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Published: Thursday, May 12 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

Sounds like Utah Republicans are still mad at him for jumping ship. Now don't get me wrong, I won't be voting Huntsman either way. His connection with a polluting chemical company responsible for much of the cancer epidemic in this valley is way more important than his religion. But I am surprised that no one commenting here is questioning whether or not the journalist--A Times writer for crying out loud--has a bias here as well. The Times is not known for being an exceptionally credible magazine. So let's give the man a break and actually hear what he has to say for himself, not what Times has to say for him. Either way, don't vote for him. He won't do the country any good.

sandy, ut

This be a non-issue with mormons as it really is none of their business what his exact stance is with the religion. To imply that anybody is more honest, good, or anything else because they are 'mormon' is just plain ignorant. Look at all of the ward members near Provo that have swindled other members (often elderly) out of their life savings for some pyramid scheme. Now if that is not a red flag to what the religion might breed, I don't know what is. I know most mormons are generally kind people and honest, but the simple title of 'mormon' does nothing. It is called integrity and character. Some people have it, some don't. Integrity is an individual thing that religion has nothing to do with.

Spanish Fork, UT

Brahma, what's funny is that posters like yourself spin the churches beliefs to fit their own logic. What is illogical would be to attend a church you don't fully believe in, when that church insists that it is the ONLY true church. Also, having 'Mormon' roots, or your name on the records of the church does not make on a Mormon. Plenty of Poly groups claim to be Mormons, but they don't belong to the same church. Being LDS is standing up for what you and the church believe in all aspects of your life. Now, you mentioned the 13+ million members of the church, I can't speak for all of them, especially since only approx 50% are active members. What I can speak for is the fact that I myself believe the church is true, and when I see someone trying to capitalize on the LDS religion in one state, yet shrug it off in a National Newspaper it upsets me. Huntsman either believes it or he doesn't. You can't serve God and Mammon. That's in the Bible my friend.

American Fork, UT

It seems likely that there are others out there whose Church membership and participation is "hard to define." Does that make them unfit for public office? Maybe he doesn't like being treated like a celebrity when he walks into the building.

Gainesville, FL

While I respect Hunstman as a politician, now is not the time to be ambiguous about personal issues (unless he isn't going to run for president). If he's going to run, he should take a position and either way (active LDS or not), it will blow over come campaign time. That's all he has to say, "I consider myself Mormon but I don't really attend church" or "My background is LDS but I no longer consider myself LDS." Not that we need to make religion a major focus of the candidates but it's best just to get it out of the way - either way - like Mitt Romney did or anyone else where religion might be an issue to a large number of people.

Re: MormonDem

So you're saying you are going to vote for someone [Pres. Obama] whose has made neither his personal nor policy positions clear? If anyone thinks Pres. Obama's policy positions are clear, look at what he did and said as a Senator, on the campaign trail, and as President. We see vast differences [Iraq, Guantanamo, transparency, health care, environmental policies, economic policies, and so forth].

Irving, TX

After viewing the comments it's disappointing to realize that the Utah Mormon hasn't changed much...

If the Governor wants to keep his own "spiritual" walk more private then why should anyone here care?

My relationship with the LDS church is "touch to define" as well...now everyone quickly blast me!

Ogden, UT

I never liked him much before, he was always too liberal. Now it seems like he doesn't stand for anything.

He has lost all credibility in my opinion.

Draper, Utah

I really feel he is being honest about his faith. Many of us question our religious roots eventually. It is ok to be a free thinker. Mormon leaders are just men, trying to keep the "dream" alive.....Jon, I believe, has the experience to be a great president....just my thoughts!!

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear George: Membership in the LDS Church is NOT "tough to define." Either you ARE a member or you are NOT. There is no in between. It's cut and dried. That is not a hard question. Anyone who is LDS knows that. The question was if he was a "member of the Church." Either you are a member or you're not. It's an easy question.

Unless his name has been taken off the membership rolls of the Church, he's a member. If he's not a member, it means his name HAS been taken off the rolls of the Church. There's no fuzzy area. That's why the answer is such a squishy, wishy-washy answer. IT WAS CEARLY AN EVASION. Anyone who is LDS knows that.

This isn't like being an Evangelical where all you have to do is stand up and make a declaration of faith. In our Church there are official records that define whether you are a member or not. Plain and simple.

His answer was an EVASION!

And....Dear LDS Liberal: Huntsman is NOT going to be the nominee, so you have nothing to worry about.

sandy, ut

Article-reader - I see what you are saying. I am simply stating that if you think that it is either 'black or white' or 'in or out' with the church then you are living in the dark. I don't think most people of mormonism or any faith attend because they think their church is true. I think people attend to become close to god and to become a better person. I have never ever heard a methodist say that they are the 'only true church'. Think about it. It is great that you believe it, but it doesn't mean it is the true church. That has what your study and your life experiences have led you to believe. As a member myself, I am bothered when we say we are the only true church. How sad that we think a relatively small world church (13 million compared to 500 million catholics) is the only true church. Active mormons don't have to either 'believe or not', that is an arrogant statement. You can go to church to better yourself. The church has too many errors and changed doctrine to be the one true church, yet I still go.

Danish American
Payson, UT

@snurge: Just to be clear, the development company of the LDS Church that is building the City Creek development doesn't take any tithing money. Perhaps that is like your other inconsistencies. The Church is by no means perfect nor are the members but then again, who is?

Bluffdale, UT

Article-Reader, your comments explain exactly why it is "tough to define". Although you may claim all Mormons are like you, we are not. Christian love and empathy are not Mormon-only traits.

Bedford, WY

Revelation 3:15-16

Bronx, NY

and of course your spin on what makes someone LDS or not LDS is based solidly in church doctrine including your right to decide if someone is a worthy LDS member right? What chapter and verse was that found in again?

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Everest: You post is COMPLETELY beside the point. NO ONE is claiming that Huntsman is unfit for office. That's a completely seperate issue. The question was if he is a "MEMBER" of the LDS Church. He gave an evasive, swquishy answer. That's what people are questioning. NOT his fitness for office.

Florissant, MO

OK, he might be in the church, he might not be, but one thing he is for sure. A COWARD!!!

Ogden, UT

jon huntsman took the sack off his head and can see the truth..know he thinks he can win the presidency..i wont vote for him,i made that mistake once befor hes to libral for me.he,d probably make mitt romney vice president and legalize polygamy

Park City, UT

Reading the responses here is quite telling. You will vote for a mormom whether or not he would make a good president. Now that he has distanced himself from it you people run like rats from a sinking ship.

He has gone way up in credibility in my opinion. At least he's not trying to pander to mormons purely for their votes. You see that type of obvious pandering in state elections...

Ogden, UT

Come on everyone, We all know that there are many varying degrees for believing Mormons. No ones faith is the same as the next guys. Huntsman is just being honest.

The real problem as I see it is that he passes himself off as the son of a General Authority, and a Returned Missionary, when he is here in Utah running for office. When He is running for national office he will represent other sides of himself.

That doesn't make him a bad person, it just makes him a good politician. One that wont take a stand on anything, and tries to be everything to everyone. That type of politician (one that is spineless) isn't need now. That is his big problem.

This will hurt him in the long run because America is looking for a leader that can stand on his own, and Huntsman just showed he can't do that.

Bluffdale, UT

These are excerpts from a Time Magazine article (not even the whole article). Really? You are going to judge him on that? Although, I attend my LDS Church and temple regularly I am ashamed to be associated by some of the commenters here.
"If there is anything of virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." This is the opposite of "The ONLY true Church" "In or out", "with us or against us, these terms are stiff-necked.
"Believing in absolutes leads to the dark side" Obi-One

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