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Published: Thursday, May 12 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Charlottesville, VA

If Huntsman thinks he'll make himself more popular by publicly distancing himself from his faith, he's wrong. He'll just look like a political opportunist. It's more respectable to stand up for unpopular beliefs than to very publicly make a point of buckling under pressure.

Spanish Fork, UT

Funny, he just got done being an ambassador to china, yet how did he learn to speak chinese? hmmmm. . . being a missionary for the LDS church. Now he's selling his religion for politics. Is this a classic example of a politician being afraid to be drawn in black and white? You either believe the church is true, or you don't. . . you can't do both Mr Huntsman. It was a pretty easy question.

Salt Lake City, UT

Obviously Huntsman is ashamed of his Mormon Faith and Church! No surprise given his political history......Huntsman is a RINO! He would do better to say he admires Harry Reid...

Salt Lake City, Utah

I find it funny how he won't simply say that he no longer affiliated with the LDS church. Not sure why he feels he has to dance around the issue other than for election purposes. In that case he lost my interest in his quest and most likely many others will do the same. I'm still angry he left one of the most important State Department positions with little chanceo of being elected.

Salt Lake City, UT

True enough, Chachi.

The question to ask is why he is distancing himself from his faith. Is it because he thinks it will help him win the election, or because he finds himself disagreeing with it?

Mapleton, UT

He is a politician first. He could gain some good advice from Marie. Politics isn't for Eternity. Well, maybe that's the primary difference between the CK and the TKs: All the same perks, but no politicians in the CK. That makes me want to be a better man.

Springville, UT

I agree that if Huntsman is still truly a believer but trying to deny it, then that's stupid and wimpy. If, as it appears to me, he simply isn't as much of a believer as his parents, or as much as he perhaps used to be, well, I don't blame him for being honest. It doesn't not make him a good person just because his faith is not as strong as it once was or has changed.

For me, I'm more impressed if he's just honest---with whatever his real beliefs really are.

Bedford, WY

The reason I won't vote for him is "tough to define."

Centerville, UT

I'd love to define it for him - He should call himself a lapsed Mormon or former. Active members don't do and say the kind of things he does. He looks like a political opportunist.

Syracuse, NY

Well said, Chachi. This man appears to be a politician who will do or say anything to be elected. It won't work. People don't respect this kind of thing.

Ann Arbor, MI


Or maybe he's found a differnt path. Honestly, it's either "your in or your out" when it comes to the LDS faith.

South Jordan, UT

Totally agree

Kamas, UT

"Tough to define?" Is you is or is you ain't? Not tough at all.

Tooele, UT

We now know everything we need to know about Huntsman, the candidate -- his positions are neither decipherable nor credible. They are designed to bamboozle, rather than inform. They are stated in such a way that he can never be held to account for any violation of them.

Sounds like just more of the same, to me.

Provo, UT

I'm voting for Obama so it doesn't really matter to me, but I'd rather vote for Huntsman, whose policy positions are clear while his personal issues are ambiguous, than Romney, whose personal issues are clear but whose policy positions are ambiguous.

sandy, ut

Funny, everybody accuses him of lying and selling out his faith. Maybe he was just being honest. Maybe he isn't sure of where he stands or exactly what he believes. There are many different degrees of mormons. He stated that he is proud of his mormon roots. Well, maybe that is as far as it goes with him and that is fine. You can't call somebody a sellout of their religion if they simply are that religion by heritage, but don't follow all of the teachings of that faith. He is still mormon as in his name is on the records of the church, but does he believe in all of the stuff, who knows? Not a big deal in my book.

Provo, UT

Well said, jemod!

Salt Lake City, UT

As a fellow conservative, I don't understand why my ultra-con peers seem to get wound up about the lamest things. If you even use the word RINO, think twice about how you're limiting the scope of all conservatives. Just because not all share your definition, they don't belong? Nice. The GOP can come in all shapes, colors and sizes and variations of conservative. The sooner we recognize that, the better and stronger we'll be as a *party*.

Why does JHJ have to go into detail about his precise feelings about the Mormon faith. Who's business is that? If he's a staunch believer, or has found spiritual satisfaction is other ways, let him keep that to himself. I don't see how it's relevant to anything.

sandy, ut

Article-reader - You have to come back down to earth my friend. You are wrong when you say 'you either believe the church is true or you don't.' Come on now, you are more intelligent than that. You don't think that of the 13 million members that there are varying degrees of belief within the church? You don't have to think the church is 'true' to attend its services or bring your children to teach them good values. The church could be un-true, and still teach good things just like alot of other churches. So don't make blanket statements of what you think all 13 million members must know or not now, because it doesn't go well for your case that the church is 'true'. That term itself doesn't even make sense. How can a church be 'true' ? A church can be good, can be right, but true? What is true about it? Ease up on the black and white stuff, not everybody falls into your black and white categories of belief.

Enterprise, UT

Time is typically a more liberal magazine. They just want everyone to believe that Huntsman is the candidate that Democrats most fear because he is more like a Democrat then the rest of the Republican field.

I agree that Huntsman is trying to be what 'he thinks' most of the voters want him to be.

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