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Published: Thursday, May 12 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Mesa, AZ

Dude, are you drunk with power, ambition, and greed? You should have stayed in China, where you could have worked to stop the economic takeover of our country.

Instead, you cut short your service to take a shot at the top job by denying your faith? You now have no principles or integrity to stand on.

Your only option now is to retreat within your Dad's company and mend your soul.


"So let me understand, if someone is a member, but has questions or doubts in their own personal testimony, they need to leave the church? Such sole searching is not allowed? You can't remain a member while you sort things out?"

No it has nothing to do with membership/searching. I am extremely sorry if I gave that impression. It has to do with knowing if its true or not and whether your committed to being active or not. "...Joseph Smith was a prophet who saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. The Church is true. If you do not already have a testimony of these things, do that which is necessary to obtain one. It is essential for you to have your own testimony..."-(Thomas S. Monson, General Conference April 2011, Preisthood Power)
If you don't know, than do what you need to to come to know. It has nothing to do with whether or not you need to revoke your membership or stop attending (please come!).
Again we are not enemies if you don't know or are "not in", just that simply either you know for yourself or you don't.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Gosh, if he does not want to be a Mormon, isn't that ok?

Sandy, ut

When you are excommunicated from the church, you are not a member anymore. Obviously, I don't know if this is the case. But it can make one wonder.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Maybe he got excommunicated and he just doesn't want everyone to know.

Junction city, Oregon

I am suprised that vanka is not denied her statement. Many folks have been denied for much less harsh words.
The church is true. This is a utah guy, what else would you expect from utah folks.
The church means more than a vote.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Or maybe he wants to quit the LDS church. After-all, he quit being governor and he quit being the ambassador to China. Yup, he probably is just planning to quit the church.

Sugar City, ID

That makes sense and it so it sounds like he is sincerely wanting to work his way back. Many are kept from sin for lack of opportunity.

Sandy, UT

What a total political animal. He won't carry the state of Utah let alone the nation. Go back to China JHJ.

San Diego, CA

He just lost my vote.

Bakersfield, CA

A person that bright and priveleged who can't even tell people the articles of faith. How can he be president?

Ogden, UT

In my opinion this is not about Huntsman's religion.

The back lash is about the fact that we thought we knew this guy, and it turns out we didn't. Most people saying they will not vote for him has a reason other than his beliefs. I don't think anyone is saying they are not going to vote for him because he is not sure of his beliefs.

While he was in office in Utah he never tried to distance himself from the church. When people were bringing up his missionary service he never once said "Yeah, but I am not so sure of my beliefs right now." Assumptions were made, and now those assumptions were wrong. This article is just making people question all other assumptions they made about this man, and they are no longer giving him a free pass.

This piece of news didn't change Huntsman, it changed the assumptions that people were making about him.

Cedar Hills, UT

I have to wonder what Jon Huntsman Sr. thinks about Jr and his apostacy? Sr. was close friends with Pres Hinckley and is still very connected to the LDS First Presidency - doing alot of great things. I'm sure he is very disapointed in how his son has drifted away from his faith. People in the US want a man in the oval office that has conviction and not someone who is wishy-washy. Pres. Reagan didn't attend an offical church but his Christian beliefs were solid and he wasn't afraid to proclaim them publically.

Saint George, UT

wow, finally a candidate that is a reflection of many 'Americans', i.e. very little conviction! Why do I want a leader who is still confused about what his convictions are? No wonder he is finding support amongst the 'Big Brother can give me an identity' crowd! In the end, it is just another politician seeking for more power and fame without revealing the dearth of conviction that surely haunts him/her ('Since I still don't know who I am, perhaps becoming President will help me feel important!'). The poor exploited followers who want someone like him! They don't know where they are going and want someone to lead them there!

Salt Lake City, UT

I would still vote for a Catholic Huntsman.

Petaluma, CA

Poor thing. 1. He's afraid of the well known pounce factor, and keeps his opinions to himself.
Its clear to me that he's not prepared to run. He's waiting for his staff to poll and write his opinions for him, lest he accidently speak his truth in a way that offends some core constituency of the Republican party. He quite correctly remembers the distinctions that the Republican National committee fund raising manual said about the party faithful, before it was outed public and withdrawn. That is, reactionaries are among the core givers to the party. Reactionaries, like an adolescent, are easily swayed by buzz words, and will polarize to any threat to their identity. Careful, step gently, dont rile the reactionaries.
2. I am astounded at his attempt to not have a point of view on LDS.
Whether you believe Barack Hussein Obama is really a Christian in his heart, (or not), Obama does claim that.
The TIme article says Californians might be ok with Huntsman's non-position on religion. Maybe. Bush carried every county in California outside the SF Bay area. Kerry had 74% of the vote of the 6 SF Bay counties.

Phoenix, AZ

Re:bandersen 1:01: Did you misunderstand what Mr. Huntsman said. He didn't say he lacked conviction in himself or that he doubted himself. He said he was not sure about the Mormon church and that he had some doubt about it. I think if you study human history, even in the Bible Peter and Thomas had doubt, it is the people that think they know everything and have no doubt that are the problem and the destructive dangerous ones.

Petaluma, CA

peck posted "TIME is typically a more liberal magazine":.

No, its not and never was. It was founded by an important Republican business family, and its a mainstream Republican magazine.
Just because they published this story about one candidate you may think highly of, does not negate decades of mainstream corporatist Republican editorials and stories.

The expression MORE LIBERAL in your post is funny, actually. I hope the DN will let me challenge you on your post.
Go ahead and clip in some stories from past Time articles you found "more liberal". Then read the Utne reader and Mother Jones magazine articles on the same topics. THOSE will be 'more liberal'. Time is all business, all the time.
Not one populist or socialist or pro-union bone in their editors' bodies.


I see absolutely no problem with Huntsman's comments. I think every member of the LDS church who is being honest would admit there are thousands of levels of church commitment. Everyone close to him knows he has not been a devout Mormon for a long time. Who cares? He still loves his ancestry and is proud of his roots. The man is a proven leader with good values. There is a reason why he had 80%+ approval rating as governor.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It is interesting to me that JHJ gets a ton of support from liberals and anti-mormons and almost none from actual conservatives. What more really needs to be said.

One more thing - when we vote for a candidate we are making a judgement. Those "don't judge" people really need to understand what they are saying. If a person cant keep the commitments he has made to his church, family, elks club, etc... then that tells us how he will keep his commitments to his constituents. Of course religion is important to look at if the person wanting to be your politician. Everything he does is important.

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