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Published: Saturday, May 7 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

If the Democrats want more voice in Utah State government they are going to need to reconsider their stand on abortions and Obamacare, and they are going to need to start supporting our right to own and bear firearms.

Sandy, UT

Anytime any political party becomes too dominant, it's corrupted with that power. History has shown that the extremists of either end get in control and bad things happen. No political party has all the answers. Strong, two party systems force people to think about many sides of an issue. I hope to see one party dominance in Utah end before my lifetime, and a return to centrist, "let's include all ideas, before we decide" political thinking.

Highland, UT

I'm sure Mr. Matheson would like to see some balance. But of course the voters obviously don't like the balance his party is offering. The republicans around here are big enough spenders so I really can't see myself voting in some even bigger spenders to to acheive some sort of "balance".

I also can't see myself voting for abortions, stricter gun laws, amnesty for illegal aliens, gay marriage, more social programs, and all of the other stuff the dems stand for.

Mr. Matheson can whine about it all he wants but the majority of the people around here don't want much of anything he's offering. With good reason.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

I guess the Democrats want a two party system like California, Detroit, Chicago, etc.

Uncle Charles
Where freedom and liberty reign, utah

Democrats in this state and the nation just don't get it. People would vote for you if they felt you were representing their principles.

There is absolutely no logical reason to vote for a different party just because someone is whining that they don't have enough representation. I thought we were always told on these pages that elections matter -- we won!

I'm sure that the Utah DC is concerned about the imbalance in Hawaii, VT, MA, IL, OR and all the other liberal strongholds throughout the nation.

If you have principles that I agree with, I'll vote for you. If you don't, I won't.

Can't make it any simpler than that for you.

Provo, UT

To folks from Salt Lake County denigrating the Democrats- the two counties are worlds apart.

In SLC, the Dems have some people who would fit in with the Dems in San Francisco right alongside Pelosi&Co. In contrast, most Utah County Democratic candidates in the past few years have been BYU professors who are strong members of the LDS Church and moral conservatives.

These folks run as Democrats because they recognize that the one-party dominance here has resulted in widespread corruption, extremism, and a total failure of "representative" government to represent its constituency. All kinds of things about the Repub. leadership down here don't pass the smell test, and the lengths people go to trying to "out-conservative" one another would be hilarious if they weren't squarely blocking good governance.

Go ahead and check the Utah County Democratic Party's platform on their webpage. With a couple of minor exceptions, it's a statement of reasoned conservatism that would serve admirably as a Republican platform anywhere else in the nation. Though the national Democratic party has been hijacked by moral libertines in recent decades the county party doesn't follow their lead.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mr. Matheson is delusional if he thinks that the problem is with the voters. The voters clearly reject the Utah Democrat policies every election. It's their message and policies, not the voters which are flawed.

What needs to change is the Utah Democrat party. Stop mirroring the leftward drifting national Democrats, who are nearly out in socialist territory (with a rabid few Marxists even further). Perhaps if Utah Democrats moved closer to the positions of Mayor Peter Corroon than disgraced ex-mayor Rocky Anderson they would win a lot more votes. Recall the policies of John F. Kennedy, "Scoop" Jackson, or even Joe Lieberman, not Obama, Clinton and Pelosi.

All Democrats need to realize that bigger government, higher taxes, more spending and restrictions on freedom neither generate prosperity nor advance people into better lives.

Until and unless the Democrats are a more conservative option than the Republicans, I will never vote for a single Democrat.

Let's be real
Salt Lake City, UT

Funny I didn't hear any from the Utah democratic party make a statement that they needed more balance when the US gov't had the president, house and senate. Look what they did to that situation. We are in a mess! Do I smell a wolf in sheeps clothing? I think I do. I vote for the conservatives because that is what I beleive in. I am not misled. Those that are misled are the ones that say that we need better balance by the party that have our country in jeopardy.

Mike in Texas
Allen, TX

Well, the Utah Democrats are just about to be increased by two solid lefties, as Mike from Texas and his bride of 45 years are about to return home. For those that have seen my comments, my DN moniker will have to change. Maybe Mike from Cedar City or something like that.

And, oh yes, Utah needs more voices from the other side of the political sprectrum. You know, some who do not get all their news and views from Fox, and think that Beck is some sort of a demi-god of righteous polical thinking.

But as I have watched Utah Democrats, it seems that they are often to much involved with trying to out Republican the Republicans. And, that is why Utah is a one party state.

Provo, UT

Mr. Matheson is right on. Voters in Utah, after decades of indoctrination, think by default that they are in line with the GOP's values, but time after time when voters are asked about specific issues, it turns out that they are more resonant with Democrats.

The Republicans wanted school vouchers. Voters didn't want that.
The Republicans wanted HB 477. Voters didn't want that.
The Republicans want to get rid of Medicare. Voters don't want that.
The Republicans want to get rid of Social Security. Voters don't want that.
The Republicans want to force women to bear children that result from rape. Voters don't want that.
The Republicans want to repeal the 14th Amendment. Voters don't want that.
The Republicans want to repeal the 17th Amendment. Voters don't want that.
The Republicans oppose the Utah Compact. The voters support it.

The list goes on and on and on. The Republicans are extremists in Utah. The voters are moderate. The Democratic party in Utah (and especially in Utah County) is extremely moderate. They're just lousy at getting their message through after decades of Skousen-inspired political paranoia.

St. George, Utah

the statement was made that such imbalance does not represent the people. my question is. when has it ever represented the people ? oh I know that one. were still waiting for that to actually happen for the first time .

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

@Prodicus: So the Democrats in Utah County are Republican light? I think I will vote for the real thing.


God gave us choice on everything including school. Democrats took it away.
God forbids adultery: Democrats call it "Reproductive Freedom"
God forbids homosexual behavior: Democrats openly support it.
Satan wanted to force us to "Keep the Commandments": Democrats are forcing us to keep THEIR commandments.
God said that I should give to the poor. He did not say that the government should force my neighbor to give to the poor.
The Constitution is ordained of God. Democrats don't like the written constitution so they invented something called a "Living Constitution" which is not constitution at all.

The difference between freedom and a dictatorship is who makes the decisions.

Obama dictates:
who the CEO of GM is.
that we will have health insurance.
what that insurance will cover.
executive compensation on Wall Street
what light bulbs and toilets we use.
that there will be no drilling in the gulf (against court orders)
that 800 Chrysler dealerships will close.

Obama dictates and dictates and dictates.

And they wonder why people don't support them?

Sugar City, ID

The Republicans see the Constitution as a private property rights document and the Democrats see it more as a human rights document. The Republicans want to see students loans go through the private banks so that banks make money. The Democrats want to bypass the banks so that the money goes directly to students.
Republicans want to see Medicare money go through insurance companies so that they can make money. Democrats want the money going directly to health care providers. Democrats want to see health care available to all who need it. Republicans see it as too expensive and requiring taxes. The more money one makes the more they dislike taxes. The more money one makes the more likely he is to be or become a Republican.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I live in Washington state.

We have one party rule here, all Democrat. Funny, the Democrats are not calling for an end to one party rule here. If the situation were reversed in Utah the Democrats would be strangely silent.

Hayden, ID

I don't live in Utah, but the problem I have with Democrats is that I prefer to distribute my own wealth (such as it is) rather than having the government do it for me by force. Its called freedom!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: MormonDem | 2:21 a.m. May 8, 2011

Obviously you've explained why Herbert beat Corroon in the last gubernatorial race 64.2% to 31.8%. It would appear that the GOP must have done something the voters liked.

Corroon didn't even carry Salt lake County ..... and he is their mayor.

Sandy, UT

I am shocked that Chairman Matheson would so openly reveal his anti-democratic leanings. Of course the large Republican majority "represent(s) the people". They were elected by the people to represent them. If the Dems truly think there needs to be balance, they need to develop policies, platforms and positions that appeal to more people than do their current ones. Then, they might see their numbers grow. Perhaps. Utah is a right-center state in a center-right country. Dems nationally are quite left of center, and Dems in Utah (especially the SLC Dems) are barely center-left. The unfortunate thing for the Dems is that if they were to actually take that advise, they probably end up worse of as they would lose their base and be seen as merely Republican lite.

Ogden, UT

@Mormon Dem--right on! Thanks for bringing facts to the conversation instead of a bunch of mindless diatribe. If you ask many of the voters in Utah what they believe in, they would find out they are more in line with the moderate democratic side instead of the republican party of Utah--a wholly-owned subsidiary of the corporations.

@FDRfan: You also bring up many good points. Notice how the national GOP (along with Utah's reps) doesn't want to turn down oil subsidies when the oil industries are turning in record profits, and how they want less regulation even after Wall Street almost brought down the world economy.

@Mountanmann: Let me very respectfully disagree with you. No one below your economic class is getting your money. The U.S. is right by the Ivory Coast and Uganda when it comes to income disparity. The trickle down economics has not worked--corporations have hoarded money and sent jobs overseas for what is almost slave labor. The Prince John economic philosophy of the GOP has hurt this nation greatly. There are no more Dwight Eisenhowers in the GOP. The GOP only looks at people in terms of money!

Springville, UT

Giving the Republicans their free shots but censoring appropriate comments from the other side, Deseret News. Again, anyone who thinks the GOP and the church are separate in Utah is naive or deceptive. I've been challenged too many times that I can't be a good member of the church and a Democrat, and I've too many years experience in the political arena to know that culturally, there is no distinction in the minds of most Utahns. I challenge the statement in your article, but the Deseret News doesn't seem to like it. You are indeed the mouthpiece of the Republican Party.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Wildcat | 10:19 a.m. May 8, 2011

What are the Utah "moderate democratic side" platform planks on abortion, the 2nd Amendment, deficit spending, and dependence on foreign oil? Are Utah Democrats for or against them?

Some may consider these issues to be "mindless diatribe" but to conservative voters in Utah County I can assure you they are core values. I'd suggest that voters know what they want, and realize that Obama isn't taking them in that direction.

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