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They also argue that Smart wasn't that psychologically damaged

Published: Tuesday, May 17 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I suppose osama was just temporarily insane when he planned, funded, trained terroists to hijack the airplanes. With this defense osama should have just gone to a mental institution. Since most Americans got on with their lives and didn't go insane.

I wonder if the defense would use this same argument if it was his daughter that was kidnapped by mitchell and used as a "wife".

SLC, Utah

@On the other hand: "Remember that the constitution grants Mr. Mitchell the right to a fair trial, and if his lawyers didn't pursue every possible avenue on his behalf..."

Yes, but these lawyers have moved into the realm of the bizarre with their assertion.

Yucca Valley, CA

It has taken years for us to SEE the effects of molestation on our child. It has touched every person she knows in psychological ways. Every emotion from hate to vengeance. resentment. Our child has a hard time knowing what's "normal" and what is part of growing-up. It was so pervasive and disruptive to our "natural progression" as a family. It has taken hours and hours and hours of counseling and ultimately Divine intervention to get on an even keel and to be healed. It will take a very special man to be the husband of such a girl. Until you experience it, you really cannot know.

Miss Piggie
SLC, Utah

Ms Molli: "Had the author of this article provided just a little background information and explained the significance of "extreme psychological injury" I think the readers of this article would have had a much better understanding of why the defense is doing this."

The problem is, Ms Molli, the psychological injury could and probably will come years later. The young mind is very resilient. It is impossible to stop reflecting back on the horrendous incident in years to come, especially when the victim will desire marriage and then children via the very process that was her daily nightmare using force.

Port Alice, B.C.

Mitchell is not insane, he is an abuser.

The role of a defense lawyer with an unpopular defendant is difficult indeed. He has fairly limited resources with which to work, and he is pitted against all of the might and power of the state. His duty is to give his client the best possible defense and if saying unpopular things is necessary so be it.

He must not subborn perjury or deliberately mislead the court but otherwise he must do his darndest.

If the very worst of us cannot get a good defence then the very best of us are in trouble.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Brian David Mitchell has done just fine in the Salt Lake County jail both during and after his trial while awaiting sentencing. He should do just fine in a high security federal prison. For cleanliness and security reasons they should be required to shave that beard.

Shelley, ID

The defense lawyers want more job security.

Williams, AZ

It amazes me to what ends lawyers will go to get their client a reduce sentence. I would like to know what gives them right to say this young lady hasn't suffer. A man that would kidnap a 14 year old and rapes her more time than can be counted should get life in prison, without parole reguardless where his time is spent.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Basically Steele is arguing that since Miss Smart managed to overcome the suffering inflicted on her by Mitchell he should be punished less severly. The results do not determine how severe something was, the testimony clearly showed the evils inflicted on Miss Smart were severe and the claim that Mitchell should be treated lightly because his best efforts failed to permanently break Miss Smart strikes me as an inherently sleazy argument.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Ms. Molli,
Good defense should not extend to attacking the character of victims. There are far too many sleazy lawyers involved in defending rapists and it is high time someone speak out against such use of unethical tactics to mitigate the crime of rape and marginalize its victims.

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