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Published: Thursday, May 12 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

This sounds like the type of candidate I could vote for...NOT!!! 30 pieces of silver comes to mind.

Bronx, NY

So if Obama goes through the process of getting his name on the records (yes I do know what that entails) and then goes back to the church in Chicago you all love so much and attends there instead of his local LDS ward you would accept him as Mormon if he claimed he was Mormon?

Salt Lake City, UT

Huntsman may have lost points with some voters, but I would be happy so have religion not be a part of the way the country judges him.

Let's focus on how he would improve the economy and promote peace in the world.

Beverly Hills, CA

Huntsman can practice as he wishes. None of you are worthy to judge his religiousness, only The Holy One of Israel will. I am LDS and I have voted for him because he is a proven pragmatic leader, not a religious nut.

If this makes him different than the LDS filled legislature that passed awful bills this year, I will take him over those jokers any day.

Port Alice, B.C.

At this point if Huntsman ran, he wouldn't carry the state of Utah.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

You guys crack me up!

C'mon -- Be honest. Especially with yoursleves.

If Jon Hunstman Jr. is the Republican nominee -- each and everyone of you nay-sayers will vote for him regardless of your mouthy opinions.

Who else you gonna vote for? Your sworn enemy - Pres. Obama?

Hunstman vs. who? Newt?, Palin, Bachman, Pastor Huckabee??? -- pathetic.

BTW - if Hunstman actually wins the GOP nomination,
I would guess that for every ultra-far-right Tea-Party Republican that drops out, 5 other Moderate, Independant and big-tent Reagan Democrats would step in.

News Reader Today
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't care if Huntsman is still active in the LDS Church or not. This is the same as when he was Governor - do anything to put your name in the paper! He couldn't give a straight answer if his life depended on it. That is why I will never vote for him. He will say anything to get elected then turn his back on the voters who put him there. Remember when his wife wanted a soccer stadium so he ran roughshod over Salt Lake County to get it put in. Typical sleazy politician!!

Bluffdale, UT

If you are going to judge Mormons individually to see if they are "in or out", do it by their service, not meeting attendence.

Centerville, UT

LDS Liberal

Dell Schanze comes to mind, over a couple of liberal clowns. Pelosi said we just need to make both parties the same and then there would be no bickering. John and Obama make her dreams come true.

San Francisco, CA

I know tons of people who take pride in saying they are "very spiritual but not religious." What many of them mean is that they follow their own spiritual path, go out in the woods or into a windowless cubicle to meditate, answer only to their own interpretations of everything, want to be free to accept or reject any religious, moral, or ethical teaching if it doesn't suit them, and don't want to be tied to a congregational or communal form of worship (which is how almost all religions share, strengthen their members, and unite to bless the world around them).

I guess I'm left wondering which is harder to define: his elusive supposed membership or affiliation with the LDS church, or his aspirations to pomp and power. Which is more important, which is going to gain the upper hand?

Whatever... all this hazy double talk will serve him well in any political office he might eventually hold.

Salt Lake City, UT

He's the type of moderate candidate we need.

Ogden, UT

If he has lost his faith, or it is severely diminished, the man needs to be outright honest about it.

I think he's attempting to stradle the fence in hopes of gaining more votes while not losing the fundraising donations of the faithful.

At least he is not pulling a "Harry Reid" and pretending to be devout...

City, Ut

"Huntsman was so cryptic..."


Well, we'll see how this tactic plays out.

We know where being up front and forthright about LDS Church membership landed Romney the last time round.

I applaud Huntsman for this evasion and giving the appearance of mystery. Giving people the right out, straight up, honest answers didn't work last time--maybe they'll prefer this.

As for the author's statement "that she knew even less after questioning him"---I'm pretty skeptical.

They know so little to begin with about Mormonism and its relevance to a Presidential campaign, that its hard to imagine it even being possible to know less than they do. :)

Murray, UT

His strategy is intriguing. He is leveling the playing field with other candidates when it comes to religion.

Religion should not be a major factor in a presidential election. No other candidate(exept maybe Romney) faces as much scrutiny regarding their religion.

He is dodging the question and I hope he continues to do so.

Sandy, UT

Well, another reason I WON"T vote for HUNTSMAN any time soon. NO GUTS NO GLORY. As a former fundamentalist Christian (BAPTIST) and now active "MORMON" I feel I can say that his statement will offend not just members of the LDS CHurch but other christians as well. Failure to stand for your faith is a fatal flaw as many non-Mormons already know.

Salt Lake City, UT

I doubt Huntsman is a sellout for political reasons for the simple reason that it's been fairly well-known among the political class in this town that Huntsman was pretty "soft" as a Mormon. This isn't new. I've heard the rumors (from quite credible sources) for years that he wasn't particularly observant, and that he largely stayed with the church to accommodate his parents. And he certainly made a point of visiting all kinds of churches while governor rather than attending his ward. I think he's just being more honest than political in all this. After all, "I'm spiritual, but not sure how" isn't exactly going to win him a lot of evangelical votes either.

BYU Girl
Kearns, UT

All the more reason why I'm voting for Mitt Romney!!! Huntsman won't have a chance if he tries that approach!! Now who's the flipper?

Bakersfield, CA

It is sad when a person lacks the strength to stand faithful and true to conviction. That is a politician for you. "Neither cold or hot...etc."

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry, Governor. I don't care about your religion, only your politics and that doesn't seem very well defined either.

Cedar City, UT

I commend Jon Huntsman for his honesty. As a former Methodist, I grew up surrounded by every level of spirituality. There was no "Active/Less-Active" categorization, just a whole spectrum of members. All understood that everyone was different when it cane to religious faith.

Jon reminds me of that experience. He can't accurately describe his testimony. Who can? I can't.

Do I believe in tithing? Yes. Do I undestand where it goes, why I need to, what happens if I cheat, exactly what do I owe? No.

I believe we members of the LDS church are very much like Jon. It's easy to say we're active. It's virtually impossible to define our faith. We rely on what others say and how others have talked about their faith. Rather than be objective and open, like Jon.

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