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Published: Wednesday, May 18 2011 1:00 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

@hondo: There will be a team in Utah that will go 12-1, but it won't be the kids in blue. ESPN and Sports Illustrated are already Utah to win their division and play Oregon for a trip to the Rose Bowl.

Oh its's good to be a Utah fan. BCS 3 2011. It's coming. Are U ready?


Bronco and his wife always bring up being booed. I don't like the booing myself, but Bronco has been way too sensitive about this issue. Fans are booing decisions they don't agree with, it's not a personal attack on the coach, never has been. And while Coach Edwards and many other coaches seemed to truly enjoy their fans, the Mendenhall's appear to have this apprehensive-dislike-even-disdain relationship with BYU fans. It's pretty weird actually.

Doesn't change the fact that we love Bronco and think he's a fantastic football coach. But fans need to realize, Bronco doesn't care for BYU fans. He finds them annoying, he insults them, and is easily offended by them, and would rather not have to deal with them at all if he could avoid it. Yes, they grit their teeth and do the minimum public glad-handing they are forced to do, but it's forced and you can tell. The relationship between fans and the Mendenhall's definitely appears to be a one-sided affair.

OK fine. Just do your thing and win Bronco. And be more thick-skinned, will-ya?

Flame of the West
The OC, CA

Honda - I totally agree and I suggest we all cut Chris B a little slack here...I have read other posts of his/hers on other DNews articles stating reasonable things about various topics while claiming to be non-LDS. Y'all need to lighten up a bit...it's just rivalry smack talk and we all rise to the Chris B bait. It's actually quite a boring, broken record: Chris B posts, 12 dozen replies, blah blah blah...please stop it before I go insane.

The Jimmer
Salt Lake City, UT

Great article, great family.

Springville, UT

@Ted H.

Most of the people on these boards have a sense of humor. I am sorry that you don't and that you can't laugh at yourself or funny posts by others. I am more of a BYU fan than you will ever be because I can laugh at my own fan base while maintaining my stance that BYU runs one of the most successful, respected sports programs in college sports.

I'm not sure what you mean by "you are simply proving Max right one post at a time." Is that your attempt at humor because if it is, it simply falls flat on its face.

Bronco is a fearless leader who won't back down. Sure, he was 7-6 last year but by this time next year we will all be standing around in the creamery reminiscing on the 12-1 (win 12 is a BCS win) season we witnessed. Bronco will credit his WIFE, the players, the Shape-Ups and his willingness to put the tapioca pudding snack packs in his rearview mirror.

man of few words
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with KMoku. It does seem like the Mendenhalls do not like the fans and most of the media. But I sincerely think the Coach loves his players. You can see it when he interacts with them. I just wish he would realize that his fans love his players too and also with them the best instead of acting like they are waiting to attack them!

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

Chris B.

"Simply stating the obvious, that byu will never be a national power(see BCS games, BCS wins, BCS conference). Sorry if you dont like it. It's the truth."

Ummm.... read Fresno Girl's post again. YOU'RE coach is ALSO LDS and probably has heard and read this same talk and just may have HIS priorities set the same as Bronco's. Does that mean a lot of 7-6 seasons for U? Sorry if you don't like it. It's the truth.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Oh, Ken. You DO have a sense of humor. I can't wait to see your's & ESPN's prediction go down in flames. Please explain how your Utes intend on doing this with an OC who is long past "spinning his magic." What have his offenses done since he left USC? Oh, and yes, I am a Trojan and can't wait for 9/10 @ the Coliseum! Nice "introduction" to "The" Conf!!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Um, for the record, how many times has the coach with messed up priorities beaten the team to the north with all the BCS mojo?

And to the whiny posters saying the Mendenhalls really don't like BYU fans, I think you are not focused enough here. They don't like bad fan behavior, especially from fans who should know better. What, you think it's okay to express your displeasure at Bronco, but he can't comment on you?

Tell you what, you print up 500 shirts that say "Bronco doesn't like me" and I'll print up 50,000 shirts that say "Bronco likes me!"

Bet I sell out before you do. Time to grow up.

Pleasant Grove, UT

People, please stop responding to Chris B, aka "hedgehog". The dude's a troll who makes outrageous statements on every single BYU article for no other reason than to watch us boil. He has previously gone by "Kylie" and "WeeWilly" and several other handles. He keeps it up until someone calls him out, then he changes his name and starts over. End it now.

man of few words
Salt Lake City, UT

Y Grad / Y Dad
Um, for the record, I am a Ute fan. But I still call them as I see them. I do not require you to agree with me.

I've read articles where he talks about avoiding people at church before the Utah game because they might talk football with him. SILLY!

I've seen him before games and after games completely ignore his fans. The players will smile, wave, shake hands, give autographs, but he acts like his fans bother him.

I went to the BYU/New Mexico game last season with my brother (who IS a BIG BYU fan). It was the Senior's last home game so there was a ceremony to honor them afterwards. He was wonderful with his team and even cried a bit. Then the crowd began chanting "Beat Utah." His entire demeanor changed. He frankly looked ticked and annoyed and he stomped directly to the locker room not to be seen again. My brother insisted on waiting by the locker door in hopes of meeting him. Nope. The players coming out were completely friendly though.

Mix that in with annoyed comments he has made in the press....

Fresno, CA

I don't know if it is human nature to complain more than to praise or if those who are negative just tend to talk louder and more than those who are positive. But it does seem to happen that we hear far more criticisms in our society than compliments, as a whole. I imagine it must be the same for the Head Football Coach.

I bet that could grow wearisome and discouraging. Just my thought on the matter. I don't think the coach dislikes us, I think he gets tired of the arm chair QBing. I would.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

man of few words,

Thanks, you cite a few circumstances, personally observed, perhaps subject to your personal bias, and pronounce that Bronco doesn't like his fans.

Think what you want. I disagree with you. It's a free world. I'm just not interested in somebody trying to unfavorably shape public perception about Coach Mendenhall.


Just so we're clear: LOVE BRONCO. Have from the beginning. Was SO glad he was hired. He was the right guy. IMHO best coach in the country, period.

To those who don't have a chance to really be around Bronco:

Had a chance to observe him for a while now. Bronco has issues with fans. Period.

He has had to endure the same crap from fans that just about every other coach endures... certainly nothing more than coach Edwards had to endure (actually I would claim Edwards had it worse). But for whatever reason (INSERT THEORY HERE: ________) Bronco disdains BYU fans.

Look, Bronco's a good guy and likes people in general, especially on a one-on-one basis. He also knows fans are important, he's not stupid. But Bronco doesn't just dislike a few idiotic vocal fans. His issues are far deeper, wider, and more bitter than that. And general disdain-borderline-hate is a fair description. Not making it up. Don't know why. Just telling you, it's strange to watch, but it's real.

Provo, UT

@ Ken

Sorry Ken, but you, ESPN and Sports Illustrated are living in fantasyland. The utes will fall hard in their first year in the PAC. A trend utes will have to get use to.

BYU will take utah to the woodshed in September.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I'm just saying that two anonymous witnesses are making a broad character assessment ("But for whatever reason (INSERT THEORY HERE: ________) Bronco disdains BYU fans") that is easily and publicly seen, yet we only hear about it here from two people. I dispute the conclusion firmly.

If you wanted to say the same thing about Max Hall and Utah fans, the observation would go unchallenged and we could debate the inserted theory. You can claim that, for whatever reason, Bobby Knight has a problem with his temper.

I neither dispute nor affirm your observations, but I hotly contest your conclusion.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

I'm not sure Bronco necessarily hates BYU fans in general, although he is not too fond of them (especially when they disagree with his actions). I remember last season at the homecoming devotional that BYU held in place of the weekly Tuesday devotional. This was the week that we played SDSU, and the record at the time was 1-4 with having just lost to USU. It didn't help knowing that SDSU was good this year.

However, when Bronco spoke at the forum, he was greeted with thundrous applause during his speech (this is thousands of people we are talking about, not a couple hundred), and it was clear that despite the gloomy circumstances, BYU fully supported Bronco. He was pleased about that, and I don't think it's in his character to despise a fanbase that treats him like that.


The one public appearance Bronco loves doing is devotionals. He says he loves them and it's true. He appreciates the people there, the spirit there, and the purpose.

To Y Grad / Y Dad: It's pointless to argue with you. Fine have your opinion from 700 miles away. If you were around Bronco, you would know.

This is not an attack on him. I'm not trying to shape negative public opinion about him. For those who are around him or pay attention enough, you would see a brilliant coach who is a likable guy, loves his players, and generally disdains fans. Most fans aren't too put off buy this. There's too much to like about Bronco otherwise.

So no whining here, it's a simple observation. I'm more amused by it than anything. I'm certainly not upset with Bronco. I feel bad for him though.

So hand-wave this away all you want to from the desert dunes of Richland... turn off the lights and pretend the elephant in the room doesn't exist. Repeat in your mind, "Bronco is perfect and loves us!" 100 times... Won't matter.

Salt Lake City, UT

Here's a question ... reporters always say the Bronco is "a very private person." What does that mean?!

Is he standoffish?

Is he shy?

What are they trying to say? Will somebody (who has actually met and talked with the man) please explain this?

Fresno, CA


Good question. I've always wondered that too. Anybody know?

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