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Published: Monday, May 16 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I can't grasp how an active Church member could be a Democrat.

Murray, UT

It's only difficult to define if you're NOT.

kaysville, ut

Huntsman has had a lifetime to define his religion. It is a simple question that has a simple answer.....well...simple if you are not trying to run for president.

The fact that Huntsman may be waiting to gauge the winds of opinion is really all I need to know. I want a president that has a moral center, not a tootsie roll center all too ready to morph into whatever it is that surrounds him.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

I am sure that says more about the poster than it does about Mormon doctrine.

PA Rock Man
Allentown, PA

What was really revealed by the reactions to Jon Hunstman's comments was how we, as Mormons, deal with those within our faith who harbor doubts or concerns about any aspect of our faith. Its not evil for a well-intentioned, faithful, believing Mormon to work through concerns he or she may have. But, I know from experience that it is a bad idea to share one's concerns with any of one's Church associates, even in private because people often react the same way they did to Huntsman. Many automatically assume the person who has doubt is hiding serious sins or wants to sow disbelief. These knee-jerk reactions often receive cause many of doubters to not address their underlying concerns until they leave the church.

I think we need to be more accepting of Jon Hunstman and other LDS people like him. Let them define themselves how they want, its not our place to judge their hearts. If someone only believes 50% of the doctrine right now, show compassion and understanding and hope they will come around to being a 100% believer later on.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I can't grasp how an active Church member could be a Democrat. "

Easy, you just have to ignore everyone who is judging you for being an LDS Democrat.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Wayne Rout | 3:54 p.m. May 16, 2011
El Paso, TX
I can't grasp how an active Church member could be a Democrat.

[Turn ON sarcasm.]

Ya -- and Pres. James E. Faust, or Elder Marlin Jensen, how can they possibly be Democrats!
And Pres. Uchdoft, not even being an American!

[Sarcasm, OFF.]

BTW - Some of us wonder the exact same thing regarding Republicans.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

@Wayne, as an active Church member and a Democrat, I think I can explain it: you go to your favorite voter registration place and you mark the "Democrat" square.

Let me add that marking that square doesn't compel you to agree with everything or anything other people do in the name of the party. That's also true for those who mark the "Republican" square, although I get the impression that some of my Republican acquaintances don't realize that.

blog this
Murray, UT

It seems that those who comment want to define "mormon" as someone whose opinions are the same as their opinions, someone who is just like them. I thought that the article was well written and thought provoking.

Salt Lake City, UT

If Huntsman doesn't feel comfortable just saying "yes" to the question of Mormon membership, his reasons are probably very personal. And while politicians do agree to give up some of their privacy just by running for office, I don't think he should be required to discuss his religious beliefs any further than he already has. It's not relevant.

And honestly I would think most Mormons would be happy he left it where he did. I don't know why he didn't just say yes or no, but lets speculate for a second. Do you want him discussing some of the stranger aspects of Mormonism he might be questioning? Do you want him to say, "I'm a member, but I don't have a current temple recommend because I (fill in the blank.)" For people who are unfamiliar with Mormonism, a discussion like that would just sound weird and out of context and wouldn't do Mormons any favors.

Ogden, UT

"I can't grasp how an active Church member could be a Democrat."

Well, I can't grasp how an active Church member could be

AZ Ute
Scottsdale, AZ

What?! You PAY a babysitter to go to the temple? I bet your ward brothers and sisters are not happy with you at all about that confession.

Tooele, UT

Mr Huntsman was born in a guilded cage which includes the inherited silver spoon in his mouth. It would have been almost impossible for him to have been a failure for other than major personal deficiencies. He has ridden in on his daddy's shirt tail. He lacks having been through the refiner's fire such as many of us in this self indulgent and spoiled society have not had the opportunity to do. As a return missionary he should not attempt his light under a bushel basket under any circumstances. His portrayal of what contitutes his fundamental foundtion is found wanting in my opinion. Consequently I've begun saving up for a $20.00 contribution to Mr Romney.

Lehi, UT

Personally, I think he was playing it safe politically, trying to paint himself as being able to relate to all kinds of people. I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with that, especially since I don't believe religion should a factor in politics.

In his defense, we as readers aren't privy to the entirety of the interview. I'm willing to bet that 75%+ of people that are bent out of shape about his comments, haven't even read the actual article. Most of them have probably just read and seen news stories about the article. Journalists often only use part of their questions and material when writing a story, and editors often remove other information too.

west jordan, ut

Mr. Hunstman was baptized a member of the CHurch from what I understand. Its a simple yes or no question. He could respond, "yes, I am a member...however I am not practicing at this time and would prefer to not discuss it" I dunno. I just keep thinking of that scripture in Romans 1:16 that says "for I am not ashamed of the Gospel..." To me that means no matter what, I personally dont deny my membership, under any circumstances.
But we are all individual and can choose for ourselves.

@Seer- I agree, he has had a lifetime to 'define' his membership. I dont want someone in office that conforms to what someone else what them to.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

A Mormon understands the sacrament prayers and judges his conduct against the covenant he makes every week as he takes the sacrament. Anything less is fluff.

avid reader
Menan, ID

Huntsman's defining Mormonism reminds me of Bill Clinton's, "It depends on what the meaning of the word is, is"

Salt Lake City, UT

I think I feel disappointed in Jon Huntsman that he couldn't be a better example. He has put himself in position where he could do so much good in the world for the church. I just wish he stood strong for what his heritage is.

Clearfield, UT

Wayne Rout many promiment mormons are or have been gasp Dems including at least one current member of the seventy. The list inludes Pres Faust, Hugh B Brown, Pres Tanner, Bruce R McConckie, I could continue. I am not a Dem however to villify a another LDS for being a democratic is pure hypocrisy and just plain dumb.

Right or Wrong
Happy Valley, Utah

It seems like the writer has trouble with simple things. You are or you are not, even with all of the little differences we each have.

It is yes or no, then you can define what difficult definitions you hold. But politics/politicians seem to like the gray areas.

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