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Published: Monday, May 9 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Heber City, UT

This would be the right choice for BYU also.

Springville, UT

I can see a flood of LBs coming to BYU, especially after the momentous Independence run expected this year.

And who doesn't want a chance to be taught by one of the best defensive minds in college football, if not all of football, Bronco.

Kearns, UT

If this kid was as sold on BYU as he says he is in this article, he'd be on board already. BYU usually fills up their class very early, and not much changes as NSD gets closer. I'd be pretty surprised if he waits until NSD and picks BYU. Would be against the grain for sure.

Bountiful, UT

Sounds like a great kid. He is the kid Bronco speaks of when he says he won't lose a recruit. He loves BYU. He fits in well there. As a Utah fan, I can't fault a kid for that at all. He is a must get for the BYU staff and it sounds like they have him. Love to see good LDS kids all over the country representing well. Good luck to him.

Ann Arbor, MI

"I can see a flood of LBs coming to BYU, especially after the momentous Independence run expected this year."


Except for the last LB prospect the Dnews hyped (last week) who went to Wisconsin.

Extending an offer to a borderline 3 star in his sophmore year really says it all.

South Weber, UT

There's a seventh grade lineman out in The basin area that should sign as soon as they teach him cursive. According to his mom, he'll definitely sign a LOI before he shaves or gets his drivers license.

Costa Mesa, CA

Most major schools start recruiting kids during their soph or junior seasons. I see that Utah fans are once again trying to catch up with figuring this out.

Springville, UT


Utah wants this "3-star" recruit as well. Why? This guy has potential. From what I've read this kid admires Bronco for some of the changes he's making in his life: the Shape-Up workouts and dietary modifications (more veggies and less pudding).

I can see this guy salivating over Ute meat in the years to come.

Highland, UT

Hmmm wedgie. I wonder what it is utah see's in him then? Whatever it is it sure doesn't appear like he see's much in them.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

WAIT. This can't be....USC...pac 10 plus 2...independence? No way! the pac 10 plus 2 will always get the top talent, or was this the university of south carolina? It doesn't say.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

After watching big brother go to a Rose bowl this year he'll change his mind.

Eagle Mountain, UT

He sounds like the kind of athlete BYU wants. Hope to see him next year in BYU blue along with his friend from CA. BYU having a solid year this year will likely keep them at the top of his list.

Frisco, TX

Great to see that BYU is his first choice. Sounds like a talented kid.

Springville, UT

@ute alumni

Your post makes no sense. You're a BYU fan posing as a Ute fan and I think you're trying to be funny, but it falls flat on its face. This from a BYU fan.

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

I've been following this guy for over a year now, and he plays like a human bulldozer. He may have only 3 stars next to his name, but look at the offers rolling in. Any team will be glad to have him. What he should consider is where will he be playing. If he goes to a PAC school, his time will be relegated to the west coast. If he goes to BYU, he'll get to go to Hawaii, play at Fed Ex field (Redskins stadium), play close to home at GT where friends and family can attend, get to play ND in Provo and see TD Jesus, likely play at Dallas Cowboys stadium, and more. It sounds like a pretty good offer to me- not to mention BYU will have a scholarship for him when he returns from his mission.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


Ute alumni is a byu fan posting as a byu fan. He is a Ute alumni and byu fan.
Tough to wrap your head around that one?

I know simple concepts are tough for U fans sometimes as you are the troll pretending to be from the side.

I remember when it was fun to come on these boards pretending to be from the other side, but then I grew up.

I wonder if U kids will too someday, but I wont be holding my breath.

But way to go on the "This is from a BYU fan." Very convincing!

It's clear when anyone is so off base and they tell us which side they are from they clearly are not.

Highland, UT

@Ted H

I'm pretty sure you have hondo figured out. I've been thinking the same thing myself. Too many outrageous posts to take him seriously.

Provo, UT

" After watching big brother go to a Rose bowl this year he'll change his mind."

Won't happen! No Roses for little big man utes this year or for the next several years... and kid will sign with BYU. Mark it down!

Chris Bryant

Ted H.

take a look at Hondo's posts. Clearly, he is a BYU fan. Check out any Ute article from today with comments on it. He is either a BYU fan, or he is a troll trying to troll both sides.

Ann Arbor, MI

"It's clear when anyone is so off base and they tell us which side they are from they clearly are not."

Ted H,

Yet the byu fans seem to love hime base on the number on likes he gets... a pretty "clear" picture isn't it.

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