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Published: Thursday, May 12 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Brigham City, UT

Every member a missionary. And I do believe Huntsman is a missionary, just not something one wants to repeat on the campaign trail every day, nor should one say it; there are a thousand different ways to be a missionary. Despite all our flaws and peccadillos and differences in the church, there are few organizations out there as united and on the same page as LDS. If one thinks we are fragmented and divided---we may be----but it is worse elsewhere. How many organizations out there have the ability to reach out and bring global unity? Huntsman will be president some day------how many people can say they speak Chinese and have worked for the last 5 US presidents, and have adopted children and can truly say they are conservative and liberal?

salt lake city, UT

I have several thoughts on this but the one I'll share is this: If we don't want people throughout the country criticizing Mitt Romney for being LDS, people in Utah (or anywhere else) shouldn't criticize Jon Huntsman for whatever his religious beliefs are.

Fort Knox, KY

I know of a few members who send their children to catholic and/or Christian based schools over what is offered at the public schools in the areas they live. It's no different that if he were to send them to a private school which I think most Catholic and Christian based schools might be. I think Mr. Huntsman is seeking for the best education available for his children and where his children go to school is a decision only for him and his wife to make.

Boise, ID

@ Vanka

You mention members of the LDS church as being judgemental. But isn't it judgemental for you to put ALL church members (or another much heard favorite -"utah mormons") into a box? You are doing the very thing that you seem to contemptuously accuse others of doing.

Like I mentioned before, human beings are way too complicated to put into tidy little boxes with labels. Do members of the LDS faith display weakness- OF COURSE! Should they be more Christlike? YES. That is what Christ's gospel is all about- bettering oneself, and is for everyone. Really ALL of us are in this experience called "humanity" together! I think it would help if we could do our best not to categorize one another- no matter who we are- and just recognize that we all make mistakes...

I don't think Gov. Huntsman should be judged for his personal spiritual beliefs. But one does need to judge, since he is a political candidate, whether or not we think he would serve well. There are different types of judgement. Some is appropriate and other kinds are not-(personal issues). It may be easy to mix up others intentions.

Eddie T
Baton Rouge, LA

Huntsman is the only Republican I'd consider voting for.

Provo, UT


You wrote: "@vanka 10:49 - seems to me you're a "sheeple" of anti-Mormon thought. Most LDS member don't think so uncharitably toward fellow members with doubts, questions, or lesser commitments of the heart. Such judgmental ones are the minority."

I don't even KNOW any "anti-Mormons"!

You have rose-colored glasses on, bud. I attend Church almost every week. I see the judgmentalism constantly. It is pervasive and obvious. If I was not so in love with my LDS wife, the last place on earth I would spend any of my time is among such superficial, judgmental, holier-than-thou, arrogant Mormons.

But if Huntsman has enough intelligence to see Mormonism for what it is, and he sincerely, and with real intent, seeks to free himself from the shackles and darkness of that strange belief-system, then he has enough intelligence to lead this country. Huntsman without Mormonism is a great candidate for POTUS.

Vernal, UT

No way !!! Someone must have read his statement wrong.

Olympia, WA

So Huntsman has a complicated relationship with the Church. So what? THat doesn't mean he is a bad guy or is trying to distance himself from the Church for political gain. Being someone who left the Church over a period of about 3-4 years, I know it is a complicated, difficult journey with no quick and easy answers to those who ask about one's faith. It can be a very thorny and personal question to answer, that he didn't want to get into with a reporter who might take it out of context and spin it into more than it is (which as already happened anyway) is fully understandable. Cut this guy some slack, like many of us his relationship with the Church isn't black and white and he gave an honest, though not detailed answer that seemed sufficient for his purpose.

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Olympia, WA

And seeing the unkind comments being left by some Church members, it is understandable why he might not feel comfortable going into full detail about his relationship with the Church. As I have experienced first hand and as evidenced in these comments, an unfortunate minority of Church members can be cruel and unsympathetic to those who complicated feelings about the Church. He has probably learned from experience that it can be a thorny issue that is often best avoided.

DR Hall
Clearfield, UT

I wish that people were dedicated to the things they believe in, luke warm does not seem to be successful any where. I would like to see where politicians were honest and respectful, and cared about their neighbors for real. I feel Romney and Huntsman, Reid are first off, politicians and then a hint of religion in them. Religion should play a huge part of every persons life, why, because most religions ask every body to try and be a decent person and love their families and neighbors. Every body needs to practice those ideals every day.

Sausalito, CA

The comments of Robert George are quite harsh and unreasonable. Presumably, a person can be a Mormon without accepting all of the LDS Church's most difficult history and doctrines (some of which can at times test one's integrity). If this is not true, then the Church should officially say so--but it has not. Giving Huntsman the benefit of the doubt that he is telling the truth, his response is quite candid, and he would in no way be pandering to bigotry (what bigotry would he be pandering to begin with--the bigotry of not being sure?). I would suggest to Mr. George: judge not that you be not judged.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Will he lose the eighty percent Utah support if he is not "active"? Why is it all about religion?

Orem, UT

It appears that Mr. Huntsman is following in our current president's battle plan. Hide as much as you possibly can about the person you really are. In this world of instant media the less that is known about you the fewer people you alienate. Obama has spent millions keeping his past secret and it worked for him.

Visalia, CA

I'm not sure what concerns me more: the ambiguity of yet another presidential hopeful, or the defense of that ambiguity. 3 years ago we elected a man who ran on "Hope and Change" with no definition of what kind of "Hope" or "Change." We can clearly see now where that type of sloganeering has brought us--escalating inflation, accelerated deficit spending, poor credit rating, stagnate employment, and universal health care. Now we have a GOP candidate who can't answer a simple question regarding his faith, and there are those who are defending, or worse yet celebrating, this blatant obfuscation. I am Mormon, and I don't plan to vote for either Romney or Huntsman. With Romney refusing to admit he screwed up on Romneycare and now Huntsman afraid to commit one way or the other regarding his faith, or lack thereof, it is clear that the only potential LDS candidates are too busy with their church callings to run for office. We can only hope that someone convinces Chris Christie to run.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

one vote | 6:47 a.m. May 16, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
Will he lose the eighty percent Utah support if he is not "active"? Why is it all about religion?


Hahah, ya!

He would be running for the President of the United States,
not the President of the LDS Church!

Utah and it's 0.09% of the total USA population, of which less than 50% are even LDS, and less than 50% of that is even active.

Hyde Park, UT

I think he has successfully offended both sides on this issue.

The Mormons now question his integrity because he gave a vague answer to a straightforward question, and for those who wouldn't vote for a Mormon anyway, he has created enough doubt to keep them from voting for him.

He may have been trying to appease both sides, but he actually did the opposite. I suspect he will quietly fade out of the race pretty soon here.

Anon 64
Oahu, HI

Not Quite as Smart as I would thought he would be.

I do not think this topic is a blip on the Radar, out side of Utah.

I know we have degrees and levals of everything and label everything and everyone.

Some people grab their kids away form other peoples kids if they do not think the othr people are up to their standards.

Single Moms, Single Dads, Returned Singles over 30.

Method of Conception, Status at Birth, etc etc.

Active, Inactive, less Active, TR Holding or Not.

Jack or Jill or evan Molly. RM or Sister RM. etc.etc.

However that is for US and we deal with it as we cna and in some cases have to.

Outsiders Do Not Understand that you are either Mormon or Your Not. You are either Hot or Cold. They will pull Matthew: 5:13 on you and you will be done.

Oahu, HI

If you do not want to be a Mormon that okay, more then okay as a matter of fact.

However you should Resign and give the Toys Back, There is a proper way to Resign from the Church.

However the Fundmentalist will still call you Mormon and the Mormons will call you every name in the Book, not trust you and not vote for you for Dog Catcher let alone President.

However you do have your choice and Agency. Just Resign Clean.

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