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Published: Thursday, May 12 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

What's hard to define??? Either you are an active , believing Latter Day Saint or you are a jack mormon. Pretty easy. Hunstman is a jack Mormon which makes it REALLY easy for me to decide who to support - ROMNEY!!!!!

Beverly Hills, CA

There is a divide in the church.
Group A - Staunch, close minded, judgmental, superiority toward others, ultra conservative.
Group B - Open minded, accepting, laid back, more liberal.

Cedar Hills, UT

Harry Reid at least says he believes and is active in the church. He may not practice what he preaches but at least he isn't ashamed of being called a latter day saint like Huntsman. Huntsman would do good to open his New Testament and read where the St John makes it clear what happens to those that are "luke warm" in their belief.

Anaheim, CA

Some of you seem very uncompassionate about Mr. Huntsmans stance. Life is a journey, and sometimes life takes you in a different direction, maybe he's rethought things and isn't quite sure about what he believes or where he stands religiously. But what is sad is that it shouldn't matter. The constitution guarantees that there shall be no religious test to hold office, so why should it matter what someone's religion is? To me religion is a private matter, not something you go around sharing with everyone like a zealot loon. If someone has to sell you on their personal qualities by proclaiming their religion, then run! It's like those shysters who doop people out of money because they convinced some sucker that they were a good Mormon or a good Christian, if your main selling point has to be your religion, you've got problems and should not be trusted. If I should vote for someone for no other reason other than the fact that they are a good _________ (name your sectarian affiliation here) then I'm voting for someone else. Maybe he doesn't think his religions should define him?

Layton, UT

I guess I would consider myself an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints though I am not sure what "active" means. I raised my children in the Church teaching them the principles that I believed in. One of my children chose to live her life differently and you know what, I love that child. She is young and trying to find out what is right for her, she is a good person who accepts and loves all people. At first it was difficult because I felt that she was saying that what I taught her was wrong. That was my issue, she wasn't saying that at all, I had to learn that I had the problem of judgement. I love and adore her no less now than I did the day she was born. Governor Huntsman is a decent man, he assisted our family during a very difficult situation. He has the right to express or not express his convictions without judgement from me or anyone on this board. Quit quoting scripture,quit passing judgement, no one on this board has that authority anyway.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Hank Pym

Washington, Adams, Payne, and other signers of the constitution.... all devote Christians.... oh and pretty decent leaders too wouldn't ya say Hank???

small town, Nebraska

Ive never been that impressed with Govenor Huntsman. I have had interesting ancestors in my line but so what, they are just as human and as fallible as I am. To me, he has been wishy washy on lots of things and that is one reason I would not want him for the presidency. I dont know who Id vote for if it came down between the choice of him or President Obama. I would really have to think hard about it.

Beverly Hills, CA

Utah Republican Mormons are strange in the way they see the world so let's play the Holier Than Thou Game!

LDS Republican Kevin Garn=Admits to being naked in a hot tub with a 15 year old girl, defended and got standing ovation

LDS Republican Sheldon Killpack=DUI, defended and praised as a "good man"

LDS Republican Bob Bennett= Ran out of town for one bill and vilified for not being conservative enough

LDS Democrat Harry Reid=claims that he is a bad and evil man has never cheated on his wife of had a DUI.

LDS Republican Jon Huntsman="Not Mormon enough", has never cheated on his wife of had a DUI

LDS Republican Mitt Romney=Passed a bill that the current health system is based on and current flip flopper.

I would encourage my fellow LDS on this forum to not judge Huntsman. If you don't like him, don;t vote for him. You are not the Lord, so you should refrain from bashing him spiritually.

chase SL
Salt Lake City, UT

Hey, whatever is cleaver. I won't be voting for him, but he can define himself any way he wants. He has no obligation to tie himself to one religion. Be what you will Gov. Huntsman

Orem, UT

After reading this article I was eager to comment, but I can see that so many already demonstrate what I was about to say; John, if this is your "Mormon issue" strategy, it will bite you.

Lehi, UT

It is obvious that he has finally come to his senses and realized that the church he grew up in is not true. He now has my vote!

Magna, UT

Forget the evangelical conservatives who dictate Iowa and the early Presidential Primaries. It's obvious from these comments that Mr Huntsman's most vitriolic opposition will come from people of his own faith.

At a time when the country desperately needs nuance and bi-partisanship, moderates like John Huntsman are being run through the "all or nothing" buzz saw. That's a loss for us all.

Provo, Ut


I don't recall saying any such thing. I'm not sure how you got that out of my comments????

Real Republican
Alpine, Utah

First, Deseret News - thank you for trying to make the comments section a more controlled civil discourse environment.

Huntsman is doing his best imitation of a candidate that the Obama administration fears the most - one that imitates Obama, but is Republican. Be vague on your positions, long on promises, short on performance of promises,appealing to the independents, not incumbered by his or any other religious beliefs, and full of sound bites intended to be cool like the superstars of the etherial realms of green America and Hollywood. Oh, and surround yourself with a bunch of "experts" who's primary goal in life is to scheme how to make everyone in the opposing party look like either and idiot or a radical. And you must control the uneducated masses.

He's not real folks, he is a real politician.

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

I'm not sure what this article says about Huntsman and his faith. But I think that many of the comments to this article say quite a lot about many members of the church (LDS) and their judgment of others.

Salt Lake City, UT

Here's an idea, why don't we as Mormons take this as a teachable moment ... for us! We can understand that there are, as another commenter said, varying degrees of belief and activity in the LDS Church. How about we just realize that we're all human and we're all unfinished products? Be patient with people. Be understanding if they don't believe the same things you do. How many people are impatient with us to the point where they're screaming at the top of their lungs for us to abandon our beliefs and take up theirs? I have a relative who said it "drove him nuts" that someone in his ward didn't seem to have a strong testimony. Why should that drive someone nuts?

Anyway, I'd vote for him. I like the job he did here.

Florissant, MO

OK, let me at least describe good ole shallow, mindless me. First of all, I don't vote for someone cause they are white, and I would not vote for someone cause they are Mormon. On the other hand, I will not withhold a vote because of color or religion. So maybe I a white Mormon girl will vote for a black non Mormon man, and I am not talking Obama. But maybe I will like Cain, and again maybe I will like Romney, but either way, it will not be based on color or religion. So that is what this shallow mindless person has planned. As for Huntsman, I don't think he is going to do well and I was not pro Huntsman before I found out that he might be a white Mormon version of Obama. Obama shunned his church in the name of politics.

Orem, UT

@xscribe: Only one person has earned the right to label anyone a hypocrite. And it's not you and it's not me. We should all be more tolerant and less judgmental. I think we should examine how well Huntsman's political walk matches his political talk. Why is it OK for us to put more value on his religion (or his color, or his ethnicity, or etc.) than on his ability to lead with principle? We bristle when we hear people say they could never vote for a Mormon. Then why do we not bristle when someone says they could never vote for a non-Mormon or even a former Mormon?

As an active member of the LDS church, I feel a twinge of regret when I hear JHJ waffle on a question about his faith. But that will not affect my decision about whether to vote for him.

Orem, UT

Can anyone say, "Jack Mormon"?

Gainesville, FL

As I commented earlier, I believe Jon Huntsman should have just given a straight answer. However, I think he'd be a good president. It is possible to disagree with someone or with someone's actions while still supporting him or her. Huntsman's non-answer doesn't affect how or if I vote for him but that doesn't mean I agree with him giving a non-answer.

Re: AT "A reason that really makes you question how [Huntsman Sr.] now part of the Church leadership."

What that shows is that you believe Huntsman Sr. is a "MINO" but clearly the Lord believes differently. Is Huntsman Sr. perfect? No. Is Huntsman Jr. perfect? No. Are any of us perfect? No. Should we judge others? Of course we should, to the extent of our limited understanding. We'd be mindless robots if we didn't judge others. Should we ever pass a "final judgment" on others? Of course not.

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