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Published: Tuesday, May 17 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT

Without BYU, TCU and Utah the MWC does not. If BSU, Nevada and Hawaii were consistently ranked over the next 3 years then maybe.

As it is currently set up, every conference should get an automatic BCS bid if they have someone ranked in the top 12. No conference should get an automatic bid unless they have someone ranked in the top 12.

A 16 team playoff would solve this problem. Invite a conference champion into the playoff if they were ranked in the top 16.
Just have the top 16 teams, based on BCS like rankings be in the playoff.
Have a 24 team playof where teams 9-24 have a play-in game.

Anything would be more fair than the way it is now.

Syracuse, UT

Why would the MWC get an automatic bid? They lost the 3 best teams in the conference and Boise isn't about to do anything special.

Bothell, WA

Question: "Should the BCS give the Mountain West Conference automatic qualifying status?"

Answer: No - the BCS system is a corrupt, anti-competitive revenue-hoarding system that does not adequately determine championship status in a competitive sport. Period. The BCS system should be disbanded, by congressional edict, if necessary, and replaced with a fair and equitable system for ALL schools to participate in.

It's all about SCOREBOARD, not what cronies and backroom, palm-greasing deals that get made.

The college football "championship" system is a joke and always has been a joke for years and years. And yes, this is true EVEN when the Utes beat the Crimson Tide. It was an injustice then just as it is now even though the Utes play in a "BCS conference" now and will never ever see a BCS bowl game again.

Frisco, TX

Easy to answer this question now. No! The new MWC only has one consistent Top 25 team - Boise State.

Had the old MWC stayed together and added Boise State, the answer is an easy Yes, since they were stronger than the Big East and ACC most years.

I like TJ's idea above. Forget the AQ status. UConn should not have received a bid last year. There were many teams that were much more deserving.

But we can make the BCS feel needed, by using their ranking system to pick the Top 16 teams or Top 24, with teams 9 - 24 getting a play-in game. This would also make teams think twice before scheduling cupcakes for their non-conference game.

Bountiful, UT

The answer is 'No' the MWC shouldn't get an auto bid to the BCS - but not because the MWC is not derserving. No conference should get autobids to the BCS cartel. The BCS should go away and let the players prove who is best - on the field.

Still loving that Utah gets to play the PAC-12 teams each week. Still hating that my Utes are guilty by association with this pack of wolves in wolves clothing (the BCS doesn't even try to hide it anymore).

Springville, UT

Nope, nada, no way... the MWC becomes the WAC 3.0.1 beta.

Thank you commish. Had you had one more ounce of common sense than animal crackers you could have figured out that the TV deal was killing the MWC and its premier schools.

Instead, you allowed other conferences to pull the strings and summarily dismantle the whole thing.

The MWC lost its BCS opportunity because of poor management.

Iowa City, IA

The old bowl system was not better than the current BCS.

A playoff system would be great, but it would still have controversy over the teams involved and the BCS power brokers would simply become the playoff power brokers.

So, for the time being, we have the BCS. Hag TCU stayed with the MWC, I think they could have made a strong argument, no I don't think so. Still, Boise St. has made it to two BCS bowls out of the WAC, and TCU/Utah combined for 4 out of the MWC despite no autobid.

Win your games and earn a spot.

Orem, UT


The MTN is responsible for killing the MWC's chances of becoming a BCS conference. The television deal that BYU bargained for, access rights to rebroadcast BYU sports and to televise games not televised by the MTN, was not the television deal Craig Thompson signed with Comcast.

When BYU objected to the Comcast deal, instead of pressuring Comcast to accept the terms of the original deal, Craig Thompson made a couple of phone calls, and then rolled over and played dead.

He couldn't be bothered going to bat for his most marketball sports program.

It'll be interesting to see if the MTN can survive without BYU and Utah, the two teams that generated the lion's share of revenue for the MTN.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

NO. While BSU has been much more dominate and consistant than the U, Y and TCU; BSU has shown it can earn its own way into BCS bowls. No need for an automatic bid for the MWC.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

At first I was gonna say NO to the auto status.

But, just for kicks, I'll say ya... give the MWC auto status. Simply because it would be so fun to see BYU left out again.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

The current MWC would simply replace the Big East at the bottom of the BCS.

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