for Osgrath: calm down, Dude. It is a public forum for opinions and nobody (not even this Ute) is bagging on your coach.


man of few words: nice sarcasm... you pegged that one... back to the original point of Bronco's disdain for fans, it's true. I believe your example, I've seen many examples just like it. Heard him basically tell fans they are idiots. Snub groups of fans many times. So yeah, it goes way beyond shyness, he's bitter about something.

Murray, UT

Good Read...Nice to get Holly's prospective on what its like to be the wife of a football coach, she sounds like a real classy lady. Both Her and Bronco are and should be greatly appreciated for what they do and have done for BYU football and in the community.

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