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Published: Thursday, May 5 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

Before voting for hill, the should check out his hires in basketball. If little k fails, hill may be next!

Murray, UT

Larry Scott is a genius. He and the PAC 10 presidents passed on BYU when they expanded the conference. We have heard and read ad nausea from BYU fans how this was a mistake and the PAC 12 would regret it because BYU has a bigger fan base and would earn everybody more money ect. ect. Now along comes Larry Scott with his TV deal in hand (FOX and ESPN) where he holds the exclusive rights to any premier TV games so he can put them on the PAC 12 network and without adding BYU to the conference he will probably encourage every team in the PAC 12 to schedule BYU because as an independent BYU will need to fill their schedule. By so doing Larry will place every one of those BYU vs PAC 12 games (including Utah) exclusively on his PAC 12 network and all those BYU fans who watch them on TV will have to buy the network subscription. The PAC 12 reaps the benefit of BYU and its fan money without having them as a member of the conference and all the political correctness and Sunday play issues that come with it. Brilliant!!!

Magna, UT


You forget that BYU has it's own deal with ESPN. Even if BYU schedules PAC 12 games they will most likely be home & home so you may be half right, but then again, I think ESPN would make sure the games were on ESPN not PAC12 network.

Nice try though.

Orem, UT


Larry Scott has no choice whatsoever in deciding which games are shown on the PAC 12 network.

That decision will rest entirely within the control of the ESPN and FOX, who will decide which games they're going to broadcast. ESPN, as a partner with BYU, will certainly opt to televise every game involving BYU that isn't televised by FOX.

The PAC 12 network will never see a dime from BYU fans.

Bigotry is not something to be proud of and the PAC 12 will still have to deal with the Sunday no play issue with Utah. If the PAC 12 is dumb enough to schedule a Sunday home game for Utah, they won't be doing the Utes any favors because a Sunday home game will guarantee at least half of Utah's fans won't be at the game.

Murray, UT


You need to get up to speed with the latest contract updates from Jon Wilner. He is reporting that Scott has exclusive rights over every PAC 12 game so that the conference can put it on the subsription only PAC 12 network. FOX and ESPN agreed to this. As an independent BYU needs games to fill a schedule and they would prefer to have a lot of those games in the PAC 12 foot print where they recruit. Scott knows how to make money and for every one of those BYU games at a PAC 12 school it will end up on the PAC 12 network. ESPN and FOX have no say in the matter. They have already agreed to allow the conference to have those exclusive selection rights as to where a game(s) is broadcast.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

"Whittingham chimes in," as in "ca-ching!" Meanwhile, athletes are grossly underpaid under these new revenue figures.

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

Even if BYU were to agree to appear in games broadcast by the PAC 12 network, they'd still want the right to re-broadcast it on BYUtv- and thus circumvent lining Larry's pockets. Of course some BYU fans including myself would be willing to pay for the PAC12 network to watch Utah games as well. And yes I will cheer for the TUN- though it will be nice to see the TUN fans learn a lesson in humility.

Highland, UT


So I went and read all of Wilners columns from this week that have to do with the pac10 deal. Nest time you may not want to tell us your sources so that no one can actually check them and discover (no surprise) that you are fibbing.

As Wilner reported yesterday the pac10 will not have first choice of all games despite your assertion that they will. The pac10 network will have the 1st choice of games only twice all year. There are how many weeks in a college football season? Let's see everyone plays 12 games and most everyone has at least one bye week, sometimes two, plus some start a week earlier than others, so there are between 12 and 15 weeks in a college football regular season. Of those 12-15 weeks the pac10 network gets 1st choice of games twice.

Also your assertion that the pac10 has exclusive rights to say where a game is broadcast? False! LOL They have no such thing. The only thing they have is the right to stage their post season basketball tournament wherever they want it.

Nice try but we all learned to use the google at BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

I cannot believe Y fans are still trying to nit pick what is obviously a great deal in every way, shape and form. Come up for air and read any national or local article on the subject. This deal absolutely crushes any deal that has come before it. Are you sure you still want to continue showing your ignorance?

Ann Arbor, MI

"Nice try but we all learned to use the google at BYU"


But you didn't go to BYU....

Magna, UT

Fishn, No one on this thread nit picked any one except Hedge, Dutch and you. I ignored Hedge even when he disparaged Dr. Hill and then Dutch opened the door and made some assumptions and disparaged BYU, a few of us walked in the door

This story is about the University of Utah not BYU and before any BYU fans typed a letter BYU was blasted by Dutch.

Oh the hypocrisy,

Sandy, UT

The question is...

Of the Pac 10.2 National Games on Fox and ESPN, how many times will they choose a Utah game?

I say none.

Therefore....Hellooo Fox Regional.......in two years.

Four years for equal $$$$....maybe!

As for next year, Looks like Utah's only National Game will be the BYU away game, oops, riding big brothers coat-tails again , eh Utes?

Ahh, it's good to be a Coug.

Sandy, UT


It's called intellectual debate. Seems to me BYU fans are very articulate and come ready with facts in hand.

No free reign for Ute spinsters here.

Ann Arbor, MI


Look closer it's a byu troll called Hedge - log

Ann Arbor, MI

"Four years for equal $$$$....maybe!"

Deep breaths bluto, deep breaths.

There is no "maybe" in the truck loads of cash the Utes will be hauling in. It's a legal contract agreement.... no crazy holmoe/WAC loop holes.

Murray, UT

The following statements are directly from Wilner's reporting:

"Having quality content on the network is enormously important for leverage in potential carriage fights with distributors."

"The remaining regular-season football games, an average of approximately three games per week, will be featured exclusively on the Pac-12 Network."

"High-quality football and basketball content on Pac-12 Network will minimize distribution fights. We have structured things in a very distributor-friendly manner."

3 games per week over a 12 week season is 36 games that will be featured exclusively on the PAC 12 network. Larry wants high quality content on the network to attract subscribers. PAC 12 games with BYU will be on this tier. That is my analysis and I stand by it. Obviously, games between conference members will be the games featured on ESPN, FOX and ABC.

Highland, UT


No dutchman, you claimed the pac10 network got 1st choice of games, they don't, the only way the pac10 network gets to broadcast a BYU/utah game is if it is played at the quaint little stadium on the hill and then only if ESPN or FOX doesn't choose it 1st. Since the pac10 network only gets 1st choice twice all season my guess is they may want to choose that game since it would definately draw a whole lot more viewers than any other game utah plays all year so you may be right about that. They are going to need at least one game every two years on that network that would actually have decent ratings.

They won't choose to put games like USC/UCLA or Stanford/Cal on the pac10 network because they actually want those games to be seen instead of hidden away on their low distribution network. So every other year they may actually get to broadcast that game and since they know BYU is a huge draw they will probably jump all over it. They know they can't get any real rating depending on utahs miniscule fanbase.

Federal Way, WA

The debate about TV contracts is stupid. Pac 12 is a much better situation.

Lets just wait two years and see how BYU and Utah have changed. It is going to be hard for BYU to keep up.

I am curious to see if BYU Salt Lake will make overtures to get more BYU Provo fans to watch them. If they dont increase their fan following, they wont be very impressive in the TV ratings comparrison. They dont want to be considered another Oregon State of WSU.

Congrtulations Utah. This move will be good for the university and good for the state of Utah. Anthletically, we will see how it turns out.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to Ducky's fantasy world where whatever he says actually is. Facts to back it up? Who needs facts when you can just make stuff up that you want to be true in order to put down the team that got the prize and left your team behind to do the cute little independent/not invited thing (an actual fact). Do any other Ute fans find it strange that so many Y fans seem so obsessed with the PAC 12 TV deal and the terms thereof? I could really care less about BYU's ESPN deal; yawn.

Salt Lake City, UT


Rock of the marne is right. You've got about as much credibility on this subject as North Korea. You and your band of followers were all saying weeks ago that $20 M per school wasn't possible and all of your many reasons in post after post. Well, wake up to reality that you were way wrong. Instead, you call out dutchman who has been way more accurate than you.

The info on it is pretty plain: the Pac 12's new wholly owned media company is going to call the shots on where the media is going to end up. They have every distribution tier accounted for. The Pac 12 network will be nationally available, and will feature premier content, which they will hand pick. The network details will be announced a few months from now, so please do us all a favor and hold your breath till then.

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