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Published: Friday, May 6 2011 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Clearfield, UT

Who are these so called representatives representing? Time and again they have overwhelmingly, and often sneakily, pushed policy that is strongly opposed by the people they presumably represent.
The theme of the next election should be "Did your incumbent representative actually represent you?"

West Valley, UT

None of the elected officials actually listen to the people anymore. They're either in the pockets of the church, UDOT or big business. All they want to do is raise taxes raise taxes raise taxes. There is plenty of money to go around as it is, it just needs to be used intelligently instead of squandered on idiotic projects that take years to complete and may never pay off.

They spend their time debating immigration and alcohol sales when they should be working on ways to attract new business to the state, create jobs and increase funding to education.

Farmington, UT

I, for one, am hoping the 4-day work week gets tossed. Wouldn't it be poetic justice for the overriding of the Governor's veto to occur on a Friday? Justice served!!!

Monroe, UT

Egos at work!!! That is the only explanation for the attempt to override the vetos.

I think it is time that we get rid of the egos in our legislature and put in some regular citizens with a lot more common sense than what our present politicians have.

Salt Lake City, UT

where is the over-ride of HB 116? Its been defeated in every caucus.....time to throw every incumbant out who voted for hb 116!

St. George, Utah

lets hear it for the 5 day work week yippppppieeeeeee ! everybody else has to work 5 days a week

Ogden, UT

I am glad that both of these vetoes have been overridden. I think government services should be available even of Fridays.

I am very glad to see that funds will be earmarked for road construction. Our roads are in very bad disrepair, and I am tiered of the powerful teachers union garbing all the money that is coming in.

These representatives are representing the majority of the people in these 2 cases. Now We will start to hear from a very vocal minority about the poor decisions of our legislature.

West Valley, UT

So much for progress. Guess I can kiss the less stressful friday commute goodbye.

I hope everyone remembers this vote when we have Code Red air quality days this summer.

Clearfield, UT

We will remember this vote in the costly gas future when we are staring out the windows of our crowded buses at the vast, mostly vacant freeways thinking about all the useful things we could have done with that money.

But mostly I hope we remember it the next time we see our incumbent representative's name on the ballot.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Time for a lawsuit.

I guarantee we will see one on the funding bill.

Logan, UT

Very, very disappointing. Do they think we aren't watching?

San Diego, CA

mkSdd3: "I am very glad to see that funds will be earmarked for road construction. Our roads are in very bad disrepair, and I am tiered of the powerful teachers union garbing [sic] all the money that is coming in."

Glad, huh? Don't want the powerful teachers union garbing all the money?

Final question: What gives you the confidence that in 5, 10, 20 years, Utahns will be using roads the same way they do now?

CHS 85
Sandy, UT


..."I am tiered of the powerful teachers union garbing all the money that is coming in."

How exactly does the powerful teacher's union garb up money? What agency pays the teacher's union?

Salt Lake City, Utah

It is a proven fact that given the same amount of hours more work will be accomplished in a 5 day work week than in a 4 day work week.

There are a lot of workers in the private sector that work 10-hours days ...... 5 days a week, and they will applaud our legislators when it comes time to vote again.

Washington, UT

Yeah, thank goodness they have to work 8 hours a day 5 days a week instead of the 4 10 hour days they had been working. Thank goodness that instead of being able to make it to government places before or after work, you'll have to take time off work to go to those places instead.

Thank Goodness!

Kaysville, Utah

The legislature can't override HB 116 because they already voted to approve it, and the governor signed it. There was no veto, therefore no override.

Now if HB 116 gets repealed and the governor vetoes that, then the legislature could override that veto and do away with the law.

(I wouldn't worry about that too much if I were you. HB 116 requires federal cooperation including a change in immigration rules, and the federal government has been unwilling to accept state-level immigration reform of any sort. Even if it went into effect, it would effectively be a way of registering illegal immigrants without giving them a real path to legitimacy, so many immigrants would be understandably reluctant to participate.)

dale richards
Green River, Utah

If the four day school week couldn't work for rural Utah; then why do they think it work for the rest of the state agencies.

Kaysville, Utah

The governor was quite right to veto the road funding bill. By vetoing it, he's not preventing the money from being used for road building or repair, but he's leaving the option open to spend it on other things if the need is greater. Do we really think that we know best right now where the needs will be so many years in the future?

Hyde Park, UT

This is a real black eye for Utah... Screams EXTREMISM in the legislature.

Salt Lake City, UT

So which losing bidder will get the first $13 million check from this new UDOT revenue source?

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