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Published: Thursday, May 12 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT

He who straddles the fence ends up with a sore crotch sooner or later. I think JHJ is a good man but question his dancing around the religion topic. I don't understand what he thinks he is gaining by being vague. Whether he believes in the LDS faith or not, just be open about it. It sounds like he is trying not to offend mainstream LDS and not rile those who dislike the LDS at the same time. Personally, I would respect him more if he had just said that he is not practicing the LDS faith or is no longer active in the LDS church if that is how he feels. Or the opposite if that is truth. I still think Romney can solve the countries problems better than anyone else.

Romney 2010!

Quiet Neighborhood, UT

Anyone know what Huntsmans worth is? Not his Dad's, but his. I keep hearing how rich he is, but is he really or is it just his father?

Orem, Utah

Hy Folks - this religion thing is just a smoke screen. The real issue is Time's slimy attempt to deceive gullible Americans into thinking that the Dems are afraid of JHJ. The Dems would like nothing more than to be opposed by a RINO governor from Utah. Presidential Journalism 101: sing the praises of the weakest viable Republican candidate during the primaries; then, once you get 'em elected, destroy 'em.

Herriman, UT

Wow, a bunch of judgmental armchair columnists are posting today. None of you know this man - you don't understand his personal life, much less his spiritual one.

I know many people who are pretty active Mormons who still embrace many philosophies from other religions and cultures. We members of the LDS church should never judge people on their relationship with God, much less on how they integrate with the church's culture (which is often bizarre and changes drastically from state to state or even ward to ward).

Maybe he just shies away from religion talk because he wants to talk about other issues and keep his religion private. He can do as he pleases, and from the quotes I read, he is not throwing his religion under the bus. And frankly even if he did, what's it to you? So a "famous" Mormon leaves the fold, we have better things to focus on don't we?

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT



What do you think about:

Being ambivalent, evasive, and/or inconsistent, and/or all three, at the same time?

"Jon answering":

I'm a successful politician.

It comes with the territory.

Durham, NC

I don't think Huntsman is shifting in the sand like Romney did. If anything, he is answering the question honestly, and presenting himself as himself, rather than a charecture of what the right thinks a proper conservative should look and feel like. I feel he is answering more truthfully then Romney ever did.

The honest truth is other than the ERA or Friend version of the church, there are many who struggle to put the church into context of real life. The more you travel and are exposed to the world outside Utah, the more you see how complex semingly simple things become.

The standard lds answer is only one "true" church, and all others are evil. In reality there may be just a single church that has the fullness of the gospel, but many other faiths also have a good portions of truth and goodness in them. Acknowledging the goodness in these other faiths normally would not require a renunciation of onces own faith, but LDS culter doesn't accept that liberality very well.

Name calling and branding like RINO are just more examples of the "fall in line or get out" mentality previlant.

Bluffdale, UT

I have had the honor of working closely with Jon when he was our Governor. I have never met a nicer more honorable man. To read people of the LDS faith making comments like "your either in or your out, what will it be?" Do you find wonder why the rest of the world thinks of your church as a crazy cult?
Second, reading comments of the faithful devout Mormons saying that because he is "denying" his faith they are not going to vote for him... Aren't you doing the same thing the Christians do to your devout Mormon politicians? The fact is, despite what you may believe culturally, a rather large percentage of "members" of the LDS church are in the same place as Mr. Huntsman. Having a relationship with God, does not need to involve a 3 hour block, and strict temple attendance. Stop judging this man by your own definitions of worthiness.

Mom of 2
Eagle Mountain, UT

I think it's sad, actually. Not that he won't "define" what he is, but fact that Mormon peer pressure is so strong that he can't come right out and say he's a former member (if that's the case). He knows that if he says something like that, do you know how many people in Utah will get offended? I think his statement is fine.

Farmington, Utah

A couple of interesting things to note: any other candidates out there asked about their faith except Republican Mormons? Let me know if they are.
As for Mr. Huntsman, he is so squishy about so many things, I have little faith in him...afraid he would be off signing any and every "green" bit of legislation that came his way, no matter what it cost.

Hyde Park, UT

If you're in, its not hard to define.

If it is hard to define, he's not.

Bronx, NY

So you honestly believe just because someone like Romney professes a strong belief in the LDS church it somehow tells you more about him then huntsman professions about his political views? No wonder our country has such a poor record of electing qualified officials. We care more about hiring the guy with the best image then the intellectuals that actually now what the heck they are doing. I am not saying Hunstman is an intellectual but I sure would not classify someone like Romney as one. I often disagreed with Huntsmans policy choices when he was governor of Utah and I still lived there but I found his reasoning thoughtful and reasonable. As a democrat I can tell you I for one am not afraid of Huntsman I would actually appreciate the chance to have a republican candidate like Huntsman or Powell run even if it means Obama might lose its time to but reason ahead of propaganda wars.

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

That's kind of like being "a little bit pregnant;" you are either an active member of the LDS faith or you're not. It's not really a religion for fence-sitters.

Idaho Falls, ID

Huntsman is right on. The LDS Church is not black or white, there are many many historical examples. Huntsman is not what many Utah politicians such as Jason Chaffetz are doing, selling his birthright for a mass of potage.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Look...Huntsman is either a member or he's not. That is not "hard to define." That's a question that requires a "yes" or "no" answer. His mushy, mealy-mouthed answer is typical of the kind of person he is. I can't believe there is ANYONE who "admires" him for that answer.

No matter what anyone thinks of Mitt Romney as a politican, he had the courage and the character to stand for his faith. Regardless of the battering he took and the lies that were told, he always stood up for his faith. That's what's admirable. Not a mushy, wishy-washy guy who isn't willing to stand up for anything and tries to straddle the fence because he thinks it might gain him a few political points.

I voted for Jon Huntsman twice, but I've never really liked him. It's becoming increasingly clear why.

Phoenix, AZ

Wow, it must be tough trying to be a Mormon with all the supposed wolfs running around in sheep's clothing and no one understanding who or what they are supposed to be or why. It reminds one of the story in Farm Animals; all members are equal, it is just that some are more equal than others. I wish Mr. Huntsman luck, he appears to be talented and dedicated, and he is not alone in not knowing the unknown; he may just be more honest.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

You guys crack me up!

C'mon -- Be honest. Espicially with yoursleves.

If Jon Hunstman Jr. is THE Republican nominee -- each and everyone of you nay-sayers will vote for him regardless of you mouthy opinions.

Who else you gonna vote for? Your sworn enemy - Pres. Obama?

Hunstman vs. who? Palin, Bachman, Pastor Huckabee??? -- pathetic.

BTW - if Hunstman actually wins the nomination, it would mean the first time I vote for the GOP in 28 years.

Salt Lake city, UT

there's a lot of things i like about huntsman that i think would make him a very good president for america, but if he truly is just posturing for votes then i don't think i can respect that. i am an active lds member who goes through a lot of what huntsman has let on. i feel that there's a lot of good in the different ways people choose to live their lives whether religious or irreligious. i didn't donate to prop 8 but i never spoke out against it nor fought friends and family on the issue. what i like about huntsman is that he's a guy that seems to want to find ways to work with opposition and his international ties with china would be a very good thing for our country.

i'm very happy with my lds faith and my "mormon roots" and even more so with the balance that i find in my life, but it puts me off a little bit when huntsman tries to downplay who he is and where he came from. unless he's really going through a conflict, he should just be straight forward.

Colorado Springs, CO

The fact that his religion matters is appalling to me. From most of these posts, it would seem that the LDS have two choices for candidates, and that will be the one that is most "Mormon." And this whole "you're in or you're out" nonsense is what made me an "out" in the first place. The hypocracy of my small-Utah-town upbringing was shameful, and the hypocracy continues to this day.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Daddy gave him the opportunities he has, grandpa his faith, no wonder Johnny is confused.

Bronx, NY

I find it interesting that you and other like minded posters see fit to decide for others what it means to be LDS. How exactly is this in keeping with the LDS teachings?

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